U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 22)


Hi its risa!!!!! So the next change in my dp is on the 25th episode guys…. u can veiw the dp by visiting my user profile page by just clicking my name on the credits….. n now with the episode…..

Next morning
Twinkle wake up.
Twinkle: yuvi!!!! Where r u??? Wait…. where am i!!!!!
She found herself asleep on a n unknown bed.
Twinkle got scared n got up.
Twinkle: yuvi!!!! Yuvi!!!!!
Yuvi came running into the room.
Yuvi: whats wrong?
Twinkle: where r we?
Yuvi: in the flat nik rented for us…..
Twinkle: thank u babaji! I am safe!
Yuvi: well what did u think…..
Twinkle: i thought i was kidnapped….
Yuvi gave her a back hug.
Twinkle: what r u doing?
Yuvi: kidnapping my baby…
N he kisses her cheek. Twinkle smiles.

At taneja house
Leela was tensed. She was not eating food. Raman n pinni were worried. Bubbly didnt understand what happened as no one told her anything.
Bubbly: wheres twinkle di?
Raman: keep quiet!
Leela hears it n cries. Pinni tries consoling her.
Bubbly: what happened to….
Raman cuts off her words n points her to go to her room. Bubbly gets up ngoes. Leela cries her heart out.
Leela: my twinkle….. what must she be doing now….. twinkle….twinkle…..

Back at twiraj flat
Twinkle sat at dining table. Yuvi came holding a tray with the food covered. He kept it in place.
Yuvi: so hears chef yuvi’s new creation….
Twinkle gets excited.
Yuvi:…..popcorn salad!!!!
He opens the cover. There was salad n on it popcorn topping.
Twinkle: what is this? Salad with popcorn topping…. r u serious?
Yuvi: it may not look good but taste it…. its very tasty!
Twinkle: so u ate it already huh?
Yuvi: no…. umm…. yeah….but only a little…..
Twinkle laughs at his reasoning. Yuvi blushes. Twinkle takes bite.
Twinkle: yummy!!!!!! U r great cook just like maa…….
Twinkle realized what she said. She started sobbing. A tear drop came from her eye. Yuvi wiped it off.
Yuvi: u no when u cry u look like a fat pig!!!!
Twinkle gets angry.
Twinkle: i am fat pig!!!!!! U r monkey man!!!!!!
Yuvi: fatty…fatty….
Twinkle starts punching his arm. Yuvi started to run. Twinkle follows.
Twiraj are on the chase for a long time. Yuvi’s phone rings.
Yuvi: hello! Ya i am yuvraj luthra! What……
N he drops phone. Twinkle gets worried.
Twinkle: what happened?
Yuvi runs out. Twinkle follows.

So how was it? I no it was short. The twist was the + 10 line bonus by sareena’s comment. Silent readers plz comment. Plz plz comment everyone. Its a request. Plz comment. Be it a negative one saying bad about my ff. Be it a positive one praising my ff. Be it a suggestive one giving me advice n ways to improve. Be it a unhappy one. Saying me to remove any content that is troubling u. Plz comment guys. I feel bad when u dont comment. Expect episode 23 to be long like my regular updates. Bye. Plz comment.

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  1. fat piggg???? u shudnt hav added dt..btw epi waz nycc

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      Oh so fat pig not good….point noted! 🙂

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    Wow awesome.

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  3. It was as usual amazing

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  4. Amazing

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  5. Awesome ….awesome…. amazing at always…..short but cute… waiting for next one…

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  6. Superb epi :3333

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  7. Rashiverma2199

    Risa it was awesome….the cute little nok jhok scene are awesome to read….?????

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      Thanks rashi. =)

  8. Nice but expecting a lil longer next time?
    Wit lov

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