U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 10 – part 2)


Hi im back n really sorry for abdrupt ending. Anyways here is part 2….

Where we left
At taneja house
Leela:now go to ur room n freshen up.
Twinkle: ok maa…

At twinkle’s room
After freshening up twinkle sits on bed n messages chinki.
Chinki’s message: sorry twinkle for telling ur not at my house.
Twinkle’s message: its ok.
Suddenly she hears knock at door n keeps phone.
She opens door. It was pinni. She called twinkle for dinner.

At dining
It was only leela, pinni n twinkle at the table. Raman was at office n bubbly had sleepover at friends house.
Pinni: dont mind leela ji but i want to speak to u on matter relating to twinkle.
Leela: i dont mind whats the matter?
Pinni: leela ji dont u think twinkle is getting too friendly with yuvi… i man u told me she went till luthra gate to take her money back when it was yuvi’s duty to return it… u no what i mean to say…
Twinkle saw her mother. She knew leela would doubt her now.
Leela: pinni now dont say such things. I believe in my dear daughter. I no she will never betray me. N helping others is a good thing even if they r our enimies. N my problem is with anita not with yuvraj. He didnt cause me any inconvienience… but twinkle dontget to friendly with him. U never no he is anita’s son.
Twimkle: o-ok maa….
Twinkle ate dinner abdruptly n ran to her room.

At twinkle’s room
Twinkle opened cupboard n took 2 dresses out.
Twinkle was confused what to wear for tmrw to college.
A voice: left one.
Twinkle turns around. It was yuvi.
Twinkle: what r u doing here?
Yuvi: felt lonely so came to meet my friend.
Twinkle: dont u have anyone else to hang out with y me?
Yuvi felt bad.
Yuvi: umm… sorry if i disturbed u… bye…
Yuvi was about to leave. Twinkle stopped him.
Twinkle: its ok ur a friend. Like chinki is like u r to me.
She gave a broad smile. Yuvi was mesmerized by her sudden change in attitude. He never thought that the girl he hated would be the girl who would be his only friend in town.
Yuvi: u no what twinkle… u r special…very special…
N he hugs her. Twinkle blushes hard. But yuvi doesnt leave her.
Leela knocks door. She calls twinkle’s name. Twiraj get starled.
Twinkle: go away fast!
Yuvi: bye! Meet u at college!
Twinkle: see u!
Yuvi climbs down pipe. N twinkle opens door. Leela takes jug of water n goes. Twinkle sees outside window. Yuvi opens luthra house gaye. He turns around. N sees twinkle. He waves at her. She waves at him. Twinkle closses window.
A voice: caught u!
Twinkle gets shocked.

Who is it?
Guys plz comment. Bye. Comment.

Credit to: risa

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  1. Suspence haan? Not bad. Nyc risa!

    1. Thanks laddoo. 🙂

  2. luvly epi dear…waiting for nxt epi update soon

    1. Thanks ryths. Update tmrw.

  3. Hey risa its my first comment here . I am a silent reader n I do regularly read ur ff n I like it..thanks for d beautiful story?keep writing dear..

    1. Kiran thank u for commenting. All i want is the support of the silent readers, plz continue to comment on my ff. :))

  4. suspennse mai chodh diya Risa…..update soon…..loved it.. Awesome…..

    1. Thanks rashi wait for tmrw.

  5. Risa please update longer episodes na.
    Your story is really interesting

    1. Episode 11 is gonnq be longggggggg….

  6. Amazing???

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  8. Nice episode ???????

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  9. Awesome post soon loved it asap

    1. Thanks sam.

  10. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwwww superbbbbbbb!!!!!!!
    i think it’s chinki or pinni…….

    1. Good guess but who knows????

  11. great.i love it

    1. Thanks mallu.

  12. i also think it’s Chinki cuz Leela wouldn’t say smthing like that to her lol

    1. Maybe. Thanks for it.

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