u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (Part-4)

Thankuu guys for your comments…..and I just said that I will may convert this ff in few shots because even in my pprs I never go into detail 😀 that’s why writing ff is a big task but if u want I will continue as ff if not then it will be a few shot…. And don’t worry I will not go anywhere after finishing thiss soo don’t worry…

(in this and next epi i will only write past after that there will be present and also the swasan)


Year 2012…. The year of aditya Meheswari’s death….

At G&M mansion…. The whole mansion is decorated fully because today is the engagement of raglak and naharika and aditya…

Niharikaa journalist by profession happy goo girl.. but don’t know the real face of her family…

They started their this horrible business in 2005 one year before dp,ap death butt their business catches the speed in 2010…

Soo the engagement ceremony is going on…. Both the couples exchanges the rings…

(I don’t want to drag this part because main focus will be on swasan this is all the past)

Aditya and niharika are very good frnds but not a close one.. because aditya always remains outside… nobody knows what he do.. and in fact nobody cares about this.. because shemish,raglak always bzy in their dirty business and niharika most of the time in her assignments and shows…

When the engagement got finished.. aditya goes out…

Adi to niharika

Adi: ni sorry yar I have to go somewhere I hope u don’t mind?/

Ni: no adi I also have to complete my assignment u carry on no problem…. She said with a smile…

Adi bids bye to her and goes out but little they both know that they will be meeting here for the last time…

Adi goes and calls someone.. and he calls someone again..

He reached to an isolated area… after 1 hr one car came… from that car 2 ppl come out..

Adi who is sitting on his car bonnet saw them…

One man from the car…

1st man: what the hell is this why u called us??

Adi : relax

2nd man: what relax?? What type of behavior is this??

Adi : have patience susar jiii (2nd man is shekhar)

1st man : adi behvaee

Adi : why my dear luckkyyyyy brooo (1st man is laksh)

Shekhar : come to the point..

Adi : I came to know about your all illegal businesses..

Lak.she (shocked): howww??

Adi smirks : through my own sources…

Shekhar : who r u??

Adi : aditya meheswari from special squad..

Laksh: what??

Adi : yess I have a doubt on u all after mom dad’s death…soo after that I join the special squad….. and then I came to know about your these disgusting businesses…

Shekhar: why did u call us here??

Adi : actually I want u all to surrender may be in this way u all can have less punishment..

Laksh : never…

Adi : okay then fine

Shekhar : how can u doo this to us we are your family…

Adi : yaa but as an officer u r just criminals for me… by saying this he turns towards his car and take out his cell phone…

In the meantime laksh and shekhar signals each other…

Adi who is going to call feel immense pain at his back….

Adi:aaaahhhhh he turns back and saw laksh is having a knife in his hand through which he stabs him at the back… and when he turns he stab him again at his stomach…

Adi with great difficulty : u all have to pay for thiss…

Laksh and shekhar smirks : let’s see dear…

By saying this shekhar garbs him by his neck and smash his face on the wall 3-4 times..

Adi is now in full pool of blood… and half conscious…

Laksh take him in his car while shekhar removes all the evidence like blood stains adi’s car etc…

Laksh throws adii in the nearby high and he fall down from the hill…

Laksh and shekhar goes from their…

After half hr one car camee… that car stops near the place where adi is laying….

A girl and a man came from that car and pick him and rush towards the hospital…

In hospital after many hrs… doctor came out from the O.T:-

Doc: mr ram gerawal (Ram Gerawal the head of special Squad)

the operation he successful I must say he stabbed very brutally and having severe injuries on his face… but now he is dead and we gave birth to the new onee… he said with a smile..

Ram after listening look towards the girl… who is in tears but smiles painly after listening thiss..

Ram is also in tears but smiles and said : doctor thankuu soo much when he will meet him??

Doc: actually due to severe injuries we have to make im unconscious for few days because his injuries are very sensitive

Ram nodes and doc goes..

Girl who is sitting silently runs and hugs ram and start crying bitterly….

Ram : relax beta everything will be fine….

Girl : they have to pay for this they have to pay for killing my adiii…

Ram : relax niharikaa (yes the girl is niharika)

To be continued….

Precap : leap of 2 yrs… marriage.. and a big tragedy…

If adi and ni don’t know much about each other than how ni came to save him?? and if adi is dead than who is the one who got saved?? 😉

And guys TS (lady don and a mad boy) next part will be tomorrow I can’t promise for today as im having a tooth ache which leads to the whole half side of my face… soo may be tonight or hopefully by tomorrow 


    • Rabia



      Simin according to my sisters my mother ate only mirchi and gussa before giving birth to mee because im the most sari hoi in the home 😅😂😂😂 bakii from where this suspense and shock ka keera came into me i dont no 😂😂😂

    • Rabia



      Mirna adi is lucky brother and niharika is ragini’s sister and how swasan connected to them i will tell in the next 2 epis 😊😊

  1. Vyshu10


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    Awesome….may be ram informed her and she is a journalism student, she might have come across their activities but got to know their names now……and then she too joins d squad. Adi had a plastic surgery???? Tragedy………sanskar slipping into coma?

    Take care….hope ur toothache reduces soon

  2. Deeksha


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    Awesome dear… But I didn’t understand what that doctor told that ki adi is dead but gave birth to new one?????? Continue soon….

  3. Kakali


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    Awesome one… tragedy queen… fainting queen,, huhhh !!! love it..

    woohooo !!! now i get it.. in my teaser u said u had zip up ur mouth n will open it later.. ohhooo !!! this us d main problem.. u have tooth Ache.. ahhaaa !!!
    use garlic paste on that particular spot.. u’ll feel much batter … n it will smeel like yucckkk !!!
    or u can use longgg…
    huhhh !!! *mad me..
    Hemanshi di will help u as she is a doctor.. hahahah.Thnk u for d chappy…

    • Rabia



      Hahahaha kakali basically its not a tooth ache actually the skin behind the wisdom tooth sometimes comes upon it so due to which it starts swelling and stretching which than leads to throat pain than covers the whole half side and im not in a mood to tell mom because dentist have to cut the skin but the injection and spray i just hatee my half mouth become numb for few hrs which i dont want 😂😂😂

  4. Hemanshi


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    As usual awesome dear…….don’t know from where u get so good ideas……. woowwww……just awesome😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. xavia

    Loved d chappy dear…it wz amazing…n lot mysterious….vl lv if uh vl continue wid ff…..n take care ……

  6. SHAN


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    Di its amazing….. The part is superb….. No words to describe….. Take care di…. Update when u r ok….

  7. Manasvi


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    Hii dii.. It was an amazing update… I m surely gonna die of suspense… Plz post the next part soon…
    And yaa take care of your teeth dii…

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