U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 24)


Hi! So hows it going?! Btw guys the next epi carries a new dp….its as lovely as the current be sure to check it in my user posts……n now with episode…..

At twiraj flat
Twiraj were still chasing each other n now had reached their flat by now.
Yuvi: stop twinkle stop!
Twinkle: catch me yuvi catch! Catch me if u can!
She turned around n said this n hit her head to a wall!
Twinkle: ouchhhhhh!!!!!
Yuvi: are u ok baby?
Twinkle: do i look ok… ouchhhh!!!
Yuvi took her to the room. Twinkle sat on the bed. She slowly took a pillow n hit yuvi with it. Yuvi got shocked. She kept on hitting him. Yuvi started took run around in room twinkle chased him.
Yuvi: twinkle….but what about ur head…
Twinkle: i dont care…. if not chappal than this pillow…
Yuvi tried to jump across the bed but he fell on it. Twinkle pounced on him.
Yuvi: ouchhh!!!! I think i broke a bone!
Twinkle: haha so funny…. i am not that heavy ok…
Yuvi: whats ur weight?
Twinkle: u no never ask a lady her weight.
Yuvi turned round n caughther waist. It felt ticklish to twinkle.
Yuvi: what if that lady is my baby? I love u not ur weight dummy!
He kissed her cheek. Twinkle smiled. By this time twinkle sensed their position. She tried to get up. Seeing her yuvi too got up. Twinkle lost balance an fell back. She fell on yuvi’s right n yuvi fell back too after she held his hand. The title track of tei plays. Twiraj have eyelock. They keep staring intensely into each others eyes. Twinkle realizes their position again n gets up.

Yuvi comes back to senses too.
Twinkle: sorry…
Yuvi: i wont forgive u….
Twinkle: y?
Yuvi pulled her back to the way they were n hugged her.
Yuvi: wanna stay longer this way…. u no about the ‘dreams’ u told me about…. even i have some ‘dreams’ n wanna fulfill them…so…
Twinkle laughs.
Yuvi: whats so funny?
Twinkle continues to laugh while yuvi stays confused.
Yuvi: tell na….
Twinkle: u no when u demand something with such a cute face i cant stop myself from smiling.
Yuvi: naughty janglii billi….
N he pinches her.
Twinkle: ouch!!!!
They look at each other once again n laugh.

At taneja house
Leela sat immovable on the sofa. She kept thinkimg of twinkle.
Leela: i shouldnt have done this….. my twinkle….its 2 days already…how is she….whats she doing….i dont no anything….
The doorbell rings. Servant comes n opens door. It was anita.
Leela: whats with u here anita?
Anita: u no i have a deal to do with u?
Leela: what kind of deal?

At twiraj apartment
Twiraj were cooking food together. Twinkle didnt no anything.
Twinkle: whats this called?
Yuvi: its a spoon dummy!
Twinkle:oh… i knew it i was just checkimg ur knowledge….
Yuvi laughs. Twinkle gets angry. She takes knife. She takes it near yuvi.
Yuvi: twinkle this is no playing thing for kids… keep it away like a good girl.
Twinkle: i am no kid ok…. be careful yuvraj luthra….i am twinkle taneja… a janglii billi who can do anything at ant time.
Yuvi: u mean anytime….
Twinkle: shut up! Its the same! Now cook food for me i am hungry….
Yuvi listens to her n starts boiling vegetables.
Yuvi: now give me the knife… i need it…
Twinkle: ok….good boy!
He takes knife n starts cutting vegetables. He cuts his finger ny mistake.
Yuvi: ouch!!!!!
Twinkle immediately takes his finger n outs it into her mouth. Yuvi gets shocked.
Twinkle releases his finger.
Twinkle: sorry…. it was all so sudden even maa did this when i first cut my finger… so….
Yuvi: my baby doesnt need to explain anything……
He hugs her. Twinkle smiles. Suddenly twinkle’s phone rings. Twiraj get shocked. Twinkle picks it up.
Twinkle: hello, maa….
Twinkle hears every word. She jumps up n down. The call cuts. She hugs yuvi immediately. She laughs n dances with him. Yuvi gets confused.

Thanks for reading it! I hope u all can understand my writing! My skills r really bland yet u guys it! Love u to except such a weak writer! Anyways comment if u guys like. Its not forcing or anything. Its ur choice. But do comment as it gives me encouragement to continue. Until then see ya! 🙂

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome Risa….mind blowing…. I was smiling through out…..

    1. Risa

      Thanks rashi….hope to keep u smiling like this next too….

  2. hey its too cute…..just loved it

    1. Risa

      Thanks sonali.

  3. Amazing

    1. Risa

      Thanks maanvi.

  4. Risa I love your FF, I always read ,I’m so busy that I have to spare time to read coz of exams sorry I don’t always comment

    1. Risa

      Thanks somona. Comment when u feel like…

  5. Manny

    Nice episode ?

    1. Risa

      Thanks mannY

  6. I know what’s next….afterall I know u so well Risa….I kno what is gonna happen next….and afterall it will be 25th epi so it will be that only what I’m thinking….Risa_ŕòx…..readers_śhòçķš….

    1. Risa

      yes 25th epi…some shock is there…a very big one…or a very small one… well up to u…even i no u so well…hope to keep up to ur expectations…. n thank u so much for ur comment 🙂 laddoo RöX

  7. Weak writer nd that to u …what a biggest frolic….hhaaahhhaa..
    Don’t underestimate the power of Risa darling….
    Episode is toooooo ggooooodddd….amazingggggggg…
    Loved it …can’t wait for next one…
    Nd tell me how’s ur health now?

    1. Risa

      I am better n well to do. I no underestimated myself. N thanks for comment. 🙂

    1. Risa

      Thanks sparkle. 🙂

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