U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 13)


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Outside taneja house
Leela n pinni came back after shopping n found a crowd outside luthra house.
Leela: whats goimg on???
She called one man n asked.
Man: anita luthra has won international deal n so she is throwing party. All r invited. Free entry.
Leela went near luthra gate n found anita.
Anita: oh, hi leela! Missed u n ur fights! U no i won the london deal n now i am the most successful business woman in amritsar. I have finally defeated u!
Leela: congrats n i dont want ur talks to spoil my day,
Anita: i think so… haha!
N she continues to laugh with some other women. Leela gets hurt.

Inside taneja house
Leela: what does that anita think of herself?? I was, am n will remain the most successful business woman. Raman bring that australia contract. I am ready to sign. Bring it to my room.
Raman: but didiji…
Leela: no excuses! Just bring it!
Leela n raman leave. Pinni will be left there with bubbly. Twinkle n chinki enter.
Twinkle will still be crying. Chinki tries to console her but she couldnt keep in her emotions. Pinni n bubbly see her crying n r shocked.
Bubbly: twinkle di, whats wrong? Why r u crying?
Pinni: twinkle r u fine? Chinki what has happened?
Chinki: nothing maamiji. She just felt like it so she is crying. She will be fine soon.
Saying this chinki takes twinkle to her room.

Twinkles room
Chinki makes twinkle sit down on her bed. Twinkle still cries n hugs chinki.
Twinkle: why did i fall in love with a cheater? Why did i trust such a liar? Chinki y do i always end up the one being hurt.
Chinki: no twinkle dont cry! U r brave right?
Twinkle cries for some time n then she breaks hug.
Twinkle: no i cant show to that yuvraj luthra that i am weak. He will be happy then that his plan worked. I needto stay normal n be strong. I want his plan to backfire on himself.
Chinki: thats my twinkle! Breaks down, but joins herself together again.
Twinkle: i cant move on.. i keep remember yuvi’s words. What should i do to remove them from my mind?
Chinki: distract urself!
Twinkle: but how?
Chinki: y dont u start to work in that cafe nearby… i heard they take college students as partimers… we could join n u could distract urself with work.
Twinkle: ur right! Thanks chinki! Lets go!

At cafe
Twinkle n chinki arrive n began talking with manager.
Manager: ok so u two n that other boy… done 3 partimers for 5 to 9pm.
Twinkle: another guy? Who is he?
Manager: he came before u too. I think he goes to the same college.
Door opens. Yuvi comes in. Twinkle n chinki r shocked.
Yuvi: hi manager…. twinkle….
Twinkle get shocked. Her heart skipped a beat. She was turned to stone. The only place she could work n at that place yuvi works too.
Twinkle: chinki i dont wanna work here.
Chinki: twinkle we came here to work dont concentrate on yuvi. Just be on the job.
Twinkle: but…
Chinki: i told to stay strong right. U will not run away anywhere face the truth.
Twinkle agreed n the 3 of them were fixed for the job.

At about 8:45 pm
Manager was impresed by their work. Yuvi attracted lot of female customers who never came to the cafe before. Twinkle served families well. N chinki served well the high school customers.
Manager: good work! Twinkle, yuvi ur shift is about to end. U can go now.
Twinkle: but chinki….
Manager: she extended her shift.
Twinkle: oh ok.
Manager: twinkle i heard that miscreant roam around here, better leave with yuvi. Yuvi too, be careful.
Twiraj didnt like this offer but they agreed.

At street
Twiraj were together. Twinkle walked ahead with distance while yuvi walked behind. They felt awkward.
Twinkle: idiot! Y dont u speak. I no i hate u but atleast speak something.
Yuvi didnt reply. Twinkle turned round to scold him but she hit someones leg by doing so.
Twinkle: i am sorry…
Man: what sorry? It hurts.
Twinkle: i didnt mean to do this.
He picks up rod from side n was about to hit when yuvi holds the rod.
Yuvi: please no violence.
Man: dont teach me boy! I have learnt enough.
He keeps rod aside. Twinkle comes forward to fight.
Twinkle: what do u think of urself, huh? Great man. U r a coward.
Man gets angry n pushes twinkle. She falls n hits wall.
Man: if u r a girl dont think i am not gonna hit u.
Yuvi: how dare u?
Man: u wanna fight with me?
Yuvi: yeah… twinkle dont see this i am really bad at fighting.
Man takes rod n starts hitting. Yuvi hits him back. Man signs another man hiding n tells to hit twinkle with other rod. Man 2 comes out n catches twinkle. Twinkle tries to run away but he grips her hand tight. Yuvi pushes man n covers twinklle.
Yuvi: dont worry i will protect u.
Men hit him with rod repeatedly but he doesnt fight back.
Man: tough guy!
He leaves rod n runs away. Yuvi faints. Twinkle takes him to nearby park.

At park banch
Yuvi gains conscoius.
Twinkle: r u fine?
Yuvi turns away.
Twinkle: what happened yuvi??
Yuvi: i can show my face. U told u hate me. N now i lost the fight. He gets up n runs away.
Twinkle gets worried. All sorts of thoughts come to her mind.
Twinkle to herself: babaji i love him. He told he loves me. But i heard him telling he thinks of me as some toy? Which one should i believe? He savedme today. Which is true? I love him. But does he feel the same too?
Twinkle gets confused n is unable to remove yuvi from her head.

Luthra house:
Anita waited for yuvi. Yuvi returns injured.
Anita: yuvi… what happened?
Tears fall from his eyes he runs inside room n locks himself.
Anita hits door repeatedly. Yuvi begins breaking furniture. Anita hears noises n is worried.

How was it? Love each other. Cry for each otjer. But unaware of their feelings for each other.
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