U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 15)


Hi its risa. I was touched last time seeing ur uncondititonal support for me. Love all of u. Would like to wish my dear buddy maanvi a very happy birthday…..this episode was written keeping the thought of making ur birthday spectacular…thanks for always commenting… i would like to give a special mention to laddoo who was initially a twinj fan…but always comment on my ff. Also would like to thank riaA MendeZz for her constant support. Thanks to rashi who made my day with the comments. Verjena jamatia’s comments were really new to me but would like to thank too. Yagya and yashu were also ones who commented on my ff. And would like to thank sam who would always call my ff awesome n would direct me to post soon….n last but not the least to silent readers who came up always with their sudden comments n surprized me. Dont stop giving me new surprizes dear silent readers. Plz comment always. N thanks to u who is reading my ff right now…. end of speech as i dont like to give bashans…anyways with the epic episode….

At taneja house
Twinkle returned home heartbroken. She was on the verge of crying but controlled herself. Leela looked at her n understood everything.
Leela: twinkle whats wrong puttar…. my sher puttar no…
Twinkle wiped her tears.
Twinkle: nothing maa…just like this…
Leela: ok but inform me if its anything, i get worried when i see u like this.
Twinkle: ok maa.
Leela: now go n freshen up.

At twinkles room
Twinkle freshened up n sat quietly thinking of yuvi. She looked out the window n found a new car parked outside luthra house. A beautiful girl stepped out. Anita took her in.
Twinkle: babaji, must me that damn girl who is gonna marry my yuvi. I am not gonna leave her! Wait for u when i get u, damn girl!

Inside luthra house
Anita took her clients daughter in.
Yuvi came downstairs.
Yuvi: what mom?
Anita: she is aparna chatterji. My clients daughter. Ur future wife yuvi.
Aparna smiled at yuvi. Yuvi turned his head.
Anita: both can sit down n talk personally together. I will come back in a while. U can drink tea.
Anita went in. Yuvi n aparna sat down.
Aparna: hi yuvi! I am aparna. Ur moms clients daughter.
Yuvi: ya i no. U dont need to tell me.
Aparna: what r ur interests yuvi?
Yuvi: killing usslessly curious girls!
Aparna laughs.
Aparna: great sense of humor!
Yuvi is shocked.
Yuvi to himself: shes gone crack. If i marry her, i really need to drill a screw in!
Anita came back. She took aparna n went outside.

At taneja house
The bell rang. Leela opened the door. It was anita with aparna.
Anita: hi leela…
Leela: what r u doing here?
Anita: oh ya… to invite u for my sons engagement thats today at 7.
Leela: wonder who is marrying ur son!
Anita: shut up, leela!
Twinkle comes in with tea n biscuits.
Twinkle: come in anita aunty. Sit down have some tea.
Anita: thats good! Leela ur daughters nos courtesy, huh?
Anita n aparna came in.
Aparna sat down n was laughing with anita.
Aparna: (low voice) that twinkle taneja is so yesterday! She doesnt no anything about fashoin.
Twinkle heard everything. She got angry. She went with tea to aparna. She purposely tilted the tray. All the tea fell over aparna dress.

Twinkle: sorry…
Aparna: the hell!
Anita: lets go! These uncivilizee people only no to disrespect each other.
Leela: and we dont need respect from cavemen like u.
Anita fumed n went out with aparna. Leela n twinkle laughed.

6pm, twinkles room
Leela: twinkle lets go. Today is yuvraj’s engagement right.
Twinkle: maa i dont feel well… i dont wanna go…
Leela: its k. Come if u want.
N she went out.

7pm, near taneja gate
The tanejas were dressed up well for yuvi’s engagement. All but twinkle who was not going.
Leela: i am asking u last time.. u r coming or not.
Twinkle: no maa…
Leela: ok. Take care of urself while we are out beta.
Twinkle nodded her head n the tanejas went out.
Twinkle sat in the garden by herself.

7:10, at luthra house
The house was widely decorated. Anita welcomed them with a fake smile. Leela to wished her only because of formality. They sat on side.
Anita went to stage.
Anita: everyone present here. Thanks for participating in my sons engagement ceremony. I now called upon the going to be bride n groom on stage.
Apana n yuvi entered. Aparna was wearing blue lehenga. While yuvi wore blue kurta (like the one won he wore in the show on engagement ceremony of twinkle-yuvi’s fake planned marriage.) He looked dashing. Aparna held him tight. Yuvi tried his best to get out of her grip.
Anita: now take these rings n exchange them.

Aparna pulled yuvi’s hand purposely n put the ring in his finger. Yuvi fumed in anger. He saw outside the window. Twinkle was crying in the garden. Yuvi felt remorse as what was he doing right now? He took the mic from anita.
Yuvi: all of u present here. I would like to say that i hate aparna chatterji. N i dont wanna marry her. It was all forced on me. Anita’s clients were shocked. Taneja’s were shocked. All present there were shocked. Yuvi walked down the stage n went out of the house. Anita tried following him but was stopped by the clients.

At taneja lawn
Twinkle sat there quietly crying. She saw up towards the sky n found it cloudy.
Twinkle: its gonna rain anytime now…
She was sad n dissappointed. Tears drop came out hear eyes. She heard footsteps. She wiped her tears n held a magazine to cover her face. It was yuvi.
Twinkle: what r u doing here? Its ur engage ment right?
Yuvi pulled her hand n put her into the car.

In the car
Twimkle: where r we going? Yuvi tell something?
Yuvi remained silent.
Twinkle: take me out. Answer me yuvi!
Twinkle kept irritating yuvi. At last he spoke.
Yuvi: u want an answrr to this…let me answer u.
He parked the car on one side n pulled twinkle out.

On the street
Twinkle: yuvi, y have u brought me here.
Yuvi doesnt reply.
Twinkle: say something… it was ur engagement right?
Yuvi: yes…
Twinkle: y did u run away?
Twimkle: answer me please. U love me right?
Yuvi: i love u.

Twinkle: we agreed that we would sacrifice our love for our moms rght? So y have u broken that promise.
Yuvi: lovers dont need a reason to meet someone whom they love…
Thunder strikes. Lightning shone bright in the sky.
Twinkle caught yuvi tightly. It started to rain. Twinkle tried to pull yuvi back into the car.
Twinkle: lets go back…
Yuvi: no u cant! U habe to listen to me…even if it ends up to be the last time we meet.
Yuvi took twinkles hand n took her towards the middle of the street.
The song tum hi ho from aashiqui 2 plays.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera(×2)

He pulls twinkle close in the rain.

Tujhse judaa gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

He hugs twinkle. She reciprocates his hug. By this time they r fully drenched in rain.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho..

He knelts down on his knees. He takes twinkles hand. He puts the ring in her finger. He removes aparna ring n throws it away. That ring falls in a drain n is washed away .

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gavara nahi
Tere liye har roz he jeete
Tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera n ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera…

Yuvi pulls twinkle very close. Twinkle feels chilled besause of his touch. He remove her hair slowly from her face n hold her cheeks with his hand. He slowly kisses her forehead then her cheeks one by one. Twinkle feels strong sensation from this.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

He removes his jacket. N puts it over twinkle n his head. He kisses twinkle on her lips. Twinkle reciprocates his kiss. They have their first kiss. All of the people standing on the street clapped n cheered seeing this. The rain contimued to pour heavily but it didnt disturb their love which could even shake mountains. Twiraj were lost in each other.

How was it? I almost had died of imagining how to conclude this episode. I thought of all types of confessions n took aashiqui 2’s confession as sort of background for it. Plz plz plz comment guys. I put my all in this episode. Bye. Plz pzl plz comment guys.

Credit to: risa

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