U ARE MINE!!! ABHIGYA (epi 5,6)


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At night,
In pragya’s home all were sleeping , purab called bulbul, in sleep bulbul murmered “dii,take the phone”,pragya took the phone, purab; bulbul…………. pragya;sorry purab its me. Purab;ohh, diii tomorrow your waiting will come to an end. Pragya;wht happened purab tomorrow what(in confused n sleepy voice) purab;dii, abhi will come tomorrow … pragya was super surprised ,she shouted loud; whaaat Aabhiii… bulbul was stunned and got up with shock……. bulbul; diii….wht happened to bhaii y were u screaming pragya gave her phone while purab was talking . purab;diii, i know u were eager to see abhi ,so i just told u.u r ok naa. Bulbul;purab u…. dii is jumping here and there in amaze . purab;ohh,bulbul ok then bye ,gud nyt ,see u in college . bulbul;gud nyt… somehow bulbul managed to pragya sleep

Next mrng,
Pragya is the first to wake,her curiosity to meet abhi wake her up early mrng .on the other hand,purab n aliya thought to surprise abhi , so they didn’t say a word about pragya in front of abhi .abhi is unaware of pragya.
In college,
Purab;aliya, i think i made a big mistake . aliya; wht happened purab? Purab;wo…i told pragya dii that abhi will come today !! aliya;ohhh!!purab wht have you done. I thought to surprise both now wht?? Purab;hmm..i have an idea! Aliya;wht?? Purab;we will call dii n can say that abhi will not come today, then we can give dii surprise! Aliya;will it work?? Purab;i think v shld try. Aliya;then don’t waste time call her.. purab;ok,ok… purab calls pragya she was busy in her touch up,

Pragya;bulbul…pls take my phone yaar. Bulbul;dii, its purab,haa purab its me bulbul. Purab;hey…whre is dii?? Bulbul;she is getting ready.. any work?? Purab;yaa!tell her that abhi will not come today ,as he is having some work.. bulbul;wht ,bhai willnot come .. uff…purab u know na dii was soo exited ,u spoiled it!! Purab;hey listen, purab shares there plan with bulbul. Bulbul;great, we will have fun. Purab;ok then tell her ,bye.. bulbul;bii (in a sad tone) pragya;come on bulbul, its too late. Bulbul;dii,abhi bhai is having some work, so he will not come…..by hearing those words pragya’s face went dull. Pragya;ohh!its ok yaar. Bulbul in heart;dii don’t worry ,today u will be double happy . after their break fast they went to college.

Screen shifts to their class,all were busy in chatting.abhi was listening to music with head set. Tanu is sharing notes with nikhil.purab,rahul n aliya were talking.purab n rahul started to fight like kids.
Abhi;stop it guys!! Tanu;abhi,do something,otherwise they will continue their fight. Aliya;yes pls do something. Abhi;no i willnot n started to hear music.
Screen shifts to pragya,
Bulbul;dii, come fast. Pragya;yaa,coming. They were on the way to class…..pragya in mind;why??iam feeling wierd today….. in class abhi was also thinking the same.{sayara dil sayara plays in bg}
Screen freezes in their tensed faces…………

They entered the class.pragya realised that they were so early to college as in class their were no one except their gang.
Pragya;OMG!!bulbul we are not late.but we are here so early. Bulbul;that’s because of you only …pragya smiled.aliya signed purab that dii came .pragya didn’t noticed abhi as he was sitting behind nikhil..pragya saw purab n rahul fighting like small kids .

Pragya;guyss…wht happening here .abhi’s full mind was in music but he felt something weird so he opened his eyes n stopped music, he heard a sweet voice, but he was not able to see her face because of nikhil’s head so he pushed his head n saw a cute, lovely facen mesmerised in her beauty. He was freezed as statue, a wide smile can be seen in his face, he is not seeing anything around except her face.(sayara dil sayara is playing in bg)

Pragya started to scold them and at last she sort out their prblm.she made them shake hands and said sorry to each other … aliya;diii,u r great!! Then pragya turned n was stuck there itself.same happened to pragya wht abhi felt……(sayaara dil sayaara is playing in )
Abhigya came closer, they share an eye lock.all were looking at them in confusion.”Abhigya hugged each other” bulbul shouted ;`diiiiiii’……………they came back to sense.(actually guyss it was a dream, abhi n pragya only came closer,both dreamed them as hugging but their dream were cutt off by bulbul)

To be continued…………………….
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Credit to: anjaly k

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