u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (Part-3)

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Part 2


Arjun become shocked after seeing swara…… he shouts her name… because she went unconscious… butt…… after few seconds arjun realized that she was not on the floor….. in fact she was in some one’s arms…. He shifts his gaze and become shocked….

Because someone is non-other than sanskar…… who is grabbing swara in his left arm preventing her from falling down and in right hand he is holding the gun… which few minutes before was in swara’s hand….

But sanskar is week so he stumble with swara in his arm… on which arjun runs and hold both of them he grabs swara from sanskar’s hand and lay her down on bed…. In the meantime sanskar also sat down beside her….

Arjun with happy tears hugs him tightly and said : sanskar u woke upppp… how I mean how this happens??

Sanskar with great difficulty: I will tell u later first we have to take her to hospital…

Arjun nodes and said : u wait here I will first lay her down in car after that I will take u…

Because sanskar is weak soo its difficult for him to walk….

Sanskar nodes.. he is all the time seeing swara and the gun which is now also in his hand….

Sanskar pov:-

I don’t know for how long I was sleeping… I heard many times some murmuring sounds but it was not clear…. Today again I heard swara’s murmuring I know I can’t understand today also butt her voice contain such pain which pierced my heart I tried to move my body and after that I don’t know what happened all went blank….

My mind woke up when again I heard some noises.. I don’t know what was the time… but I am trying my best to respond to that sounds… but im failing again and again….. finally after a lot of struggle with my mind and body I opened my eyes…. First I tried to figure out what is happening around me.. before I will focus much more.. I heard someone’s screaming sounds

I first got confuses that who is screaming but later I realized that it was the voice of my life… my everything my wife’s voice….

I tried my level best to get up… after a lot of struggle I got up from bed… I wanted to reach as soon as possible to swara.. her screaming breaking my heart… I stumble many times but I didn’t stop…

Finally I reached towards her room and find arjun is pacifying her and trying to stop her… but she was not in her senses… she is holding a gun towards arjun…

My blood froze on seeing her state…. I gather all my courage and runs towards her before she will shoot arjun I turned the gun towards opposite direction…

She saw towards me with blank expressions and murmurs slowly

Swara : sanskar and after that she fall unconscious.. before she touch the ground I hold her…

Pov. Ends…

Arjun came back to take sanskar… arjun give him support to walk…

Sanskar sat down on front seat while arjun grabs the driving seat.. swara is laying on back seat…

Arjun didn’t asked anything from sasnkar because the way he is seeing the gun in his hand… he knows very well that from with trauma he’s going through…

They reached hospital and arjun picks swara and runs towards the doctor… sanskar came by walking slowly… he was quite all the time…

Doctor chck swara and told them she suffers from nervous breakdown… due to access stress…

Sanskar is seeing all this with blank expressions…

Arjun tackle with all the formalities… in the meantime doctor also chck sanskar.. and declares that he is fully fine but said no work for at least 3 weeks

Arjun came to sanskar room

Arjun : dude how r u feeling??

Sanskar: how’z swara?

Arjun : better but doctor gave her sleeping injection they said sleep is very much imp for her or maybe she will sleep for more than 2 days

Sanskar with faint smile : look na arjun the reason due to which I went into coma is became the reason of my waking up..

Arjun : forget it sanskar

Sanskar : how can I forget it arjun?? U tell me??

That day also swara broke down like this and today also… but one thing is different that day swara tried to kill herself and today she is going to shoot u…

Arjun : 2 yrs have been passed but today also she panics with just a little word past..

Sanskar : I thought after seeing her fighting skills like the way she handles every case…. Caught criminals…. I thought that she will forgot everything….but..

Arjun : but 10 months before this word past leads her to try to kill herself…

Yes guys 10 months before also one case came just like the past.. soo after only listening past word… she becomes panic…. And tried to kill herself… she was going to jump in the river but sanskar came at the right time… and in the process of saving her both fall down in the river… on which sanskar head hit with the rock… he got wound in the sensitive part of head and many injuries in the body… swara also got injured but she was save…. But sanskar due to access blood loss slip into coma… swara also got conscious after 5 days…

Present after 3 days….

Sanskar is completely fine but just little bit weak.. he is staying with swara in the hospital…swara gained conscious after 3 days…

But she didn’t talked with sanskar even a single word…. Sanskar tried every possible way to talk to her but she kept mum…

While arjun is seeing the silent fight of tom and jerry by eating popcorn…

One day sanskar again trying to talk to her but swara as usual ignoring him… because she is taking revenge of last 10 months..

Swara is also now in hospital….

Sanskar : shona please talk to me once… u didn’t said even a single word from the day when u woke up… he kept a pout face..

Swara ignoring him to arjun : bhai said to your boss get the hell out of here im not in a mood to talk to him…

Arjun who is sitting on the couch eating ice cream to sanskar : sanky get out can’t u see my sisso don’t want to see your face..

Sanskar gritted his teeth to arjun : arjun don’t forget im your senior plus boss soo shut your mouth….

Before arjun gave any answer swara spoke..

Swara : bhai tell your boss that he is a boss in office but here and at home im the boss..

Sanskar with puppy face : shonaa plzz naa can’t u forgave me?? Or u r going to punish me whole next 10 months??? He said with the most sad and innocent face on which arjun chuckless…

Swara on listening 10 monthss… start throwing everything which she got in her hand…. She throws fruits.. meds…. Basket.. filesss even she is going to throw glucose stand…. On sanky… but he hold her hand at the right time and hugs her tightly…

Arjun on seeing this smiles and go out from the room… while swara is struggling to get out from his grip but sanky is making his grip more tighter… finally swara stops struggling and hugs him tightlyyy but she broke down very badly in his embrace…

Sanky is patting her head but he didn’t stops her because he knows its better for her to take out all her mental stress from which she is going from last 10 months..

Swara while crying : sankyyy why u doo that?? Why u left me alone?? Can’t u feel any pity on me before leaving?? U know I missed u a lot…

Sanky kissed her on her head and said : shonaaa plz stop crying now im here naa im not going anywhere I will always be there…. For u…

Swara only crying by hugging him tightly…

Sanskar : shona u have to become strong for providing justice to them.. which were killed due to them

Swara stop crying and break the hugs

Swara : yes sanky I have to be strong they killed them naa now they will see what can we do with them… not only for two of them but for all the ppl which they killed and destroyed
due to their lust and greediness….

Sanskar smile and hugs her tightly to which swara also respond…

To be continued…

Precap : intro of aditya and niharika…. And the reason behind aditya’s death..

Soo guys how was the epi??? And now u must be thinking about whom swasan talking about soo have patience guys… past will be revealed step by step 


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hehe, poor sanky wife se dulai😂😂… Loved the chappy di….Now swasan are one,they will definitely punish those monsters….Aww,I am so excited to read the further parts….Keep it up di… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di….. I have a doubt that aditya and niharika are swasan only….. Do no y i feel like that….. Lets see who they are…..

  3. krsytles

    Awsm Dr ….
    And Swasan scene was superb….
    Their nok jhok was so cute…..
    Waiting for next part..

  4. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Hy dear….I m free for some days so I can comment ….
    Mind blowing I really loved it….
    Waiting for next one…..

  5. Dharshini


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear…What to do dear?Exams tho kabhi katam nahi hothe..ek ke baad ek..But Can’t stop reading for a day..Previous chappy was also amazing..Read it today only..Good going dear…

  6. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Swarrraaa !!! why u throwed d fruits.. uhhhhh !!! don’t u know wastage is not good specially foods… huhhhh !!! u could have give meee… butt alllss!!!!
    Rabia Diii u r such a mischievous queen..huahhaahuha…
    love it.. Thnk u… ;-*

    • Rabia



      hehehehehe kakali actually she is taking out the frustration of 10 months naa 😉 and what can i do actually i ate mentos in your story (pout) soo thats why i became like this 😉

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        Rabia dii can i say u something… actually u look like my Tikli Baa(elder sis) .”GITU”. u have so many similarities with her.or she has soo many similarities with u… she is my papa’s elder sis’s daughter.. huhhh !!! itne sare relation pata nehi kise kya kehte hai…
        i was trying to say this from a long time but waqt hii nehi milaa..hahahahah !!!! *r u both twins?

      • Rabia



        hahahahaha may be kakali 😉 may be we both got separated in some melaaa 😉 finally i got my twin otherwise im having twins only as my couzns 😉 :* hehehehehe tell me one thing is she a lose tempered girl?? if yes then surely she is my twin 😉

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        waaa !!! mela word se yaad ayya ..” Meela dilon ka atta hai,, ek baar aake chala jata hai,,,” waah waah !!!

        yooo diii,, she is short tempered,,
        most pempered
        n a big fast food lover like mee.. huahhh…
        i’ll surely send ur pic to her.. let her know about her melle mai bichre huwe pyari behen ke barre hai..
        but i guess excitement ke mare kahii coma mai chali geyi tohhh !!! ohhhh God…

      • Rabia



        Hahahaha phr tou mairi he behn hay sari he qualities mairi wali only one thing is not common that is fast food lover 😆😆😆 i like it but dont love it 😆😆😆 and kakali why dont u become a poett😉😉😉😉😉 i will surely say irshaad irshaaddd 😂😂😂

  7. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    First thing sry api fr nt commenting on ur previous post i was little busy ……

    Part 2
    What?? Raglak nd gaddodias are doing illegal things ewwwww hemw can they do that type of things nd hw proudly they r talking about it….. Api i have somewhere about such crimes criminal use innocent people fr their illegal works..they kidnaps them nd by operation hide drugs in their stomach fr hiding from police….. Then they free them nd keep tracking them….. Nd by at last by killing them they take their things ……………nw enough of ny nonsense

    Hawww api aap swara ko itna stress kyun de rahe ho poor swara she is sanky a lot one minute a confusion come…… Kaksh is talking about swara na so it means …… I got it i ……..

    Part 3

    OMG !! How dramatic u are sanky wake up from coma fr save swara …….. Awww lovely this proves their love fr each other ………… Yesss nw sanky is With swara ……raglak be careful…… ..nice api nd ya i m tired nw so byeee


    • Rabia



      Hahahahahaha aliyaa thankuuu sooo much sweety for the comments 😙😙

      Ya u r rightt such cheapsters are there in the world and swara ka stress kisi aur ka bhi stress banay ka donttttt worrrryyy 😆😆😆
      And sanky ko uthna he thaa naa if he goea into coma in the middle of story then it will takes time but he was in coma in the start soo he haveee to woke up and i dont want to drag that section more 😆😆😆😆
      And last but not the least upload your next part soon 😙😙😙

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