U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 14)

Hi its risa!!!! Looks like my ff is getting boring. I got a few comments. It was going really well in the beggining but looks like things dont stay the same for long…..felt bad…. love maanvi for her constant support always…she always commented on my ff n cheered me up….this is for u buddy…n now with the episode….

At college, section 4
Twinkle stared in mid-air. She couldnt understand. What to believe n what not to believe? She just thought to herself, when the proffesor noticed her spacing out.
Proffesor: so miss twinkle taneja will now explain us features of parellel world in our time travel lesson. So miss taneja… begin.
Twinkle: umm… when u travel…umm….in time….then its called time travel!
Proffesor: so miss taneja u do like standing outside the class… go out on ur own or should some teleporting device should take u there? Get out of my class!
Twinkle went out.

Outside section 4
Twinkle saw all directions. No one came. She remembered how yuvi had tagged along with her last time she was punished.
Twinkle: babaji wish yuvi comes…. i need to thank n apologize for yesterday….
She heard footsteps. She was delighted.
Twinkle: hi yuvi!
But she was dissapointed. It was purohit.
Purohit: yuvi?
Twinkle: sorry, wrong person.
Purohit: so how did it turn out? How did yuvi confess? Tell me i wanna know.
Twinkle: why yuvi? Purohit, yuvi itself told u he thinks of me as a toy, right? Y would he love a toy? Seriously?
Purohit: what toy? Dont tell me u heard only half of it!
Twinkle: half…
Purohit: yeah! Twinkle, yuvi also said that he changed his way of percieving u when u guys becamw friends n slowly fell in love with u.
Twinkle was shocked. She now realized what she had done.
Twinkle: really?
Purohit: yes. Dont tell me u thought it a game n rejected him.
Twinkle: sadly yes… now what shall i do?
Purohit: go n apologize to him. Say him the whole thing. I am sure he will understand ur feelings.
Twinkle: i will!
The bell rang n purohit went to class.

After college
Twinkle searched for yuvi. In his class, college park, n the benches, he was nowhere to found. She lost hope n went upstairs to search terrace. She was seeing left side outside the window when she hit someone.
Twinkle: i am sorry….
It was yuvi.
Twinkle: found u now come with me.
She pulls him n he followed her without a word.

At terrace
Twinkle explained yuvi the whole misunderstanding. Yuvi did nothing but stand there quiet as a statue. He was wounded but he didnt spoke a word.
Twinkle: so… i love u too yuvi!
Yuvi’s eyes enlargened. He was tip shocked at this. Tears came from his eyes.
Twinkle: y r u crying?
Yuvi pulled her towards him n hugged her tightly. He cried hugging her.
Twinkle: yuvi what happened y r u crying?
He pulls back.
Yuvi: i am an idiot! I am so dumb. What did i do? I spoiled my own life by agreeing.
Twinkle: what?
Yuvi: mom asked me to get engaged to her clients daughter. They will do a deal with her if i get engaged to their daughter. I could refuse her. But in my dissappointment n distress after the fight…i agreed. N now when i no that we feel the same for each other… i have put our relationship at stake…cause of my stupid delimma.
Twinkle is shocked n speechless.

The end of twiraj? Not so soon guys…. episode 15 is so rocking that i cant believe i wrote that. 😉 keep ur fingers crossed….. plz plz plz comment. Plz plz plz comment. Bye.

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  1. awesome post soon

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  2. No risa…it ain’t boring…if u discontinue, then I’ll be really sad

    1. Thanks laddoo. I will not discontinue so easily.

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  4. risa you r really good pls continue

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  6. Thanx Risa I will always comment on all ur ffs. Today is my birthday so pls give me a gift by promising me that u will continue ur ff minimum 50 and maximum infinity episodes!!!!!❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️

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  7. No dear ??? your fanfiction have not become boring. So sorry for not commenting on the previous but I was so busy at work there was no time to spare. I enjoy your writing. Yes I’m a huge twinj fan no doubt but your outlook on twiraj is beautiful and you write beautiful. Do continue writing as you’re doing a great job

    1. I can understand. Thanks buddy.

  8. Please continue this ff.Ive become great fan of ur XD, I’m loving this ff.

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  9. don’t think like that ur ff was awesome actually i’m a abhigya fan from kerala but i like twiraj rather than twinj aswellas ur ff

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