When u make me smile than i will marry u 2 shots (asya 1st shot)


Hi guys its me pariya i change my name bcoz tellyupdate said that my name already taken by someone else so i change n thanks zuha to tell me how to register n this is my frist os on asya so plz support me n this totaly imagination

5oo year ago

a state shown which decorate like a bride in that state a palace shown which decorate like bride everywhere light rose patels on the floor in this palase a party take place bcoz the king Gaffur Ahamad Siddaqui n queen Razia Siddaqui going to parents n they reach in middle of place see there people enjoy bcoz they were happy want to see there would be prince or princeses n suddenly razia feels a immsen pain in her stomch mean that there child about to come

“called hakim (docter) sahiba says her razia begum’s laber pain start come fast,siddaqui saiys n hakim comes take razia in a room

“ya allah plz save my child i already lost my son but i don’t lose this child,razia said

“clam down razia have faith in allah he will do everything alright,a old lady near about 60 year said

“i have faith in my allah badi bi but what can i do i have no power to bear this pain ya allah,razia screams n faints

“ya allah razia wake up hakima do samething jaldi karo razia behosh ho gai hai,badi bi said in tension

“ya badi begum i m doing my level best,hakima said

“allah plz save my bahu n grand child plz,badi bi prays

“what happened y r u slient plz say,badi be asked

after some that hakima came with a bady girl

“mubarq ho apako beti hui hai par ham is razia begam ko nahi bacha sake,that lady said after listing this siddaqui break down n cries n take bady girl goes to see razia

“ya allah ye tune hume khushi ke sath gum bhi de diya ye kaisa tera kudarat hai,siddiqui says n cries the new bady girl touch razai a left cheast three time n razia start taking breath which is notice by a servent

“king king see miracale begam sahiba is alive she is taking breath,servent says with happyness n siddaqui wake up n see razia she is taking breath

“just go called hakim(docter),siddiqui gives order n hakim start to cheak razia n out of room servent says everything to siddaqui whatever she see hakima come out

“king razia begum is tolaly fine now she is out of danger,hakima said n siddaqui gives her a golden locket n that servent 100 gold coins n he called four shoulder

“u two go n tells to our state people they got their princses n u two go called mazaar fakir to bless my child,siddaqui orders them they goes n says to people everyone enjoys their happyness

after seven days

everyone come to palace to bless new born child n some perist come n siddaqui n razia welcome them

“baba plz come bless my girl n give her some nice name,razia says n give girl to perist

“this girl is so lucky she is very pure she will never hurt anyone she gives everyone love respect n care,perist says

“she gives life to her mother she is reason bcoz she alive so her name will be ZOYA ya zoya means life,perist says n everyone admire her name

“but she will never smile,perist says n everyone shocked to listen his word specialy king n queen

“ya she will never smile she is the reason ur smile but she will never smile for u bcoz of her every one smile but no one will make a lit smile on her face,perist says n his every word is like as someone stab with knife on their heart n everyone start crying

“but perist is there anyone who make her smile plz tell us,siddaqui ask

“ya one n only one man make her smile who loves her from bottom from his but he will come when right time come,after saying this perist goes from there

Day passed king n queen try their level best but zoya never smile even a fake smile but bcoz of her sharp mind n lovely care all state peopel loves her very much they prays that one day their pincesses smile to see their love for zoya her parents is very happy but they have guilt that their daughter never smile

after 20 year the brithday of zoya

“come on hurry up princesses zoya goes mazar to take blessing from perist before she come every work should be done,razia says

“o oh razia plz calm down abhi zoya ke aane me 2-4 ghantey lagenge tab tak sab ho jayega,siddaqui says n they goes

at mazaar

“ya allah everyone wants that one day i will smile i can’t happen everyone tries to make me no use plz do something,a girl said who wear pink anarkali suit her face coverd by her dupatta n get up goes to poors to give money n clothes the same perist is sitting one of them poors who tells that zoya never smile n he see zoya goes toward her

“so u grown zoya(ya guys she is zoya) up don’t worry mai vahi perist ho jisane ye kaha tha ki u never smile,perist says

“so u r the same peris jiske bare mai ammi batati hai to boliya ab kya bolna chahate hai,zoya said

“mai ye bolana chahta ho ki ab tere muskurane ka waqt a gaya hai vo aa raha ho jo tumhe hasayega,perist says

“if HE WILL MAKE ME SMILE THAN I WILL MARRY HIM,zoya says n goes from there

so here i m done i will give next shot next day bye n plz comment

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