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Hii guys! I m new here! I have brought a new is for u and m damn nervous! Please guys bear me and if I goes wrong then forgive me….I like the couple ragsan so m writing the fs on their love story….

So now let’s start…

A beautiful girl is sitting on a bed decorated by plenty of fragrance flowers with bridal attire looking damn cute with a smile crept on her lips….(she is none other than our rag!)
Rag’s pov- finally!!! I m married with my dreamboy! My laksh ! After this night no one would be able to separate us….
Just then she hears a voice and her thoughts gets distrubed! She feels someone coming towards her latching the door! With his every steps her heart starts beating louder and faster! He comes closer to her and stands beside the bed….he catches her one hand with his hand and makes her stand close to her….ragini was feeling so shy that she didn’t even looked up rising her eyelids! He placed his hands on her waist and jerked her towards him….now she turned in crimson red and was heavily blushing….he holds her with his left hand and makes her look towards him with the other hand by placing his fingers below her chin and rising her head….when she saw him with her pearl like eyes she got a shock of her life!!!
Rag-sanskar u!!!!
Sanky-haa meri duppte wali dost!
Rag-where is laksh sanskar?!! And what r u doing here?!
Sanky-then where should I go leaving my newly married wife?
Rag-wife! And that too Ur’s! Have u gone mad?!!!
Sanky-yaa I have gone mad….I m madly in love with u…so I took laksh’s place on mandap and married u….
Rag-what?!!!! R we really married…
Sanky smiles giving as expected look!
Sanky-I know u won’t believe me but its true!
Rag grabbs his collar…

Rag-how dare u take place of laksh in my life??? First of all I had told u we r good friends and not more than that!
Sanky-(comes more close to her)-rag baby everything is fair in love and war!!! Now don’t spoil our first night…its not the time to talk but its time to make love….
And he gives peck on her apple cheeks…
Rag became furious and pushed him away….
Sanky-oofoo now don’t start ur childish behaviour! Hey!!! But u looks more cute like this….
Ragini has tears in her eyes….
She was about to leave the room when sanky hugged her from back and stopped her….
Rag-(still in tears) leave me sanskar!!
Sanky-(now in the serious mood) what is this ragini?! Why r u doing this to me?? U too know that u love me then why r u acting sooo strange?!!
Ragini’s pov- with very difficulty I have accepted laksh as my dream boy sanskar! How will I tell u the reason behind my behaviour?!
Till that time sanky planted a kiss on her shoulder…she got shivered with his touch…then he started kissing her neck…she was lost in him….now her mind was not in her control…she faced towards him and placed her lips on his….they shared passionate kiss and soon got intimated….the room turns darker and the moon smiles witnessing the union of two lovers….

Hey guys that’s it for today as first I wanted to know did u liked this shot and continue it if u liked it so please please drop ur comments and tell me how’s it…as I m really very nervous!

Good night sweeties
Bye…take care….

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  1. awesome

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      Thanku sooooo much dear…..

  2. superb continueeee

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      Thanku soooo much sweetie and I will surely continue….

  3. First of all welcome to our ragsan family come to the chappy it’s more than awesome dr.

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      Omg thanks a lottt dear for making me member of ragsan family….and I m soooo happy to have such a sweet reader….thanks for commenting…

  4. Suma123

    Awesome continue it….Ragsan?????

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    This is really awesome .don’t be nervous dear .ur great …please continue.I am waiting

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      Omg!! Bas kar pagli rulaye gi kya? Thanku soooo soooo much dear for such a lovely and encouraging comment….and I will surely continue dear….I will try to post next part asap….

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    wow..we got another ragsan fan..glade to meet u dear..superb update

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  12. Mindblowing dear looking forward.

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  14. Nice thanks for choosing ragsan. Write more ragsan stories

  15. Happy to see one more ragsan fan. Ossssooommmmmmmmmm part. After this u should write ragsan ff. My request yaar

  16. Amazinggggggggg thank you so much for this beautiful story

  17. Awesome. Write one more ragsan story not few shots long ff.

  18. Amazing start up can extend this as a ff na

  19. Amazing story dear. Update next chappy ASAP

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      Thanku soooo much dear….but now my exams have started so I won’t be able to post it asap…really very sorry!!!

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