U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 2)

Hi guys…. risa is back! If u dont get the story read the intro n episode 1. Thanks for ur comments. N plz plz comment cause it gives me a lot of encouragement. Otherwise i feel like no ones liking my first ff…..to the silent readers too just 1 comment of urs can make my day.
Now with the episode.

Recap: twiraj fight in the middle of traffic jam, twinkle-chinki worried of separate classes.

At the class notice board
There was a mob of students searching for their name on the list.
Twinkle: chinki where r u? Oh no i think i am lost in this mob.
Someone pushed twinkle so hard thay she lost her balance n she landded in some guys arms.
Twinkle: tnk u so much…..wait yuvraj luthra!
It was yuvi.
Yuvi: ya me! N u wonder…. no ……monkey woman get off me. Its not like i wanted to catch u all this happened suddenly.
Twinkle: ya very suddenly.
Twiraj noticed that all round them were staring at them.
A group of girls were talking n twinkle heard them.
Girl 1: hey isnt it yuvraj luthra?
Girl 2: yes its him!
Girl 3: wasnt hethe one who won the recent modelling contest
Girl 1 and 2: yes! But we wonder whose that girl in his arms.
Twinkle was not so popular, n it hurt her feelings.
She got off yuvi’s arms n went to the section board.
Chinki was there too.
Chinki: twinkle! See what babaji has done! We r in separate classes.
Twinkle: what! Is yuvraj luthra in my class.
Chinki: ur worried about him! Are u not worried that we r in separate classes.
Now teinkle realized.
Twinkle: sorry chinki. I am sad too. But dont worry we’ll remain friends forever.
Chinki: of course! N for ur question. Yuvraj is in my class not urs.
Twinkle left a sigh of relief but was sad that chinki was not with her.

Outside section 4
Twinkle hesitated to enter as she didnt no anyone in her class.
Twinkle to herself: now to show how of a sherni u r twinkle. Go for it!
N she entered the class.

Inside section 1
Chinki had made 2 friends in just 5 mins.
Her friends were talking about celebs when they saw yuvi entering.
Friend 1: isnt he hot!
Friend 2: yes he is!
Chinki just listened to their squeals.

Inside section 4
Twinkle was lonely n rest of class was grouped.

No sneekpeek for today bye.

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    1. Thanks sam

  1. Nice part…..falling in arms.

    1. I wanted to put more feeling but then i thought of twinkles strong charater n thought of self respect drama to be added. Next time i surely will do.

  2. Nice but pls make it long next time❤️???

    1. Next parts gonna be damn interesting. 🙂

  3. Supeeb episode
    Being a dieheart fan of yuvi and twiraj I’ll always support u to continue this ff
    Today’s story is good but it I’ll be good if twiraj land in the same class as destiny want them to be one life even though they don’t. It I’ll be good if either yuvi or twinkle may change their class because of some circumstances in the next coming episode atleast because i don’t want twiraj to be separated not for a while also
    For gods sake kunj shouldn’t enter the storyline at any cost pls

    1. Dont worry mallu kunj can never even enter in my ff. Even i am a big fan of twiraj. N i prposely put them in separate classes. U will see in later episodes how twiraj will end up together. I posted next episode already just wait for preveiw.

    2. Thank u risa for every reply u posted for everyone’s every comment
      I support,wish and hope u to be a best writer

    1. Thanks harna

  4. woww….luvly epi dear..excited for nxt epi update soon..eagerly waiting

    1. Tnks ryths. Next epi is posted. Hope u enjoy the new siyappa coming.

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