U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 11)


Hiiiiiiii itsssssss meeeeee risaaaaaa!!!!!! I am back. N i would like to say one thing… if i changed ur way of seeing twiraj then dont thank me thank urself. We writers just write its all up to the reader out there to imagine this whole thing in format of a story. 🙂 n here we move on n break last epi suspense….

Where we left last time
Twinkle was ashtonished hearing someones voice. She turns round. It was bubbly.
Bubbly: so its yuvi, huh?
Twinkle: he is my friend not what u think he is….
Bubbly: yaar kab dil dar ho jaye pata hi nahi chalta. (When a friend become lovely u never no) u no…..
Twinkle: its impossible bubbly… n wait u had gone to sleepover right….

Bubbly: sleepover was cancelled as shikha(her friend) had to go out station suddenly.
Twinkle: oh so sad…. 🙁
Bubbly: anyways how did enemies become friends, huh? Or should i say…
Twinkle: oh please… stop bubbly now ur embarrsing me.
Bubbly: ok dont wanna no.. but good catch!
Pinni calls out for bubbly.
Twinkle: go fast n keep ur lips sealed. Remember!
Bubbly: right, twinkle di!
N she goes. Twinkle takes sigh of relief as she was not caught by pinni or leela.

Next day at footpath near college
Twinkle walked with chinki n her older brother purohit. Purohit was over protective about chinki. N considered twinkle as his sister.

Twinkle n chinki were chatting while purohit walked further n started to talk with his friend. Chinki turned behind to see the sports car that passed by while twinkle continued to chatter. When chinki turned around she saw yuvi. Yuvi signed her to go ahead so that he could talk to twinkle.
Chinki: twinkle i am going ahead. I have some urgent work.
Twinkle: ok….
Chinki goes ahead while yuvi stands next to twinkle.
Yuvi: morning!
Twinkle: good morning!
Yuvi examined her from top to bottom.
Yuvi: hey arent u wearing the dress i recommended yesterday…
Twinkle: yup! I umm… liked the color too.. so..
Yuvi: great! Then howz it going?

Before twinkle to could answer heavy wind blew n the leaves of trees above started falling. A beautiful scene was created. Twinkle gets happy about this n smiles n jumps up n down. Yuvi gets happy seeing her. N gets lost in her eyes that seem to have a gleaming light in them. Twinkle sees him. She gets lost too. They have n eyelock. Tashan e ishq title track plays all this while.(check older episodes or check on lyrics websites.)
Another wind blows n brings them back to senses.
Yuvi: the wind smelt like..,
Twinkle: …autumn is coming!
Yuvi: right! Howd u no what i was going to tell?
Twinkle: dont know!

Yuvi turns n a leaf falls on his hair. Twinkle sees it.
Twinkle: a leaf has fallen on ur hair yuvi.
Yuvi tries removeing it. But is unable. He tries to shake it off his hair but couldnt n he gave up. He brought his head close to twinkle. Twinkle gets starled n blushes.
Yuvi: could u remove it?
Twimkle doesnt reply. Yuvi looks up. When he turns their face will be really close to each other their cheeks almost touching. Yuvi sees twinkle’s flustered face n backs off.
Yuvi: really sorry! I will remove it on my own.
Twinkle: no no. Its ok i will remove.

He bends down n twinkle picks the leaf from his hair.
Yuvi: thanks a lot.
Twinkle is still flustered. Seeing her yuvi blushes a little too.
Meanwhile a kid behind them saw everything. He too wanted special treatment from twinkle. He saw some fallen leaves n put them on his head.

He came to twiraj.
Kid: sis.. see there r some leaves on my head could u remove them too.
Yuvi blows on his hair n all the leaves fly off. The kid gets angry. Yuvi runs away. The kid chases him. Twinkle laughs seeing this playful nature of him.

Bye. Plz comment. Plz ur comments give me strength to continue.

Credit to: risa

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  1. Yuvi is so naughty lol. Poor kid couldn’t get any special treatment. Ha.
    Nice epi.

    1. Thanks buddy.

  2. I really love this UV…..& d episode was amazing….loved it soooooooo much. ur ff really made my day ….

    1. Thanks sonali.

  3. wow this is rly nice *thumbs up*

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  4. So cute….gr8 job!!!

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  5. oh it was sooo cute and funny luved it

    1. Thanks yagya.

  6. awesome and so cute the scene between the child and uvi

    1. Thanks sam

  7. Twiraj scene were just awesome. I really luv ur ff u r such a awsme writer

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  8. naughty yuvi so cool

    1. Thanks mallu. Naughty n playful yuvi. 🙂

  9. Amazing???????

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  10. yashasvi ( yashu )

    sooooo sweet n naughty uv…. i luv twiraj yrrrr…. together they r adorable

    1. Luv twiraj too. Thanks for ur comment.

  11. Posted episode 12 hours ago. Wonder y not posted on website. Anyways enjoy the super dramatic episode guys. 😉

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