u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (Part-2)

Thanks a lot guys for the response and from today im completely active and I will surely comment on all writers stories which are also my readers 😉 and the one who is having exam chup chaap ja kr parhai karo saray 😛 or else mostly calls me dii soo your di will surely pulls your ears 😉 because I start writing after completing my studies 😉 soo u all should have focus on your studies rather reading or writing 

Part 1


Gadodia & Meheswari Mansion…..

Both families have a combine mansion… after death of ap,dp laksh starts living with shemish and ragini…

Dp,ap died due to land slide in 2006…. 10 yrs before…. After that laksh and aditya came to live with Gadodia’s….. Aditiya died 4 yrs before (his cause of death will be disclosed soon)

Soo the scene starts with the hall of GM mansion……ragini and sharmishtha sitting in the hall…

Ragini is filing her nails while sumi reading some files…

Sumi : rago where are the new lot of girls?? Did they free them??

Ragini : yess mom after tasting and winks 😉 (Disgusting)

Sumi : I must say your father and your husband having a very unique habit they didn’t feel tired after making love with these much girls…

Ragini : mom dad and laksh fresh themselves with thie unique habit… u know laksh last week make love with all the 5 girls which we kidnapped from goa… (seriously guys how cheap they are na?)

Sumi : but I must say they have a very good taste…. All the girls were beats one another in beauty…

But not more than her… a voice came from behind… ragini sumi turned and saw laksh standing with a evil smile…

Laksh : mom not more then her…

Ragini : oo God laksh please not again she was a closed chapter..

Laksh : but what can I doo darling she was soo resisting and tempting I will only be able to taste her only once…

Sumi : my poor san in law…. Awwww…

Laksh sadly : yes mom….

Ragini : hahahaha now enough and tell me what about your new lot of boys??

Laksh: work is in progress.. we need 15 now only 3 are remaining after that we start working on our drugs stuffing….

(sumi and ragini’s business is to kidnap girls and supply them outside the country… they try their level best to kidnap beautiful girls because with that they earn more money…. But
shekhar and laksh enjoy with those girls before supplying them.. uptil now they kidnapped 250 girls from different areas of the country)

(shekhar is a drug mafia and laksh is a don… laksh kidnapped the teenage boys… and after that they killed them and stuff drugs inside their bodies and supply them also outside
the city… uptil now they kidnapped 200 kids in these 6 yrs and killed them)

They are running this both dreadful and disgusting business from last 6 yrs…. They also running a business of textiles so that nobody came to know about their original business…

They attracts the employees from foreign mostly girls so that they can supply them….

They are living a happy life after destroying the lives of many ppl.. but they don’t know soon their this happiness will going to become the mostly horrible sorrow.. they will surely pay for their deeds…

Scene changes to Mumbai:-

Special Squad Headquarter (SSH)

Swara is in her office…. When arjun came…

Arjun : hello swara

Swara : oo hi arjun come sit…

Arjun : how is sanskar??

Swara sadly : same

Arjun : don’t worry he will be fine…

Swara: hmmmm… okay soo tell me any new case??

Arjun : um..mmm.. ya..aaa..aa

Swara : what happened why r u stammering??

Arjun composed himself and said : nothing not that much imp.. there is no need of yours in this case

Swara gave him a doubtful look: I want the truth arjun.. tell me about the case…

Arjun : swara please

Swara sternly : truthhh….

Arjun in most low voice just said a one word: past (revealed the mystery behind this word later)

Swara first got confused butt when she pay heed to the word past… her face turn into pale clr…. She start shivering…

Arjun who know about the reaction of this word already seeing towards her and when he saw her state he immediately got up and make her drink the water…

Swara with shivering hand drink only 1 sip… and rest her head on the chair’s back…

Arjun who is caressing her back said : better??

Swara only nodes with closed eyes..

Arjun : that’s the reason I was not telling u…

Swara gave him a faint smile now also her eyes were closed: it’s nothing in front of her pain…

Arjun : it’s not nothing in fact it’s much more than nothing swara why don’t u understand??

Swara with faint voice: what can I do arjun?? U only tell me na??

Arjun : u just go home..

Swara : noo here is many work are pending

Arjun : I will see them u just goo..

Swara : but…

Arjun : I said goo he said in much louder tone..

Swara : okay okay.. but if u need any help please call me…

Arjun : okay..

Swara goes towards the home…

At home she goes towards sanskar room…

She saw him with teary eyes.. and sat down beside him by grabbing his hand..

Swara with teary voice : sanskar again past came in form of a new case…. She said this with soo much difficulty and pain thattt sanskar hand which is on the bed move a little bit and his eyes also moves… but swara didn’t noticed because she was crying silently by closing her eyes…

Swara cry for some time and then go towards her room while kissing him on his forehead… and when she left… there is a slight movement in sanskar’s body…

Swara didn’t ate anything because a word past affected her soo much.. she is in her room and laying and crying silently… she don’t know when she slept…

Almost 1 at night she starts getting flashes…. She is screaming and sweating heavily… arjun who came just now (arjun lives with swasan…. he is best frnd and right hand of
sanskar and rakhi brother of swara) heard her screams and runs towards her room….

Arjun open her room door and switch on the light.. and he saw swara is screaming and crying in sleep bitterly… he goes towards her and shakes her

Arjun : swaraa bachaa plzz wake up.. he shakes her several time… but swara is only screaming or crying….

Swara in sleep : no no noooooooo

Arjun also get tears in his eyes after seeing his sister’s state: swaraa plzzzz get up he is shaking her continuously…

Swara shouts more loudly : noooooooooooo

Arjun finally shakes her with full force on which swara open her eyes.. but she pushed arjun with full force….

She was not in her sense…… Arjun who stumbles become shocked on seeing her like this… he tried to go towards her but swara on seeing him grab her gun from the side table..

Swara : d..oo..nnn.tt…. co..mee…ee ne…aaa.rr… mee otherwise I will shoot u..

Arjun : swara look im your brother arjun…

Swara : n…o…..ooo… stay awayyyy….

Arjun again tries to go near her but swara shouts..

Swara : don’t u dare to move an inch I will shoot u… goooo.. goo out… stay awayyyy.. she is crying bitterly..

Arjun also starts crying on seeing her like thisss.. the girl who can easily… garbs the dangerous criminal in fractions of second… is now shivering and crying in terror…

Arjun : swara plzz..

Swara: nooo…… and by saying this she pull the trigger…

Arjun close his eyes…. But he didn’t felt any pain…. He open his eyes and look at himself then he looks towards swara… and become shocked……

Arjun : swaraaaaaaaaaa….

To be continued……..

Precap : swara is in hospital…. And the reason behind sanskar being in coma….

Soo guys…… what u think what happened to swara?? Is she shot herself???

Guys if u all have any confusion… or want the track like something else than doo tell mee 


  1. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar Amazing ragini and sharmishta are sooooo cheap disgusting ewwwehh how can They behave so easy seeing their hubby with someone digusting dont tell me that laksh try to rape swara really if you Do that na I will kill you…and i think sanskar is coma while saving swara from that cheap laksh I will kill him

    • Rabia



      Ummmmm choti rabiaa relaxxxx januuu😆😆😆 im here naa thn why fear??? 😆😆😆 and thankuuuu sooo muchhh 😙😙😙😙

  2. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Nice diii but with full of suspense…I really loved it…people doing those kind of business should be really face hell being alive

    Di this is my last comment before exams as my exams starts from 1st and I can’t spare more time on reading as u said but after 10th I am gonna torcher u with my
    silly comments dii…

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu sooo much dear 😙😙😙 and dont worry i will love to bear your torture 😙😙 all the very besttt for your exams 🤗👍👍👍

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Chiii!!! They are so cheap,disgusting😡😡…what happened to my doll😳😳…I think laksh is talking about swara…he raped her😨😨😢…keep it up di… Waiting for nxt..Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz of server problem…
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  4. Mirna


    |Registered Member

    Rabssssss what was thattt man …. sharmista selling girls, sekhar drugs… waiting to know what did they do to our Swasaannnnn 🙂

  5. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di….. Its very nice…. Suspense too…. I think laksh was talking about swara only…. Lets see…. But its interesting di….. Raglak and shemish were disgusting…..

  6. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Awesome rabi loved it.. u do ur track bcz u hv so many twist in ur story which gives me thrill. Next may b she shoot herself or hurt hetself.
    lucky did he abuse hr?? Or her sis??
    Hate shemish and raglak.. yuck souless ppl and their talks.. bt its true this story might b happening somwhr rabi..

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu soo much navi and ya u r right these type of ppl are everywhere dont worry i will not leave them easily 😆😆😊😙

  7. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Hy Rabia … .I thought u r on holiday n i will study for my exams….but alass!! Today after so many days I open d site n see ur nm n ff u come back… don’t think I m sad I m super duper happy it just I m having exams thn how can I get tym to read ur ff😢 ….
    But anyway it’s awesome dear….bby
    Take care

    • Rabia



      Thankuu dear and dont worry niku u just concentrate on your exams im here only come back when u r completely free 😙😙😊

  8. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Di aap shocks dena chodoge nahi na
    But i am happy ki u are there
    Kyunki aap ki stories mein susprnce hota hai and i love it

      • Rabia



        Imm sooooo sorryy kakali actually i wass bzy due to sister and her kids thats why when i got time there were many stories who posted already thats why i missed your story i between but dont worry i will read it now 😙😙😙😙😍

  9. Mahjabeen


    |Registered Member

    Rabia diii wats dis u totally made me speechless…nt getting ne words to appreciate ur writting..justtt lovvvvedddd it soooo mch😍😘😘😍😘😍
    Waitng fr nxt dii

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  11. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Rabia di … sry for late comment … waise my exams are over so tottaly free ….. if u want to pull my years so I will parcel u 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 …. so coming to episode it was awesome …. waiting for next !!!!!

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