u are mine only – swasan (epi-3)


Sun rays touches her face. Her elegance, her beauty & her cuteness glows in the sunlight. “Yes she is my girl. I touched her just because i wanted make sure she wont leave me” he started caresses her hair “Ragini i loved her since im 13 but i never expressed my feelings to her. Laksh my bhai elder than me for 5 years. When my parents decided about their wedding. They agreed. My world is broken. I left my family in mumbai. Now im successful business tycoon in delhi. Then swara i saw her in the pub. I wanted her badly. Her purity made me realize that she belongs to me. She left her parents for me. Thats the different between her & Ragini. Ragini wanted my bro’s success but my girl wanted me… her man”

She opened her eyes. She smiled at me. “Oh i love that smile” i kissed on her forehead then she hugged me more tightly. I took her in my embrace. “Do u want more?” I whispered then she pushed me while smiling. “Im sleepy” she said “then u sleep i will get fresh up” i got up from the bed.

I went to downstairs. Mr. Karthik Mehra sitting on my sofa. “Oh he fund his daughter” i said myself. “Where is my daughter?” He shouted at me. “Papa” i heard it from my behind. Swara standing on stairs. She wearing a pink anarkali & she is cute on it. She ran towards me & hide herself in my behind.

“Swara what are u doing here? U ran away from ur house & came to this man?” She is slient. “Swara come lets go” he said “no papa i cant” she replied “swara” he is surprised but im not. I knew it already. “I wanna live with him” she said “but as whom? U dont love him. Are u doing this because u slept with him?” Im shocked as well she is.”How can a dad talk to his daughter like this?” I thought myself.”No because he is my man” i smirked at him “swara he is doing this because u are my daughter dont trust him later he will throw u out of his life” she looked at me “no papa he wont” she trust me more than her father.”How can it happen?” I asked myself.”Swara u will prevent oneday” Mr. Mehra left

Swara is crying in my embrace from past few hours.I cant understand whats happening but i know one thing i need her thats all. I cant stop her from crying because she is crying for her parents. She is now sleeping now i can feel it. This feeling is awesome. Holding a girl near to my chest & feeling her breath but only my swara can give this feelings to me.last 4 days i wanted to touch her badly but i cant force her then she came to me. This time she cant go back. Whole life she have to live with her man.

After couple of hours… she opens her eyes. Those are red because she cried alot. I made her sit on the bed & start to feed her. Its almost 8pm nw she didnt eat anything from morning “u couldnt go to office because of me” she said “there is nothing important than u” i looked at her “yes its true she is more precious to me now” my mind said. “Why? Are u scared that i will run away with someone else?” She tried to cheer up the moment but it made me pissed off “how can she say that?” My mind shouted.

I dragged her from her hair “ahhh” she shouted i started to bite her lips. Her eyes are widened because she is shocked. I kissed on her lips. i took her in to my upper body. I sucked her lips. She is moaning in pain. But that words hurted me more than this. I caresses her back more fast which makes she feel the pain. I therw her to bed “never think do that or say that if not i wont think twice to kill u.” She is shocked & her lips are bleeding.

I went towards the door. I can feel that she hugged me from behind. “Im sorry i didnt mean it im sorry” she is crying “how can i leave u? I cant let anyone else to touch me. I feel complete in ur touch. Im addicted it now. I cant stay without u. I will listen to ur every single word. Pls dont go” she came infront of me. Still im boiling “how can u tell that so easily?” I turned my face.

She started kiss on my face. Yes im melting now but i didnt show off because i wanted to know what she can do to calm down Mr. Sanskar Maheswari she looked into my eyes. She leaned towards my lips “no she wont do that!!! Oh no she did that!!” She kissed on my lips more passionelty. Now i lost my control. I dragged her from her waist. She broke the kiss. She smiled at me victoriously.

I placed her in the bed. I started kissing on her neck. She caressing my hair. I bited her neck. She moaned. I love it. I looked at her. She is smiling. I removed her top a bit. I kissed on her bare shoulders. “Im all urs” she whispered on my ears. “Yes i know” i said “then what are u waiting for?” She said it in husky voice. I made her naked infront of me. I can feel her shyness. I kissed on her lips for while.

Then i looked at her bare br*ast which inviting me to eat it. I sucked it very hard.I can hear her breath get faster.I want more & more. I didnt stop sucking her br*ast.Still she is moaning thats makes me more wild. I entered into her. She shouted as usual she does but i know she like it. This feelings are making me go crazy. Im doing it more hard & hard. She kisses on his head. I looked at her face. She started kissing on my face.

Then suddenly my mobile rings “oh no” i said then she smiled. I picked the call.
SN: hello
PA: Mrs. Mehra got a heart attack due to her daughter.
I looked at swara’s face. She is caressing my hair & touching my face while smiling. Then i felt im still inside of her. i cut the call.

I removed myself from her. I sat on the bed. She is worried. She covered herself in the blanklet. “What happend sanskar?” She asked “if i let her go now then i lost her forever which i cant bear anymore but i cant keep her away from her mom” he thought himself “i need her” he took his decision.

I cupped her face. “Ur mom got a heart attack” she started weeping “sanskar we have to go” she said “no” i kept my head on the bed’s head. “Then i will visit her & come” she said it while crying. “No u are not” she is super shocked “u promised me swara u will listen to my every single word. If u go to ur mom then u have leave me” i said “sanskar” she shouted “she is my mom i wanna know how is she now & i cant leave u sanskar” she said. I cupped her face “u know the fact if u go now u cant come back to me they wont allow u” i said “no i will” she said “then u want to leave me?” I almost shouted “sanskar” she cried while holding my arms “please sanskar please please” but i didnt change my mind.
Thanx everyone for ur comment & Divya Shankar thanx alt. I will try to upload on weekdays too. So guys what do u say what should swara do now? Go to her mom or stay with sanskar? PLS DO COMMENTS

Credit to: Afshika Zainab

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      Ur comment made me feel happy thank u

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        Plzz msg me….!!!!!!!!!if there’s any way.

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