U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 16)

Hi guys! Its risa! I never was so happy anytime. So many comments. So much appreciation. Thank u so much. Zai thank u so so much for commenting on my ff. U were my inspiration to start this ff. Love ur ff too. RiaA MendeZz read ur comment in the written update, didnt take any offense from it. N thanks for saying that u appreciate my ff than the current main story line. Thanks laddoo for ur comment. Thanks yagya, preet, manny, sam, priya, sayeeda, ayesha, verjena jamatia, meeta, somona n sparkle for ur comments. Thanks to maanvi as if it wasnt her birthday how would the thoughtof making the episode spectacular come out. Wish u a happy birthday once again. 🙂 n thanks to yashasvi (yashu) for her comment. N i do read ur ff yashu. Its great! 😉 N now with the episode…..

At luthra house
All the guest had cleared off. Only taneja’s were left. The clients n aparna went away n cancelled the marriage as well as the deal. Anita started to cry. She sank to the ground. Leela felt bad n approached her.
Leela: i no anita… its really bad that u lost the…
Anita: just shut up, leela! U can go now! What u wanted happened… just get lost!
Leela couldnt take her insult anymore.
Leela: sorry to trouble u.
N she went away with the rest of the family.

Back at the street
The rain had stopped. Twiraj were still hugging n were in each others embrace.
Yuvi: twinkle u no how much i love u…
Twinkle: yeah, i do. N i love u more.
Yuvi: no i love u more.
Twinkle: my love is greater.
Now this converted into a fight. After all yeh tashan e ishq hai (this is love with attitude after all.) 😉
Twinkle: just shut up n listen! My love for u is the greatest!
Yuvi: wow! Reached superlative degree so soon! Couldnt wait for a little for me to use ‘greatest’, seriously?
Twinkle: now whats superlative degree?
Yuvi started laughing.
Twinkle: stop laughing! I am not so great like u at studing… now whats superlative degree? Tell me.
Yuvi: no need. Teri bas ki bath nahi hai. (Not suitable for u.)
N he gave killer smile. His smile in the daylight looked really cheerful n his smile in the dark when the street light falls on his face is so out of this world n beautiful that twinkle couldnt resist herself. She kissed yuvi on his cheek. Yuvi got shocked with a sudden move on him.
Yuvi: what was that??
Twinkle: a kiss dumbo! Do i need to explain to u now. But i tell u before itself, yeh teri bas ki baat nahi hai.
N she laughs hard. Yuvi pulls her cheeks. Twinkle losses his grip n runs away. Yuvi chases her.
Yuvi: stop right there, janglii billi! ( thought of using current name that yuvi uses for her.) If u stop i will give u mutton to eat.
Twinkle stopped. She turned towards yuvi.
Twinkle: wait! I am not a junglii billi….
Before she could complete yuvi caught her.
Yuvi: never run away from me. Even i want a happy ending for the english parrot n junglii billi….
Twinkle: yeah, wait… junglee billi n english parrot! I want my name first!
Yuvi: no! The way i want!
Twinkle: no! My way!
N they started another fight with lots of tashan n lots of ishq. 😉

At luthra house
Anita was all by herself. She was crying loudly. Her ego was hurt badly. The scene when yuvi suddenly called off the engagement came to her mind everytime. She held a plastic chair n threw it away. It hit the decoration n the flowers fell off. A copper rod with burning heat fell on her hand. Her hand got burned. She cried n cried n cried.
Anita: wait till that yuvi comes…..

In the car
Twiraj were chatting about trivial matter not thinking about the matters back home.
Twinkle: i did this…i did that…. i ate this… i love that.. this…that…blah blah blah
Yuvi listened to her chatter with open ears. He really needed practise to hear this chatter more later on.
They reqched neighbourhood n twinkle got off.
Twinkle: bye!
N she went away.
Yuvi came out.
Yuvi: not so soon babyyyyy….
Yuvi suddenly caught twinkle from behind n gave her a back hug. Twinkle got shocked. Yuvi rubbed his cheek against hers. Twinkle felt bliss. Yuvi kissed her left cheek. Twinkle felt sensation.
Yuvi: leaving other cheek for tmrw. Love u!
N he gave flying kiss. Twinkle acted as if she caught his kiss. Yuvi smiled n went inside car. N drove throw differnet direction. Twinkle went homeward.
Twinkle to herself: finally my first love turned out mutual! My prayers were heard, babaji! Thank u so much! Aakir ek siyappa hi to dusre siyappa ko bachata hai!

How was it? Plz plz shower me with ur comments like last time. I love to answer each n every comment of urs. Plz plz plz plz plz plz comment. Bye. Plz comment silent readers too.

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  1. Nice. Loved it. Waiting to see anitas reaction.

    1. Thanks sparkle. Anita’s reaction… you would say… its right now just…OMG!

  2. yuvi /zain ki fan

    awsme epi risa
    actually i m new hea n from past 2days m readin urs n zai ‘s ff’s on twiraj ..n m really impressed wit u..tq 4 ua ff on twiraj n itz really amazing..tq sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Thanks for ur comment. Ur welcome.

  3. Awesome anita will kill them seriously

    1. Thanks sam. Twiraj toh ab mar hi jaayenge. ROTFL!

  4. shhhooo shweeeet moments amid them..really want to c dis cute n sweet moments in d show..what do u guyz think of twiraj ..

    1. Thanks for ur comment. If u ask my opinion. Than i think i am very eager to see them on the show.

  5. Amazing????pls no need to thank me again and again it’s ur ability to write fantabulous ff
    Now upcoming tracks wud be spectacular ❤️?❤️?❤️?

    1. Thanks maanvi. If u werent there who would have encouraged me to write them? Luv u buddy. 🙂

  6. Thank u so much risa for writing ff on twirls. Luv u dear…???? plc update soon.

    1. Hi infinity! Look new on my ff. Didnt get twirls? Anyways thanks for commenting.

  7. Meeta


    1. Thanks meeta. 🙂

  8. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwww!!!!!! this was just mindblowing yrrrr… i luv ur ff tooo …………….. thxxx fr reading mine, i’ll post my in few days………………..

    1. Thanks yashu. Waiting for next update.

  9. Amazing Risa….it was so fabulous…. really loved their ishq full of tashan nd the best part was superlative degree…hahhaa….loved it…I’m loving Twiraj through ur ff a lot…waiting for next one…

    1. Thanks sayeeda. Keeping next one to leave u all speechless. 😉

  10. amazing

    1. Thanks yagya.

    1. Thanks again yagya

  11. Poor Anita? I almost felt like crying for her.
    Risa, hon, this was a really awesome epi. The way u pair yuvi & twinkle it’s just perfect. Honestly, I swear.
    What a tongue yuvi got there ? *English parrot* ha!

    1. Thanks riaA mendeZz. Honestly when i came up with this i never eventhought of these fun parts. 😉

  12. Guys! There is gonna be important announcement regarding my ff in next epi. So be sure to read n comment with ur answers. 🙂

  13. Awesome as always *.*

    1. Thnks manny.

  14. Risa….no wrds yaar….but just keep one request…dnt separate twiraj….make anita accept them

    1. Thanks laddoo. Well twiraj will not separate.

  15. Risa I love your ff! U rock. My first comment n instant reply. Plz reply again.????

    1. Thanks infinity.

  16. Just submitted episode 17 with the important announcement. Guys be sure to comment.

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