u are mine only – swasan (epi-2)

“I think i should go home” she said it looking a way from him. “Okay then i will drop u at home” he walked away. “Am i doing the right thing? But how can i live with him? Still he is unknown to me” the maid came “sir is asking u to come” she went out of the room.

“Oh no this house is just like a palace” she murmured. She can see he is waiting for her. “Then shall we go?” He asked “now i dont want to go. If i go will he go for another one? Yes why should he wait for me?” She thought herself while matching her foot steps to his.

Few minutes ago, they reached near her house. He can see a name board MEHRA HOUSE “are u daughter of Karthik Mehra?” He asked “yes one & only daughter Swara Mehra” she replied “yes i forget ask ur name Im Sanskar Maheswari” he said “owner of Karma Co” she surprised because its her father’s competitor company “yes” he touches her face again “i didnt know that u are his daughter” he said “yes i know” she get down from his car. He also come out.

She walks towards her house but she turns he is still standing there. She runs towards him & stands infront of him. He smiles on her act. “I thought u wont turn back” she is slient then he kisses on her forehead. “If u think of coming to me then my doors open for u. I will be waiting. U can come anytime” he said then she holds his blazer’s buttons “then” she stopped “just ask it swara” she felt happy when he said her name “will u go for another?” Again she stopped “i said u are mine only then im urs only. Dont worry now i cant touch anyone else without u.” She smiles.

4 days later.

“What must be he doing now? Is he with another girl? No he said that he wont. If he goes for? No he wont. Why i worry about he is going for another girl? Because he is mine only.” She touches her face while looking at the mirror. “Am i missing him? But i saw him for a one day nah but he took urself. Now u are his only. I allowed him to touch me then he is taking my mind towards him” she smiles.

” shall i call him or not?” After thousands of thoughts, she called to his number.
Operator: “Hello; Karma Groups!”
Swara: Can i speak to Mr. Maheswari?
O: Do u have an appointment?
S: Tell him that swara is online
Thinks herself “I wanna know can he remember me?”
O: but maam?
Swara is pissed off.
S: just do what i said
O: ok maam hang on the line
Couple of minutes ago
SN: swara u should have call to my personal number
SW: sorry i dont have it. I think i have disturbed u. Then keep the phone.
SN: im sorry i sounds little rude.
SN: u are calling Karma group in ur home landline which can be issue?
SW: am sorry
Cuts the call.
She is hurt “why he cant understand?” Then her mobile rings
SW: Hello
SN: im sorry this is my personal number hereafter call to this number from ur personal number.
SW: okay
SN: are u angry now? U have scolded the telephone operator just like my wife.
SW: wife??
SN: haa my wife.
She smiles
SN: okay why did u call me? U wanna meet me?
SW: no i wanted know what are u doing?
SN: so u dont want to meet me. Wait wait u wanted check whether i have gone to another girl right?
SW: (slient)
SN: when i have my girl why should i go for another one
His words made her relax
SN: but why u are not going out of ur house?
SW: are u spying on me?
SN: im taking care of my girl. I have a meeting now. I will ring u later.
SW: tonight
SN: what
SW: u should call me
SN: okay bye
SW: Bye
Cuts the call.

“My girl” she whispered to herself. “Swara” i heard my mom is shouting then i went down. I saw my nanny over there. I took her blessings. “She is here to talk about ur marriage.” Mom said it in a rude manner. Because she is angry with me after lucky betrayal how i changed my life into hell.
“Beta u are in the age of marrying. U cant stay this” nanny said. “Why” i asked.

“Beacuse u are girl. I didnt mean that girls are weak. But their mens need them on their side. A girl or boy is incomplete without their partners. In happy or sorrow they both need each other. Just because they are made for each other. If u are his girl means he is ur man” nanny said but just one thing came my mind “SANSKAR! If im his girl is that means he is my man”.

“Beta one day u have give ur purity to ur man then he will make feel complete. Its makes ur bond strong. U will start to feel ur rights on him that he just belongs to u. U are incomplete without ur man. U have go to him. Beta pls say yes to ur marriage with karan” nanny said but in each very word of her reminded me just one person. “Wait who is karan?” I asked “the guy we have selected to u” nanny said. I went to my room without utter a word.

“How can i marry another guy? I gave my purity to him & he made feel that im complete now. Is that means he is my man?” I switched off my mobile. Without thinking a for minute i started pack my stuffs in a bag. Then i had last dinner my family. Mr. Karthik Mehra my father owner of Mehra Group. He love me alot after all im daddy’s princess. “Papa i take a decision according to my heart is it wrong?” I asked him then he looked at me “even though its wrong if ur heart says its correct then u can be happy on it.” I hugged him because i dont know when i can hug him again. I went my mom’s room. She is sleeping. I took her blessings & stared at her for while. She is pretty lady & i just like her. I hurted her alot. Again im going hurt her.

Its half pass 3. Its the right time. I took my bag & peeped out from my room. I took baby steps towards my garden then putted my bag out from garden wall. Then i ran towards backside gate. Security is having a good nap. I went out & took my bag then ran towards the junction. I switched on my mobile. I gave rang to sanskar within one ring he picked the call.
SN: hello swara
I can feel he is worried about something
SW: listen to me carefully. Come to ……. junction right now. Dont be late.
Cuts the call. I ordered him just like his wife. I didnt let him talk again i switched off my mobile. I know i made him more worried.

Few minutes ago, a car came. I went near to it. Yes its him. “Swara what are u doing out this time? U know how am i worried. Im trying to ur number since from last night. I was worried whether ur dad got know about me then what happend to u? Wait wait what are u doing with a bag?” He said it in one breath.

I hugged him so tightly then started to kiss his face like hell. I wanted show him how much missed him. “I left everything” i said “what” he is shocked “my parents wants me to marry & i cant do it because im urs” i said while keeping my head on his chest. “Then its true they have arranged ur marriage with karan thakur” he said “u knew it” i looked his face “then u?” He asked “i knew it today evening only” i said “so u choosed me” he asked “no i cant allow someone to touch me” i said “why” he asked “because u are my man”

Now im standing infront dressing table at his room. Im looking at me through the mirror. Im combing my hair. Its night of day i came to his house actually ran away from my house. He came to the room. “Ur dad searching for u. If he comes take u” he hugged me from behind. “I wont leave u because i cant.” He smiled.

He started kiss on my shoulders. I guessed what he will do next. He turned me to him. He started kiss on my neck. He picked me in his arms. My guessings is correct. He placed me on the bed. He is kissing all over my body. He showering his love on me. His each touch makes feel complete. He is making it too hard but its most pleasureful pain i felt. Our night went on & on. His touch told me how much he missed me. His rough lips drinking my blood on my lips. I can feel his bites on my body. This time he is very agreesive, must be because missed me in this 4 days. Finally our soul became one.

He is sleeping. Im keeping my head on his chest. “Yes i was scared to live with this person but not now because that time he is unknown to me but now he is my man. He wont leave me ever because his eyes tells that. He never ask me but always shows his rights on me. Now im totally devoted to him.” She closes her eyes to sleep in peace.

Hello everyone thank you for ur comments. & am sry to say this coz i can upload my ff on wkend only dats coz i hav dead wkdays. So am sry. If u are responses are too good i will try upload on wkdays also its depend on u ppl. Thank u so much. I personaly hav a doubt abt a guy cn u guys clear it? PLS DO COMMENTS.

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