u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (teaser)

Guyssssss seriously im very much dukhiii (sad) :’( I can’t be able to write a single romantic line :’( what can I doo now?? If I will not be able to give then will u all stop reading my
stories???? (Weeping) :’( :’( pls tell meee pinky promise I tried many times but always failed instead of romantic lines always came black ghost, witchy witch, fainting or lady don type ideas (pout) soo now what would I doooooooooo (aaaannnnnnn) :’(

till than read this bekaar (stupid) teaser 😛

Part 3


Someone stabs one boy brutally and smash his head many time on the rock…. And take him into the car….

After half hr throws him out from the car… on which the injured boy roll down from the small hill…

Another half hr later…

One car came and a girl from that car come down and takes that boy somewhere….

After 2 days…..

Doc : congrats mr. ram gerawal operation got successful…. Now the old one is dead and a new one is born….

Soo guys this is a small teaser due to TS I can’t be able to give proper time to next epi soo im giving u this…

Soo nowww..

Who is the boy??

Who is the girl who saved him??

Who is ram gerawal?? He is having the same surname which swasan have soo is he related to them???

And about whom doc is talking about?? That old is dead and new is born???

For knowing this u have to wait for few days 😉 if u want 😛 and if u want than i can convert this ff into ts choice is yours 🙂


  1. Kakali

    |Registered Member

    Waaa!!! what a teaser … i start to read n it ended also at d same time …. soo read 3 times thinking i might missed some parts but urghhhh Diiii !!! u seriously killed me n throw me down d hill…huhhhh…
    So many questions.. but answer is *blank blackboard…
    Loved it … thnk u.. ;-* ..
    bdw not only u i also tried to write romantic scenes for my ss ..but sllas it stopes in funny way.. dunno know what will i write… *pulling my own hair…
    huhh i need Ganga jal.. subh subh…

    • Rabia


      Hahahahahaha kakaliiii what can i doo yarr im nt getting any thing to writee thata why only wrote down this tiny teaser actually i forgot to eat mentos naa soo thats why dimagh ki batti didnt light up 😆😆😆😆 and jhootttiii black board nai aub white board chaltay hain 😋😋😋😋 and romance and mee are the 2 kinaraas of river who never meet 😂😂😂😂

  2. Simin

    |Registered Member

    Di we know aap romance mein thode kamzor ho but still u try for us thats more than enough for us
    Just go on dont u dare to stop

    • Rabia


      Siminnn jhoootttttiiiii thorriiiiiii kamzooorrrr 😲😲😲😲😲 taubaa taubaaaa im full zeroooo 😂😂😂😂 i only knows r for rabia not r for romanceee 😆😆😆😆 and dont worry dear but i was thinking my shop of TS runs better 😆😆😆😆 thats the reason i said 😉😉😉😉

      • Simin

        |Registered Member

        See romance ka matlab ye nahi jo emram hashmi ki pictures mein hota hai
        Small small gestures like a hug peck on the forehead or just a simple i love u is awesome in consideration of romance so dont worry u are going good

  3. Manasvi

    |Registered Member

    You know what dii… You are an amazing writer who writes everything in a beautiful way… I just love the way you write… You write something different,isn’t it? I m a great fan of yours and i just lovereasing all your ffs,tss’ or oss’ whether they are romantic or not…

  4. xavia

    Wt a teaser yr….its shocking n i thnk boy z sanskar only…well my guess z usually wrong….so dun mind haan…..

  5. SHAN

    |Registered Member

    Di no pblm at all….. Write what u r comfortable with….. And about teaser i guessed it….. But i wont say….. 😜

  6. Aliya123

    |Registered Member

    api romance tu humhe or ff mein mil jata hai par this type of ideas we get only in ur ff every writer has his own spicific way of writing nd also own readers nd ur ideas r really special all ur readers agree with me u can ask nd a shocking teaser it is api

  7. Vyshu10

    |Registered Member

    Nice…so after raglak playing with their lives, new swasan r born…hmmm.

    U don’t write romance??? Who said this? Romance doesn’t always mean hot n intense scenes dear. U know much i love ur stories….they r cute, romantic, funny, thrilling, and sometimes heartwrenching too. Don’t ask me abt horror…i ll faint

    • Rabia


      Heheheheh vyshuu u knoww i was thinkung from laat many days to write some haunted ff but always your name came into my mind 😂😂😂 thats why im dropping this idea from many days and thankuuuuuuu sooooo muchhhh 😙😙😙

      • Vyshu10

        |Registered Member

        Aww….dats so sweet. But its ok…u write dat ff…for other readers. U write another one for me😜😜😜next time. Lots of hugs and love😘😘😘

        Hows toothache?

  8. Unknown or known

    Hehehe jyada bada ho gaya ….
    Guess who am I ????? If u will guess correct then I will tell u how is the teaser if not then no comment

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  10. Mahjabeen

    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear..chalo u knw vry welll dat u r v.bad in romance..y crying like child..c by seeing u i also started to cry😣😣now flood will cum b carefulll😀😀
    nd no need to wry u write as u wish…i wont stop reading…i love ur ech nd evry story,ts,os a lot…nd may b there is nt good romantic parts but though u write dem wonderfully nd ijust love to rd dem..dats it!!
    Waitng fr parts

    • Rabia


      Hehehehe thankuu soo much dearr and actually romance is not my cuo of tea naa thats whyy i does’nt mean that i never read such storiea but the way my mind run for variations in suspense fun and mystery i stops when time come to right something new in romance thats why i thoughy why to waste double energy when i’ve many other topics 😉😉😉

  11. Mirna

    |Registered Member

    Rabssssssssssssss is ithis the one you already posteddddddddddddd he he he i m the only to comment on the ff first and then the teaser 😛 lollllllllllllllll

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