U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 17)


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At taneja house
All had fallen asleep waiting for twinkle. All but leela who was worried about twinkle. Twinkle entered.
Leela: twinkle! Is this the time to come home! Its half past 11! N u were missing sonce we returned at 8! Where were u twinkle?
Twinkle: maa i was at…. at chinki’s home. I felt bored sitting by myself so i went there….
Leela: ok! Bit if u repeat this mistake again… i will not forgive… u no how worried i was….
Leela started to cry. Twinkle hugged her.
Twinkle: maa….
The both of them were like this for a long time.

At luthra house
Now this is a killer scene. N literally it is! Decor burnt at sides. Everything broken or at wrong places. Yuvi had not even entered that he got scared.
Yuvi: i think i should not trouble mom… i will dig my own grave n sit inside it!
He entered. He saw the destroyed function. N his dear mom sitting down on one of the chairs facing backwards. He saw above. He saw one of the chairs hanging on the fan.
Yuvi to himself: fall on me fast before mom kills me!
Anita got up. She came to yuvi.
Anita: yuviiiii!!!!!!
She held her hand. Yuvi closed his eyes tightly. But he didnt feel any pain. He opened eyes n saw anita crying.
Yuvi: mom…
Anita hugged him.
Anita: what do u think? I will go against ur wishes. U could have told me before itself u dont agree to this marriage. I love u beta!
Yuvi felt remorse at what he had done.
Yuvi: i am sorry mom!
N he hugged her tightly.

Next day
Before entering college
Twiraj were together in each others embrace.
Twinkle: u no what yuvi?
Yuvi: what?
Twinkle: i think the college gate is more far than before.
Yuvi: even i do think the same.
Twinkle: u no why?
Yuvi: why?
Twinkle: because i love u!
Yuvi: i love u too!
Chinki was standing behaind them.
Chinki: if ur talk is over could u lovebirds. Speed up a bit! Ur walking like snails u no. Listening to this twiraj speed up. The 3 entered the college. Sound of camera was heard. A man was hiding behind bushes. He was on the phone.
Man: i have done it mam…
Voice: good! Now u can go! Tmrw i will tell what u should do…
N they hung up.

After college
Twinkle will be waiting outside gate for yuvi n chinki as section 1 had extra classes. Chinki arrives.
Twinkle: where is yuvi?
Chinki: he coming….
N she pointed behind.
Twinkle saw a guy wearing same clothes as yuvi with harry potter like glasses come forward.
Twinkle: whose this boy with specs? Isnt he super cute…..
Chinki: he is ur bf…
Twinkle: what! Its yuvi!
Yuvi comes to them. The 3 of them go n sit on a bench.

At the bench
Twinkle: yuvi u have specs?
Yuvi: cant u see? I am wearing them right now. So i do have specs.
Twinkle: ok! Dont need to panic.
She took off his specs. N checked them.
Yuvi: give them back.
Twinkle: but u could see without specs until morning what happened?
Yuvi: my contacts fell off…
Twinkle: what u have contacts!!!!!
Yuvi: i do…
Chinki: even i do? Whats ur number? Mine is -3 for reading.
Yuvi: mine is 0.5 for reading….
Twinkle: so less…
N she wore it. He eyes started turning. She removed them.
Yuvi: so i told u not to come to conclusions. I have 0.5 fo r reading n -7 for distance too.
Twinkle got up. The specs fell down. But they didnt break. Yuvi got angry.
Twinkle: i am sorry….
The kid from episode 8 came with cycle n crushed the specs.
Kid: all is forgiven! Revenge taken!
Yuvi chased him. But he hit a wall. The kid managed to go away.
Yuvi: now what will i do?
Twinkle: dont worry when i, ur gf, is here. I will take u home safely.
Yuvi: i am worried cause u r here.

At the road crossing
Twiraj stood there for signal to become red so that they can cross road when all the vehicles stop.
Twinkle: feeling better.
Yuvi: the traffic signal looks like fireworks!
The sognal turned red. Cars stopped. Twiraj crossed road.

At a street
It started drizzling.
Yuvi: y do i suddenly feel cold….
Twinkle: its drizzling!
Yuvi: oh!
It started raining heavily now.
Twinkle held yuvi’s hand.
Yuvi: but….
Twinkle: trust on me too.
Yuvi felt happy.
They reached a shop shade n stood there until the rain went off.

Near neighbourhood
Twiraj reached luthra gate.
Twinkle: anita aunty is sitting there at the garden. Call her here n take her help. Bye!
Twinkle turned to walk. Yuvi pulled her to a wall.
Yuvi: its a wall right?
Twinkle: yep…
Yuvi kissed her on her lips.
Yuvi: ur bonus!
Twinkle was so happy that she jumped up n down. She hugged him tightly.
Tjey waved each other n went in their respective homes.

At a secluded area
The man showed pics of twiraj to the person. The person took pics n gave a bag of money.
Voice: give me more pics by tmrw.
Man: ok mam!
He goes away.

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Credit to: risa

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    1. Yuvi was angry with twinkle cause she put his specs down. Its natural for him to get angry. Sry if u didnt like it. 🙁 btw thanks for comment.

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