Hiiiiiiiiii guyssssssss thankyou for ur support ……….keep supporting………..sana actually rahul and riya r only imaginary charecter!!!
The episode starts with a beautiful girl opening the gate ,then the guard comes and scolds her for coming late to college ,its non-other than` pragya’.

Pragya;sorry uncle for coming late, can i go to my class? guard;ohh! So u r nw here . pragya;yes uncle . guard;bitiya today classes will begin at 10`o’clock only,so don’t worry . pragya; oh! really,i got scared, thanks uncle guard; no prblm and thanku pragya; for wht uncle[confused] guard;beti u r the only one who in this college knows to behave,respect in front of elders.you are the one who called me uncle here.i wish gud luck for ur future, here no one knows how to respect others pragya;oh thanku uncle can i go now guard;go,go ,i wasted ur time by my lectures pragya;its ok uncle,bye

By the way to her class ,she was thinking about the guards words;really this college is not good ,god knows .first i should call bulbul ,she only knows everthing ,pragya calls bulbul that time bulbul comes and surprises her by closing her eyes from back
Pragya;i know bulbul its u naa bulbul;dii,you got me ufff!! Pragya;badmash…. bulbul;dii,hows my college i mean hows our college its great naa! Pragya;bulbul ,first u say whre is my class bulbul;ohh diii ok come lets go

They reached pragyas class ,all were looking at her
Pragya;bulbul,why all are looking at me like this ,is every thing okk. Bulbul;dii,u r nw here so only they r looking like this and after all my dii is soo beautiful Pragya;bulbul, shut up…….. bulbul; hello guys ,dii meet them ,all r my friends ,you know we r a gang ,this is aliya ,tanu,nikhil,purab,rahul and (searching someone) by the way whr is abhi bhai……….any way gys this is my sister pragya arora. Purab;bulbul we know ok. bulbul;ok!!(in a kiddish way) tanu;hello pragya y so late. Pragya;wo….bus was late!! Aliya; dii,she was asking Y??so late admission. Bulbul;aliya,i only insisted her to join here ,for god’s sake she agreed.

All started chatting with each other in btwn a circular came that it is strike today so,there will be no classes.all were so happy then nikhil said,
Nikhil;its only because of pragya (all laughed) rahul;you should come always ,u r like angel bulbul;ofcourse rahul my dii is a angel only. Aliya;right…….. bulbul; btw someone is missing here…. pragya;who??? Bulbul; its D.Rockstar!!! pragya;D.Rockstar!!whos that??
All started to laugh ,pragya was confused…………screen freezes on her confused face…………..

PRECAP: Pragyas curiosity to meet abhi***

Sorry friendssss for any mistakes……….guyss, pls correct me if iam wrong anywhere………..all ur comments are welcomed it will make me realise my mistakes ………….

Credit to: anjaly k

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