U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 19)

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In the forest
Twiraj, chinki n nik were going together for the tour as a group. Twinkle was their leader. She opened the map.
Twinkle: now go left n turn right….
Yuvi: ummm….twinkle on our left theres a crocodile lake…..
Twinkle: what? But nothing is written in this map about it….
Nik: u no ur holding the map upside down….
Twinkle: oh no! Babaji ab hogaya naya siyappa!
Yuvi: oh come on baby! Siyappa in the middle of a forest who can do it better than u?
Chinki n nik started laughing.
Twinkle: oye! Mr english owl! Thinking ur smart then can u remove us out of here?
Twinkle: see voice is also not coming out n saying big things….
She walks ahead n falls into a pit.
Yuvi: look another siyappa! Janglii billi jungle mein zyada siyappa karegi!
All laugh again.
Twinkle: ouchhhh!!!
Yuvi put hand down. Twinkle holds n comes up. She hits yuvi.
Twinkle: only people like u can crack jokes when ur gf is in trouble.
Yuvi: sorry baby….
N he makes puppy dog face.
Twinkle: ok maaf kiya…. cant be angry with my baby.
Chinki n nik will be left out. They talk.
Nik: whats going on?
Chinki: tashan e ishq….
Nik: well can define that!
N they laugh together.

Near bus stop
The teacher was waiting for them to return. Twiraj n chinki n nik saw lights n reached there. Before twinkle could go further she sprained her ankle.
Twinkle: ouchhh!!!!!!
Yuvi: whats wrong baby?
Twinkle: i sprained my ankle….
Without wasting any time yuvi took her bag. He signed her to get ready to get a princess carry.
Twinkle: no yuvi! Not infront of the teachers!
Yuvi: but….
Twinkle: full n final!
Yuvi: ok….
Yuvi gave her shoulder support till the bus. There were more people in the bus as it was reserved for both an health club n the college students. Yuvi n nik had gone to bring water while chinki went to load luggage at the backside. Twinkle ran n sat on a seat. She took sigh of relief. Suddenly a woman out of nowhere comes n fights with her.
Woman: omg! The youngsters today! They dont have courtesy to elders! See how this girl is sitting quietly n not offering her seat to me!
All around start supporting old woman. Twinkle gets nervous. Suddenly yuvi comes in the middle.
Yuvi: how is ur leg now?
He saw down. He saw it swollen.
Yuvi: its swollen now! See use this medical kit i got on my way back…..
Woman: oh hello! May i get to know, who r u?
Yuvi: i am her bf! N for ue kind info her leg is sprained n she is tired after the trip. So could u please…. u no i respect elders but i dont think u shold cross the line.
The woman went off. All clapped. Twiraj smiled at each other.
Man clicked pics n sent to leela. Leela threw phone to the wall.
Leela: this cant be happening…..

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Credit to: risa


  1. RiaA MendeZz

    Risa, sweety I’m so sorry you’re unwell. I miss the long episodes. Today’s epi was great never the less. Good job & please please please take care of your health ok.

  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing…..the dialouges of Uvi were superb today….maza agaya ….loved it….get well soon dear…..take rest..

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