U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 20)


Guys so risa is back! I made an account too! Hope u like the new dp. I went searching all the results to get it finalized. Expect next change in dp on the 40th episode. Laddoo where r u buddy? U didnt comment on my ff since 2 episodes. Plz comment. Thanks for ur comments everyone. I still have a cold. I am over with the fever. Plz 15 comments n i am happy. Silent readers plz comment. N now with the episode……

In the bus
Twiraj sat together.
Twinkle: thanks yuvi. U saved me today.
Yuvi: u dont need to thank me as ur bf, its my duty to protect u….
Twinkle smiles. Yuvi smiles back. Twinkle smiles harder. Yuvi smiles harder too. Twinkle smiles the hardest therwby making a very funny face. Yuvi coudnt control n started laughing. Twinkle got angry n pinche him.
Yuvi: ouchhhhh!!!!
Twinkle: understood. Now let me cuddle u rest of the ride home.
Twiraj embrace eqch other n fall asleep.

At secluded area
Leela and the man were talking.
Man: so what next mam…
Leela: i have already planned n i think it must be ready….
N she smirks.

Near the both mansions
The bus stops. Twiraj board down. They wave to chinki n nik n the bus goes off.
Twinkle: it was a great ride isnt it.
Yuvi: everything feels great when my baby is with me.
N they wave n go to their respectful houses.

At luthra house
Yuvi came in. N he went to anita.
Yuvi: im bqck mom!
Anita give him a tight slap. Yuvi gets shocked.
Anita: yuvi is twinkle taneja ur gf?
Anita: tell me yuvi!
She shows yuvi pics. Right from when they started daring till they got down from bus all the pics were there in the email.
Anita: answer me!
Yuvi:ummm….. mom actually……
Anita: actually what? Answer me…..
Voice: yes he is my bf….
They turn around. It was twinkle.
Twinkle: he is my bf anita aunty….but it was his choice…. i love him….he loves me….so u cant separate us cause its mutual….
Voice: but i dont agree!
They turn around. It was leela. Leela comes n slaps twinkle.
Twinkle: maa…..
Leela: maa. What maa? If u considered me ur mom then why didnt u tell me about this! N these photos anita has….i sent them. Twinkle come with me.
She pulls twinkles hand. Twinkle looks at yuvi. Yuvi looks at her. He tries to grab her hand but lost grip. Their pain of separation could be seen clearly. Leela n twinkle exit luthra house.
Anita goes n takes ink bottle. She opens n throws it on yuvi’s face. It spreads all over.
Anita: u r not my son nor i am ur mom. Get uot of here before i do something else!
Yuvi: but mom….
Anita: shut up! U dont need to do anything wait…..
She goes n bring suitcase. She threws it to him.
Anita: get lost!
Yuvi picks bag n goes out. A tear drop falls but he doesnt show it to anita. After he leaves, anita kneels down n cries.

I no its short n full of drama. But i promise epi 21 is gonna be good. Plz plz comment.

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  1. Fantastic.

    1. Risa

      Thanks 123.

  2. Nice and pls post soon

    1. Risa

      Thanks maanvi.

  3. aww what a sad episode 🙁 . I loved the comedy part very well XDD

    1. Risa

      Thanks manny.

  4. Btw i loved the DP it’s so good than the last one xDD

    1. Risa

      Thanks again manny. 🙂

  5. Kya risa….buddy ko bulaya aur buddy haazir! I was busy with my hhw, but didn’t miss a single episode of ur ff. Unite twiraj soon and make those two mothers understand the meaning of love. Reached 20???….silver jubilee soon to come….till then tata?

    1. Risa

      Thanks laddoo. Twiraj separation? Not in my ff! Will reunite them. Tata. 🙂

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Loved the do….its better than the last one….

    1. Risa

      Thanks rashi. 🙂

  7. And Risa, I know everyone is eager for ur ff, but it’s a request from ur buddy, take rest and then write

    1. Risa

      Over with the cold buddy. Taken rest n wrote. Will take ur advice.

  8. Congrats for completing ur 20 episodes…..I must say it was a nice journey reading ur ff till now…nd I know same will be carry on further..
    Episode was shot but emotional one..but feeling bad for Twiraj…hope the unite soon ….love nd get well soon dear..

    1. Risa

      Thanks sayeeda. 🙂 Twiraj will stay united….atleast in my ff!! Got well soon already with ur wishes. 🙂

  9. yashasvi ( yashu )

    congo risa fr completing 20 epi’s………….. yrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i luved the dp……. so sweet n this epi is also amazing. n ya laddoo is rgt take some rest dear . get well soon

    1. Risa

      Thanks yashu.

  10. It is such nice episode.. I m waitng for nxt..

  11. Sparkle

    Such a nice chapter loved it. Waiting for next.

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