u are mine only – swasan (epi-1)


“Oh no its has been 6 months now still im living together with him. Actually i dont want to leave him, i just want beside on him. We never expressed our feelings to each other even though i dont know that does he feel for me or not? Just one night changed in my life. Its doesnt mean im not happy seriously im really very happy with him. his concern,his care & his touch i dont miss them on my life. Because i love him!!! Yes Mr. Sanskar Maheswari I love you!!!”

A girl seated on a sofa in middle of a large hall in big mansion while thinking about her past.

“Swara where are you?” She can hear a voice from a room in the upstairs. “Haa sanskar im coming” she ran towards the room.

“How many times i have told u keep my things properly so i can” he shouted then she gives his stuffs to him. “No u cant” she smiles.

He pulls her towards him by holding her waist. She puts her arms on his neck “so arent u getting late?” She asked “then shall i go?” He replied then she shakes her head by saying no. He moves closer to her lips then she closes her eyes. He places his rough lips on hers. They kiss each other so passionetly. Her hands running through his hairs then he caresses her waist.

He breaks the kiss then he start to kiss on her neck more passionetly. She smiles because she knows its his way show his love & his rights towards her.

Then he kisses her forehead then he turns to leave but she holds his hands “i have to come early” he smiles “y” she looks down “because ” she fumbles “U want me be with u isnt it?” She smiles ” swara i know u wont leave me ever” he pats on her cheeks but she hugs him tightly.

He is on the way to his company then he reminds his past with her. Its just 6 months before. One night at the pub in delhi.

“How she do to me like this? I always thought she loves me but she got married to my own elder brother laksh. No she cant No Ragini cant do like that” he drunk his drink in one slip “but she did’ he cant remember how much he drunk already. Suddenly his eyes set on a girl in the dancing floor. He keep stareing at her for a long time. “I want her” his mind said. Finally he walked towards to her. He holded her by her waist. She smiled “OMG!!! she is angel” he whispered. He reazlied even though she is also totally drunk. He kisses on her cheeks. She is shocked bt didnt response.

He holded her hands & takes her to his car. He drove off to his mansion. She is sleeping. He picked her on his arms & took her to his room.

He places her on his bed then he removes his blazer. He leans to her. He kisses on her forehead. She looks at her face for a while. He start kiss on her neck. She start to moaning then he realized she isnt sleeping. He removes her dress. “Oh no!!! She is so beautiful” he starts kisses on her entire body most passionetly. He sucks her br*asts like hell. Her breathing gets fast. finally he try to enter into her. He realize its too hard because she is a virgin. But he didnt give up then he entered himself into her.

She feels immense pain in her lower part of her body. She catchs the bed sheet too hardly. This pain makes her from her druken state. She regains conscious then reminds the happenings. She try to push him away then slowly slowly the pain vanishes away, a unknown pleasure makes her feel complete. Her hands rubs his back then he whispers on her ears “u are mine now” she start moaning loudly. He places their lips together.

He makes it too harder & she feels extremely pleasure. She feels by herself, she is giving her to him. A unknown person making her soul fly in the heaven. Whole night he didnt stop loving her, sucking her br*asts too hard, making out harder with her & their liplocks.

Next day morning sun rays falls into her face. She opens her eyes. Looks at a large room with all facilities then remembers the last night. She feel herself complete. “What is this feeling? I gave myself to a unknown person. I didnt even cross my limits with lucky but left me then got married. Thats the reason i started to drink. But his touch makes me addicted to him. I want it more & more. Oh no what am i thinking?”

A middle aged woman entered to the room. She covers herself with the blanket. “I think she is the maid of this house” the maid turned to her. “Good morning maam. I brought tea for u both. I make the breakfast also.” She is shocked “do u know who am i?” maid replies “no maam but u are first girl entered to this house actually into sir’s bedroom. I think no i know u are first girl. Sir is having a shower” maid left the room

She feel relaxed “im the first girl then im the only one but” she can hear a sound of a door. He comes out with a towel. By seeing his bare body she looks down. “He is soo handsome” she thinks herself. He opens the cupboard & takes another towel also a white shirt. He placed it on the bed. “Take a shower” he behaves normal because he didnt force her. She wants to avoid him so drope herself in the blanket then entered to the bathroom.

Water falls on her body that makes her remind about his touch & kisses. She comes out. He sees her. Her wet hairs, her beauty, his white shirt which is upto her thighs makes him. He goes near her. He touches her face then she closes her eyes. He leans to kiss her. Again he looks at her still she is in closed eyes. He smiles then kisses on her lips. She caresses his hair. He breaks the kiss.

She looks down. He start to remove the buttons of the shirt.
She feels goosebumps on her stomach. He removes the shirt. She totally naked infront him. He picks her on his arms & places on the bed. He starts sucking her br*asts & making out with her. She keep moaning & caressed his hairs.

Few hours ago. He gets up from the bed & intercoms to someone asking to bring the breakfast. He makes her wear the shirt. She keep stareing at him. “Do u live in delhi?” She nobes in yes “do u want go home or?” She thinks “what he gonna ask? How can i face my parents? Then what about him? Is he gonna leave me like a jerk?” She asks “or?” He looks at her confused face.

The same maid brings breakfast for them. He starts feed her. She is surprised. “Stay with me” she felt like the world has stopped. He pats her hair behind of her ears. “I know the first person who touched u” she looks down “u are first girl i touched &” she looks his eyes “i wanna make u as only one girl i can touch that means u are mine only” she remember he said it last night also. He looks on.

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Credit to: Afshika Zainab

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