When u make me smile than i will marry u last shot (asya third shot)

last part of my shot

after party
“what the hell abbu u fix my marrige u didn’t need to ask me before taking this deciosn,zoya ask

“zoya i m father n every father wants her daughter marry,siddaqui says

“i can understand ur feeling but tell me one thing who will marry a girl who never smile plz tell,zoya ask

“i undestand listen i told them if anyone make u smile than u will marry n if no one is succusesfull in this task than u will live ur life with ur wish so go n sleep,siddaqui says n zoya goes from there

after seven days
everyone arive there all state of prince king n normal man they makes everything to make her smile but all in vain

“kya yahan par koi aisa insaan nahi jo meri beti hasa sake,siddaqui says n he hears some voice from door he is non other than asad

“i will make her smile but only one condition after knowing my truth u will give permission to make her laugh n marry her,asad says

“ok i accept ur all condition for my daughter so tell me,siddaqui says n zoya try to speak but razia stop her

“ok than listen i asad ur enamy state yaman’s prince asad son of rashid n ur sister dilshaad ahmed khan,asad says n siddaqui remmember some thing

25 year ago when haider born

siddaqui n rashid r enemy but one day rashid comes Altman (fake name) state to kill siddaqui he come his palace n mistakely enter in dilshaad roon n see her sleeping to see her beauty he fall for her than he goes from their n stay there one month he got many chance to impress dilshaad n dilshaad fall for him n one day siddaqui got to know about this he is fix her marrige faaruq ansaari(played by real husband of dilshaad/shaalini sagar kapoor)at the day of marrige they elope n got married n they come back siddaqui kickout them n never see her again

in present

“ok do whatever u want but if u failed than u never come here,siddaqui says n razia tells zoya everything about dilshaad

“ok i accept this i will some magic haider plz put my magic on tabel,asad says n haidar arrenge everything but he is mistakly put hat with lady fingre n stick with box

“here my magic start,asad says

asad takes stick with box now u see in box a laddu came out he says some mantra n box open automatcaly intsead of laddu a punching glufs come out n start to beat haidar bcoz haidar was near the box to see everyone laugh accept n he takes ladyfingre with hai n says now u see hai some flower comes n says haidar to put his hand in the hat he puts his n he shout bcoz instead of flower craps come out n bites his hand he jumping like a fool n shout in this time zoya lil smile on her face n the third magic he says in this a rabbit comes out he see haidar but haidar run away from there so asad put his hand in hat but once again instead of rabbit a frog come out n asad screams n frog jump on food n food spread a prince face to see this another prince laugh n frist prince got angry so throwing all food that prince but second prince bend down n food hit another prince to see this everyone laugh so he throw all water on their face like this every one throwing food on each other n asad n haidar stop but the didn’t listen them some of them r fall down n some of them is fight with food to see this zoya start laughing n siddaqui n razia see this they start crying but their tears r happyness everyone see zoya laugh whole heartly everyone become happy n congrats asad to make her laugh n siddaqui stood n goes near asad hugs him

“u fulfil my last wish now u marry my daughter zoya,siddaqui says n everyone claps

“but i don’t want marry him,zoya shout n everyone bcome shocked

“ya u hear right abbu if u want me to marry him than u will have to forgive dilshaad phuppi,zoya says n everyone got relife

“anything for u n asad massege ur ammi abbu says tham to come here asap,siddaqui says n hugs zoya asad

some reflect zoya eyes n she sees that n become shocked n take that thing

“ammi abbu come here fast plz,zoya shout n everyone rushes near her

“what happend zoya,razia n siddaqui ask

“abbu see this locket i m wear my locket n than this locket u told me one was with bro n second is me that means bro is here he is alive,zoya says siddaqui n razia having tears of happyness n asad see this locket

“this is my friend haidar’s locket he told me this last thing which he have of his parents actully one day i came back from school than i saw him than take him to my palace than hakim cheak him n says he is very scared he need some care n goes when he open his he only remmember his name n some flashes of their parents so my parents take resposibilty of her,asad says n zoya siddaqui razia have tears

“call him asad he is my bro plz call him,zoya says n asad call haidar he comes n zoya hugs him

“u alive bro plz forgive us bro we think that u dead,zoya says n breaks the hug n tells haidar everything

“i findout my abbu ammi n my sister ya i m so happy,haidar says n hugs his family

after 7 days
everyone come siddaqui frogive rashid n dilshaad n asya got marreid n live happyly

happy end


  1. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Very nice Priya, just loved and laughed a lot 🙂 You are good at writing, sorry for not commenting previously actually I am a bit busy in school, so…I hope u understand 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


    • Kristen


      Thanks zuha its realy means to me that u read n comment n its ok u didn’t comment previous episodes study is more important than everything even i m also a student

    • Kristen


      Hi think u new here so just listen if u r talking about my ff than listen frist read my all ff’s episode than u will understand that this story is not about zoya n his lost father n second if u r talking about serial than zoya meet her father if u want to see that episode than u can go youtube n if u want watch qubool hai from starting than watch zee anamol ok

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