U ARE MINE!!! ABHIGYA (epi 11)


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In MM,
Abhi is sitting in his coach n remembering his day with pragya. Abhi;she is different…….(smiles) aliya;who?? Abhi;ehh..wht?(came back to sense) aliya;who is different? Abhi;who nobody….. aliya;no i can’t belive it… abhi;its my music! Aliya;music!! Is this a girl? U said she is difrnt, who? Abhi;ohh god! Nothing aliya n went to balcony… aliya smiles n thinks;o meri dii..
In pragya’s house,
Pragya is continuously talking about abhi, non-stop to her mother… sarla;pragya enough for now go n sleep. Pragya;ok mom n she went to her room, but she was not able to sleep.that time bulbul went to sarla… bulbul;maa tody dii s so happy na. Sarla;haa bulbul but u tell me onething ,is this abhi a gud guy! Bulbul;maa my bhai is great ,he is not good he is the best.. sarla;ahaa….if u r saying then he vl be the best, now go to ur bed n kisses her forehead. Bulbul;ma gud nyt
Pragya is in her bed lost in abhi’s thoughts;pragya in mind; how stupid u r pragya, it is the first time u r meeting him n u dreamed him hugging, anything ..chiii…..then closed her eyes!

Morning in college canteen,
All were sitting exept prabul n rahul. Abhi’s eyes were searching only for her , actualy he planed to give the ring to her to surprise her . atlast prabul came n pragya seated opp to abhi.
Abhi; ehh….chashmish….. all in chorus;wht?? Chashmish?? Pragya stared at him. Bulbul;ohh! So my dii got a new name, bhai am impressed………. abhi;that’s my chutki n this s my chashmish! Aliya;ohoo.. (rahul comes) abhi murmers;this aliya always pulling my legs.. abhi;aliya see ur bestie came go n make him mad.. ehh….. chashmish i want to talk to u ….come..comeon yaar… tanu;go pragya! Pragya;yaa coming… they went to a side.

Pragya;yes abhi..whts the matter. Abhi puts his hand in his pocket. Abhi;wo…i wanted to give…… before completing by seeing abhi riya came runing n hugged abhi tight.. riya;abhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,i missed u a lot..(by hugging) abhi was not able to balance her, he said;riyaaa…(pushed her aside) wht r u doing. This is not ur home…all r watching us yaar. Pragya was fully shattered, abhi noticed it.
Riya;but abhi its not fair, i don’t care of others.i missed u a lot yaar n we didn’t meet for days and u ever tried to call me.hmm… abhi; ohh, sorry baby… riya;hey pragya wht r u doing here(rudely) pragya noded nothing n didn’t looked once at abhi, turned n started to walk. Abhi felt bad n her face was showing that she was hurt. Abhi called her “pragya wait”.she ignored him.
Riya;jaane dho na abhi! Abhi;aise kaise jaane dhu.. riya;mathlab? Abhi;(came back to sense)i mean….forget it thum kaise ho, u hv become litle fat. Riya;if u r happy with me then i don’t have prblm by this fat.. abhi;now come lets go to class.

In class,
Pragya’s anger is seen clearly in her face.pragya in mind;how can she do like this, coming n hugging, abhi i missed u, how dare she…and he baby…….hmmm…….pragya y are u thinking like this , he is just ur frnd.but……..pragya just ignore him ,that’s it…n concentrate in ur studies…..!!
Tanu;wht happened pragya?? Pragya;oh!tanu nothing yaar! Tanu;no we know! Pragya;wht do u mean we know who r others? Tanu; arey , our gang, u r irritated by riya’s behaviour, ryt! Pragya;ehh, not like that. Tanu;now don’t lie! Actualy they r in love!! Pragya was shocked but she didn’t expressed it much. Pragya;wht?? Tanu;sss… she only proposed him. Pragya;then wht was his reply? tanu;he said indirectly! Pragya;wht? Tanu;he didn’t said i love u! But after that he gave her red roses n all.so she thought that he luvs her. Pragya;that means he luvs riya na! Tanu; S, but i never heard frm his mouth , but i hav heard it a lot frm riya’s side bcoz whenever she sees abhi she comes n hugs him n shouts abhi i lv u…..i miss u….etc etc…..
Pragya;then, rahul knows it?
Tanu;ofcourse, he knows but he don’t like their pair so i think he is against it, but he can’t do anything as riya is elder than him na.but now they r planing to…..oops…i mean they r planing for their studies. (actualy she said their gang were planing to make abhigya come close) but pragya was not satisfied by her answer but she was not at the mood for that all.classes began, she was not at all looking once at abhi!
In break time all gathered in canteen n whenever abhi tried to communicate with pragya , riya comes in btwn, but pragya just ignored them.abhi is totaly irritated.again classes began n over, riya n rahul went early to home as they were in hurry for something.then abhi got relaxed n thought now he can talk to pragya.outside all were standing to leave.abhi is continuously calling pragya but all the time she ignored him.all were notising it.

Pragya;bulbul come on! Bulbul;dii but…bhai…. pragya;are you coming(angrily) bulbul; S…dii, by going she signed all, she vl make understand whts the prblm.
Days passed,this was continuously going for past three days, now abhi can’t bear it further , he was in his peak of patience……………..


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Credit to: anjaly k

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