U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 12)


Hi its risa! I would like to give u a small speech before i start the episode. So guys episode 15 is not yet confirmed as epic episode. I dont no when i get enough time. I have a math n chemistry test tmrw 🙁 n i hate chemistry. I will try my best to keep up to ur expectations. So please support me with ur comments. The longer the comments the longer the next episode 😉 so please comment. Even the silent reader. 1 comment from silent reader 10 extra lines. So plz comment. N here with the episode…….

At veranda near college
Twinkle was walking with chinki. Chinki went ahead to give the lunch money to purohit as he had forgotten to take it from her. Chinki went to search him while twinkle stood looking outside at the park.
Suddenly she saw something move near the trees. She went there.

At the park
Twinkle reached there n found that a fat but cute cat was stuck inbetween a narrow gap between two trees. She came to cat n pulled her from behind. It came out. Twinkle fell with cat n her head hit a tree.
Twinkle: ouch!
Cat: meow! (Sorry!)
Twinkle tried to get up but her hair got stuck to the tree edge.
Twinkle to herself: babaji! Someone save me!
Twinkle turned around n saw a girl coming to her direction.
Twinkle: thank god! Now i will call her.
Before she dould call her she saw yuvi coming from other direction towards that girl. Twinkle hid herself. She could hear what they said.
Yuvi: so why did u call me? Do i no u?
Girl: no u dont. Ummm…. i am 0101010 (i couldnt think of name) from section 3. I like u a lot. Could u date me please?
Twinkle was shocked. She felt bad at the same time. She didnt realize the reason but she couldnt help but wonder what would be yuvi’s reply.
Yuvi: thank u. But….. i am sorry. I cant think of dating anyone now n i dont want to date anyone else half-heartedly so sorry.
Girl: no its ok. Take care.
N she goes away. Yuvi also will be about to leave.
The cat on twinkle’s lap jumps n goes.
Twinkle: please dont go away. I helped u. Please cat.
The goes out of bushes. Yuvi hears leaves sound n turns. He sees the cat.
Yuvi: oh hello mr. Cat. How r u? What r u doing?
Cat: meow! Meow meow meow! (Hey you! Help her shes stuck!)
The cat goes in n out of bush but yuvi couldnt understand its gestures.
Yuvi: do u wanna play hide n seek?
The cat goes near tree n jumps on twinkle lap.
Twinkle: dont come here! Go away! Oh no! He will laugh if he sees me like this.
Yuvi: i can still see ur tail there mr. Cat.
Yuvi jumps n pounces on twinkle thinking that she was the cat. They come very close to each. Almost like hugging n cuddling. Yuvi gets starled n moves back.
Yuvi: i am sorry.
Twinkle: no its ok.
Yuvi: y r u sitting here?
Twinkle pointed at hair which was stuck on tree branch.
Yuvi: no problem! I will remove it.
Yuvi comes over to twinkle. He bends down n starts untangling it. Twinkle looks up at him. Yuvi feels weird.
Yuvi: ummm…, u no u r staring at me….
Twinkle gets starled.
Twinkle: i am sorry
N blushes.
Yuvi: almost a little left.
He gets closer n closer to twinkle. Twinkle’s face become red like a tomato by now.
Yuvi: done!
Twinkle: aaaaaaa…..
Yuvi gets starled n backs off.
Yuvi: what happened???
Twinkle: i forgot to breathe.
At first yuvi couldnt believe what he heard. Than he started laughing.
Yuvi: funny girl…, as i thought.
Yuvi gave his killer smile to twinkle n twinkle couldnt help but hid her face. The cat got up from her lap n went away.
Twiraj together: bye mr. Cat!!!
Cat: meow! (Bye!)
N it dissappears in the bushes. Yuvi waves twinkle bye as he needs to go to class soon n twinkle goes back to where chinki was.
Yuvi to himself: forgot to breathe….hooohooohoo… seriously a funny girl.
N he feels happy by himself.
Twinkle to herself: babaji! Yuvi was so close. My heart was beating so fast. I forgot to breathe. Whats happening to me?
N she blushes by just thinking of it.

Near section 1 door
Purohit was waiting for yuvi. Yuvi came. He stopped yuvi.
Purohit: come with me.
Yuvi: what? Why?
Purohit: just come.

Near playground
Purohit n yuvi sat on a bench.
Yuvi: what do u want?
Purohit: chinki told me everything about u n twinkle. I wanna no from ur mouth, what do u think of twinkle?

Almost on way to plargroud benches
Chinki n twinkle will be walking towards playground.
Chinki: i dont no y bro called us to playground.
Twinkle: maybe something important?
They reach the place n they hide behind wall seeing yuvi.
They were in hearing range.

Purohit: tell me y did u agree to play along with twinkle’s feelings? What do u think of her?
Twiraj n chinki were shocked of hearing it.
Yuvi: but….
Purohit: no buts… i want the answer.
Twinkle’s heart was thumping. Yuvi thought to himself.
Yuvi: when i agreed with twinkle to fake bf-gf thing that i took it as a pastime n twinkle as a playing thing to kill time. N i thought that o finally got someone who doesnt bore me at all. I didnt have any feeling into her at that time…
Twinkle gets shocked hearing this. She starts crying. Tear drops fall on her eyes. She remembers each n every memory of yuvi n her n cries thimking that yuvi may feel the same about her. But it was different.
She runs away. Chinki follows her.
Purohit: so u wanna say that twinkle is like a toy for u.
Yuvi: no let me complete. I thought all of it at the beginning. But when i got to no her more with each passing day. I got to no how pure her heart was. I spent a lonely childhood n till date to i have only a few friends who r scattered here n there. Twinkle was the only one who spoke to me so openly. I thought of her as a friend. But when i realized that i think more than that…. i realized it was love. N i love twinkle.
Purohit: way to go! I saw u both today. N the way twinkle behaved i think she too feels the same. Go for it! N sorry i didnt mean to hear u guys.
Yuvi: its ok. N thanks. I am going to confess to her today.
Yuvi gets up n runs to find twinkle.

In section 4
Twinkle was crying. She was weeping really badly. Girl 1 n 2 were consoling her but they didnt no the reason. Chinki kept telling twinkle that she doesnt need to cry after hearing this. Yuvi comes in.
Yuvi: twinkle, twinkle i need to say u something important.
He notices her crying.
Yuvi: wait, what happened to her?
Chinki: this all happened because of u yuvraj luthra. Because of u she is crying today.
Yuvi: what? Twinkleget up what happened.
He pulls her n makes her stand.
Yuvi: face me twinkle. Please.
Twinkle: why? U liar. U cheater. I am a playing thing? I am a toy?
Yuvi: wait i dont understand what r u saying? I have something really important to say to u?
Twinkle: now what is it?
Yuvi: i love u twinkle. I love u.
Twinkle couldnt bwlieve her ears. She smiled. But then she remembered what yuvi had said to purohit n crys. She slaps yuvi.
Twinkle: u liar. U cheater. Get lost. Dont talk to me. I dont want to see ur face. N u no what i hate u. I hate u yuvraj luthra.
Yuvi: but….
Chinki n girl 1 n 2 push yuvi out. Chinki warns yuvi not to come close to twinkle. Yuvi tries to enter class. The girls stop him. Twinkle looks at him. Yuvi looks at her n tries to tell her that its not true. Twinkle turns away. Girls push yuvi n he give up for now n goes back to class. Twinkle still cries.
Twinkle to herself: i love him babaji! But he played with my feelings. I can never forgive him.
N the scene of yuvi telling purohit about twinkle comes to her mind n she cries harder.
While yuvi’s eyes water but he firmly believes that he will clear all the misunderstandings n make twinkle turn around n confess her feelings too.
He did a small prayer n promised to make twinkle happy.

How was the episode. Overflowing emotions of twiraj. Their realization of love. Bye. Please comment. Silent readers too. Plz comment. N dont worry i will reunite them soon. 😉

Credit to: risa

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  1. Yaar risa u can be a good salesman, I mean,”1 comment from silent reader 10 extra line” seriously ??. Loved the way u deal with us. And also ur FF was epic. And ya u have to keep promise ok, that u will wright longer FFs ok.

    1. Thanks syeda farhana. Looks like ur like ur first comment here. I will keep the promise.

  2. It was awesome amazing you write sooo well just loved it ……………aaaawwwweeeeeessssooooommmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
    Risa how old are u n in which class u study ……plzzzzzz reply where u live plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply plzzzzzzz
    I want to be your friend

    1. Sonal i cant reveal my location but i have completed high school n am answering university entrance exams. Thanks for ur comment. All who comment n read my ff are my friends. 🙂

  3. Excellent!! And Deal was amazing?
    But pls try and keep longer ffs from the next time

    1. Thanks a lot maanvi. I will try my best to keep next episode long.

  4. Plzz unite them soon…..so emotional?

    1. Thanks laddoo. I will unite them soon.

  5. Loved it.

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  6. awesome unite them fast

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  7. Awesome episode…you r really a good writter..

    1. Thanks ayesha. Sorry k i forgot to mention ur name in episode 13 will surely include in epi 14.

  8. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

    1. Thanks verjena jamatia. Sry didnt check all comment n submittee episode 13. Promise to include u in episode 14.

  9. I’ve been waiting for this chapter to be released, thanks for updating it quickly. Its OK dr take ur time , studies are the first priority and all the best for ur exams :333.

    1. Thanks manny.

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