U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 1)

Hi guys.. i am risa here again. N thanks for ur comments on the intro episode. N now here is the first episode.

5:30 in the morning
Leela taneja n her brother raman were waiting outside the gaye as twinkle leela’s daughter was missing from her room. Suddenly, they noticed twinkle coming their way.
Leela:twinkle! Where were u? U no how worried i get when u run away suddenly like this.
Twinkle: sorry maa….. and did ur bff come back from london? She was very close to u no maaa?
Leela: yes n she was askimg about u. Now come in n get ready first day of college right?
Twinkle: okay maa!

Luthra house
Anita luthra,yuvis mother, was waiting for him to come back. Yuvi came in n anita came to him.
Anita: yuvi what is this? U fought with twinkle taneja at thegurudwara. Do u even realize how many complaints i have got?
Yuvi: sorry mom. I no i was wrong… but that twinkle taneja began the fight n…
Anita: i no baby u can never be wrong. Its twinkles fault…. now prepare to go to college big man!
Yuvi hugged anita n she reciprocated his hug.

7 am at taneja house gate
Leela: where is chinki i told that both of u should go to college together.
Twinkle: dont worry maa.. i am sure shes on her way.
Then chinki arrives.
Twinkle: bye maaa!
Leela: bye beta.
N they go on their way to college.

7:30 at the traffic jam
Twinkle:chinki, the cars r not moving at all seeing them even my batterys down.
Chinki: come on, twinkle ur everyones sherni (lioness) right?
Twinkle: everyone but the luthras!
Chinki: see my twinkles back.
N they both laugh.
A loud horn is heard.
They turn back n see yuvi.
Twinkle: yuvraj luthra! Y r u here.
Yuvi: ya y am i here i go to college n not to kindergarten like u.
Twinkle: u go to kindergarten not me!
Yuvi: haha.. nice joke now get moving with ur scooter.
Twinkle: cant u see this traffic jam.
Yuvi: i cant see anything except u here!
Suddenly yuvi realized what he told.
Yuvi: i mean nothing as disoriented like u.
Twinkle: what???? What does disoriented mean????
Yuvi n chinki were shocked, while rest of the crowd observing them laughed.
The three of them got pretty embarressed, especially twiraj.
The traffic jam cleared n they went on their way tocollege
8 am at the college entrance.
Chinki: twinkle lets check our classes. Wish we end up together.
Twinkle: i no babaji will never separate us.
Chinki: ok even i no we will remain friends forever but our classes what if we end up in different secrtoins.
Twinkle was now worried too.
But they prayed n hoped they end up together.

Guys so much for episode 1 i will take ur comment in my mind n continue to write. Plz support me with ur comments.

Next episode sneekpeeek:
Twinkle at board where names of students r divided as classes. Suddenly she get pushed n falls in someones arms.
Thank u.

Credit to: risa


  1. Mallu

    Whole heartedly thank you for this lovable jodi sequence
    Pls continue this
    I love you yuvi

    • risa

      I dont no if it woyld be long but hope so. 🙂 anyways episode 2 is posted n soon will be availiable to read. Tnks for ur coment.

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