U never know what destiny has kept for uā€¦.TwiRaj (episode 10 – part 1)

Hi guys its risa! I would like to tell u a small speech before briefing u to the episode. So there r twinj n twiraj fans. N a coin has two sides. So here all i want to say is all have separate perspectives to watch a show. Some watch for twinj n some for twiraj. Like we choose heads or tails. Same way we choose twinj or twiraj. So theres no need to fight against each other for our fave jodi as everyone as a favorite n it is our job to support each other unconditionally. It not only applies to serials but also to life. N sorry if i hurt anyones feelings. End of speech. N now with the episode.

Where we left last time
At yuvi’s room
Leela: twinkle tell me where r u!
Twinkle gets scared n tightens her grip on yuvi’s hand n wakes him up.
Yuvi n twinkle talk with gestures to each other.
Yuvi shows who is it?
Twinkle shows its maa.
Yuvi show to put on speaker.
Leela: twimkle where r u? I heard boy cough. Tell me!
Yuvi signs car n road.
Twinkle: maa i am near the road n a person driving a car coughed.
Leela: thank god! Come back before 5 pm k.
She cuts the call. Twiraj takes sigh of releif.
Twinkle: thanks for the idea… otherwise i would have blewn the cover.
Yuvi: exactly! Now i feel a bit better. U can go now.
Twinkle: no i cant take a risk what if something happens to u then..
She holds yuvi’s hand tightly. In her eyes there is a perfect essence of pain n care for yuvi.
Yuvi: dumbo! I am a guy u no! I can manage.
N he gives his killer smile to twinkle as usual. Twinkle smiles n he assure her that he will be fime.
Twinkle get ready to go. She waves bye n goes near door. Yuvi pulls her hand.
Yuvi: wait i wanna say u something….
Twinkle gets shocked by his words n turns around. She has exact eye contact with him. They share an eyelock. All this while tashan e ishq title trck plays. ( if u wanna know lyrics then check older episodes or check on lyric websites. šŸ™‚ )

Twinkle: umm… what?
Yuvi: u no i feel u require a promotion…
Twinkle gets shocked hearimg this.
Twinkle: promotion????
Yuvi: yes u dont need to be my dog anymore… u no we no each other so well since childhood n now we r well aquianted too so… lets keep it straight..can we be friends?
He then makes puppy dog face. Twinkle smile seeing that.
Twinkle: ok then.. friends!
N they shakes hands.
Yuvi: promise u will never leave me n go!
Twinkle: promise!
N she leaves saying bye to him.

At taneja house
Leela was waiting for twinkle.
Leela: twinkle puttar… dont be late like this again ok return as soon as possible. U no how worried i get when u are alone.

Credit to: risa


  1. Risa….slowly slowly u r making me a twiraj fan….seriously yaar….but I have a request….please write a bit more longer episodes….humble request….I love reading long episodes….and I love ur writing skills too!

    • risa

      Laddoo thanks for ur comment. N i made it small as i divided epi 10 in 2 parts. Part 2 is posted. Will appear on page soon.

    • risa

      Thanks buddy. Hope to continue to shape everyones characters. In my ff i made yuvi playful n naughty rather than over negative. Hope ulike part 2.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.