When u make me smile than i will marry u 2 shots (asya 2nd shot)


Hi guys i m waiting for ur comment here is last shot of this os so i m writing

recap – zoya born 20 year leap zoya goes mazaar meet the same perist who said that she will never smile

“if he make me smile than i will marry him,zoya says goes from there

“ya zoya he will marry u bcoz he will be ur true love,perist says n turn see two boys r comming with their hourse n they come near the perist one man is face r open n second man face coverd by naqab

“u came for her she is waiting for last 20 year only u make her smile,perist says to naqab man

“what r u saying we came to search for someone n u saying this i m coming here for i make any one smile sorry i thing u have same mistake,mask man says

“bete kismat mai kya likha hoga y to us allah ke sivay koi nahi janta par tu usi ke liye aaya usi ko leke jayega,perist says n goes from there

“prince asad(yes guys he asad) ye perist kya kah rahe they,1st man said

“don’t take it serious haidar(ya he is haidar) ok we came here to findout ur parents n i m came here to solve my problem so let’s in the mazaar n ya remmember here don’t call me prince asad say only asad,asad says n haider take out his locket from his pocket

“i will findout u ammi abbu,haidaq thinks n they try to go in mazaar but shoulder stop them

‘u can’t go in mazaar bcoz princes zoya r praying after she came u can go there,a sholder says

suddenly wind flowing on asad face he feels someone familiar there was a window so he goes there see zoya who prays he see her roesy pink lips her open hair which touches her face this act make asad crazy he wants to see her face

“how beautifull she is i want to see her plz turn,asad thinks

wind flowing fast mug fall n zoya turn n asad see her get memerised to see her beauty n zoya complete her prays come out of mazaar she sit on her palaki(guys i don’t know the meaning of palaki but its like doli in anceant time women sit in this than went whereever she wants to go) but her hanky fall down which is notice asad n he took n hide her hanky

at the palace

zoya reach to hall takes her ammi abbu blessing n they give zoya locket n she wear that locket(guys this locket is same locket haidar have)

“same type of locket we give ur brother haidar,razia says

“haidar bro where is he ,zoya saya with shocked

“ya zoya ur bro when he was 8 we goes for a trip n we crose the ocean n some of our enemy attack on us he snatch haidar from us n they push him on the river we could’t do anything after some time our sholder arive n i kill them n we do level best to findout him all vain after 3 month we decealrd that he is dead n after 1 u came,siddaqui says n both of three r crying

“we sorry we didn’t make u smile bcoz of this story u r criying,razia says

“no ammi abbu its my right to know about my bro,zoya says n goes from there

“ya allah i can’t smile but i can cry,zoya cries n one of her servent comes her room

“princess plz come fast king got faint,servent says

zoya shocked to hear this n goes with her where hakim cheaks siddarui

“he is fine but he is week ye kisi bhi tarah stress na le bas,hakim says goes from there

zoya goes near siddaqui

“from today u only take rest no stress n this order of ur princess,zoya says goes from there

“razia i don’t mai ab kitna jiunga par jane se pahle apni ek wish puri karna chahta ho,siddaqui says in sad tone

“what kind of this talk saying if zoya comes to know about ur stupid talk she will never talk to u,razia says cries

“razia mai sach kah raha ho ab dil ek khwahish hai zoya ka nikkah bas ek baar usaka nikkah ho jaye,siddaqui says

“ap sach kah rahe lekin who will a girl whom never smile in her whole life,razia says

“tum chinta mat karo iska ek tarika hai aur is jashn me is bat ka elaan hoga,siddaqui says

at night

palace is decorate like bride everyone waiting for her princess asad n haider also present that crowd n zoya come in white net suit light red colour chudidar n light red colour duppata she wearing

“everyone plz enjoy,zoya says but she is not smile

everyone enjoy eating sweets food n many type thing n asad notice zoya is not smiling so he ask a man

“exuse me will u tell me y princess not smiling,asad ask so that man narrates all story to asad he feels pity on her n suddenly king stand

“my lovely people i want to anaonce something aur vo hai if any make my daughter smile than he will husband of zoya n king of this state i don’t care if he is friend my enamy or a normal people so after 7 days zoya swambar,siddaqui says zoya shocked

to be continued……

Sorry guys this is not last part next is sure last ok bye

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