U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 21)


Hi! Risa is back! Laddoo thanks for taking out time n commenting on my ff. I read all ur comments everyone. I no i need to reunite twiraj. Will do! Anyways, thanks for appreciating the new dp. Love u all! N now to put forward an old offer…. 1 comment from silent reader 10 extra lines! 😉 so go ahead n comment ur heart out! N now with the episode….

At taneja house
Leela takes bag n gives to twinkle n points to the door.
Leela: go twinkle…..just go!
Twinkle: maa….
Leela slaps her tightly.
Leela: i said no go! Plz go twinkle!
Sound of thunder is heard. Lightning struck the sky.
Twinkle took the bag. She started crying. She slowly went to the door n exited the nouse. Leela sat on sofa n started to cry loudly.

Outside on road
Twinkle was with luggage. It was raining heavily n she couldnt see anything. While walking she came to the middle of street. Car was coming. Driver was horning repeatedly. Twinkle couldnt hear cause of her sorrow. Car came close to her. Someones arm came n pulled her out n saved her. It was yuvi.
Yuvi: twinkle, what r u doing?
N he hugs her tightly. Twinkle breaks hug.
Twinkle: because of u i lost my maa…. because of u i lost my family…. because of u my life is destroyed yuvraj luthra!!!
Yuvi gets shocked. Thunder is heard.
Yuvi: twinkle come back to ur senses…. twinkle plz take a hold of urself!
Thunder is heard. Twinkle sinks n sits down on road. She cries n hugs yuvi.
Twinkle: maaaaa!!! Maaaaa!!!!!
She continuously cries.

After 15 min
At a bus stop
Twiraj were there together. It was a lonely n quite area.
Twinkle: i am sorry yuvi…. its not ur fault…..its my fault!
Yuvi: no u r not at fault! Its our moms enmity that hinders our love. We need to prove to them that our love is strong enough to overcome their enmity. Twinkle smile n kisses his cheek. Yuvi smiles.

At luthra house
Anita will be on the phone.
Anita: find where my son his….n send me his information n somehow help him indirectly….

At bus stop
Yuvi come back after calling nik.
Yuvi: nik told us he can rent a flat for us…. but we need to stay here the night as there need to be some arrangements done…
Twinkle: ok……achoooo!!!!
She sneezes.
Yuvi: whats wrong? Cold?
Twinkle: think so….
Yuvi give her blanket n she wraps it around her.
Twinkle: thanks!!!!!
Twiraj stay there for a long time.

At night
At the bus stop
Yuvi feels cold. Twinkle is asleep. She sneezes n shivers in sleep. Seeing her yuvi’s heart melts. He removes his jacket n wraps it around her. Twinkle smiles in sleep. Yuvi smiles n kisses her forehead n falls asleep hugging her.

Sorry for short update guys. Promise long updates as soon as i recover fully. N remember the offer. Silent reader commeny plz. Plz plz coment.

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Risa…..awesome…..hope u get better soon…and thanks for giving today’s episode a bit early….love ur hard work and dedication….???????

    1. Risa

      Thanks rashi.

  2. Wowww so early good job haan….thnx for the early update…
    Though it was short but the way u portrayed twinkle’s emotion were fab….nd yah I forgot to compliment u as ur dp is too good… both UV nd Twinkle r looking fab…

    1. Risa

      Thanks sayeeda.

  3. Amazing????don’t worry there are silent readers who love ur ff but are lazy to comment on it so chill????I love ur ff the most???

    1. Risa

      Thanks maanvi.

  4. Today’s epi broke my heart alittle, it almost made me cry. But you know, sometimes parents thinks their way is the best even if they hurt their kids. Risa, your story felt so real that I must compliment you. Great job great writing. And get well soon.

    1. Risa

      Thanks a lot buddy.

  5. yuvi /zain ki fan

    wow itz fab..thumbs upp ..fr ua update..

    1. Risa

      Thanks. 🙂

  6. Sareena

    Nice episode.. Get Well Soon? Lol.. Silent Reader?

    1. Risa

      Thanks sareena. I am happy that u commented. +10 lines in next epi. 😉

      1. Sareena

        Thankyou So Much? Get Well Soon

  7. wow risk. I am silent reader love it ff.

    1. Risa

      Thanks. Lol. I dont no ur name but great smiley.

  8. nyc n v romantic ..lovd it

    1. Risa

      Thanks sana.

  9. toooooooooo gud ..

    1. Risa

      Thanks a lot.

  10. Sparkle

    Just read both you updates. It was lovely.

    1. Risa

      Thanks sparkle.

  11. Superb as always.

    1. Risa

      Thanks manny.

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