u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (Part-1)

guys now im posting with my original id if u all have any confusion then read the below description

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Okay guys soo enough of prank im updating this ff now from my original name id… misscoke is just one of my nick name nothing else… and now u all must be wondering that why I came again when I posted that don’t wait for me… soo the reason is that guys I was a little bit disturbed soo that’s why I need some time… because its my old habit to be alone for some days even in my bba I actually have the maun varat or chupi ka roza 😉 (vow of silence) which my class tried their level best to break but they didn’t succeed.. and I have that fast for 2-3 days in the whole class 😉 this is my way of decreasing the depression… soo now im fine completely don’t worry.. if I will continue before na then surely I will get severe migraine that’s why I said all that…

And now coming to the previous ff which I said that I will not continue is having 2 reasons…

First the story is having many deep points and dialogues which will take time to think something new… and second u can end your own concept at any time but converting any other story may took more time than usual ff… soo I thought rather to convert any other ff why can I not start my another new concept… I hope u all will like itt too and my old readers will give me the same response….

And answer to the readers :

Kakali : dear best of luck for your finals and come back with a bang…

Shagun : dear im from Pakistan…

Hemanshi : Im not writing that ff because I gave u the reasons above.. I hope u will enjoy this 

Aliya : im back dear reason is given above 

Arfa,Rekha : don’t miss me dear just give me the response like this 

Vyshu : your shocking queen is back and I promise I will surely give u the same treatment which I gave in previous one 😉

Shan : shan darling u know everything soo there is no need to tell or ask u anything 😉

Simin : I also gave your answer in the comment I hope that’s fine na?? 😉

Xavia : yes dear I was depressed that was the problem but not now 😉

Deeksha,Dharshini,Asmara : im back dear 

Uma : thanku dear and don’t worry dear OS will also come but for now enjoy this ff 😉

Mica : nothing dear this happened which i mentioned above 🙂

If now also any one of u has anyyy question or confusion u can ask me 

u all made us like this (swasan ff) by known or unknown 😛 Character Sketch + Promo


Mumbai Special Squad Head Quarter:-

A girl in full black get up with high pony tail is ordering someone related to some case on her phone….

She is having no emotions on her face… but her face is glowing with a new shine… and her eyes were sparkling….

But that shine is going to be a hell for someone…. That shine will turn someone’s life into darkness

She is talking when someone knocks on the cabin glass door…

She saw that man and gestured him to come in… she cut the call and turns towards the man..

Girl: yes arjun

Arjun who is seeing her keenly said : swara please give at least one emotion on your face… (yes the girl is swara)

Swara : u know everything arjun… he is my life my soul my everything but he didn’t cared me for once….

Arjun : what he done that time its only for u…

Swara shouts : but I don’t want that dammit… I just hate himmm

Arjun : relax swara relax…

Swara fists her hand to control her rage….. after few minutes she calm herself down…

Arjun: now okay??

Swara nodes and said : tell me why u came??

Arjun : I got the news from kolkatta…

Swara fist her hands again to control her rising rage…. After listening the name kolkatta

Swara : what news??

Arjun : they are going to supply girls after within 6 months and drugs after 1 week of girls supplying…

Swara smirks: soo it means we have a time for executing our plan..

Arjun: and revenge..

Swara smiles and said : they will have to pay whatever they done with those 2… they killed them naa for there this soo called business now it’s the time when they will pay for their death….

Arjun : buts its risky because we need him this time butt…

Swara controls her tears and said : he have to pay for what he did 10 months before…. I will not leave him….

Arjun : I know what he did is only for your safety but I will also with u in punishing him….

Swara nodes sadly..

Arjun : okay I have to goo I will meet u later…

Swara : okay..

Arjun left…

Swara take out her mangalsutr after opening her shirt button and saw him with teary eyes….

Swara : why sanskar why u doo that?? U know naa u were my life but u left me alone… I need u sanskarr I needdd uu… and by saying this shee starts crying bitterly….

Swara controlled herself and left from the office… she stops her car in front of the hospital…

She goes inside…. She entered in doctor’s cabin…

Doctor: come mrs garewal

Swara : doctor any improvement beside moving fingers??

Doctor: mrs garewal… moving fingers is a good sign and I think u will increase your visiting time.. it will helps him a lot…

Swara : doctor if I take him to our home??

Doctor: that’s a very great idea..

Swara : okay u complete all formalities im going to his room

Doctor nodes and swara left…

Swara goes to one room and open its door… there we can see a man lying lifeless.. with many wires attached to his body…

Swara with teary eyes go and sat near him…

Swara : sanskar (yes the man is sanskar) please its enough na u r sleeping from last 10 months… don’t u feel any pity on me??? She said while grabbing his hand…

Swara : u know sanskar u have to wake up for both of us for those 2 who they destroyed just for the sake of their soo called business… money and for greediness… u have to wake up for the revenge… which we have to take from them…

Can’t u remember her painful screams????? Can’t u remember his screams??? Plz na sanky tell me??? at least wake up for her naa….. She is crying bitterly… but sanky is sleeping peacefully…. May be he is listening but he is not in a mood to wake up and wipes his wife’s tears…..

To be continued…..


Gadodia and meheswari family….

Soo guys what u think why sanky is in coma being an ACP?? About whom swara is talking about?? For this u have to wait and comment 😉


  1. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Diiii so u r bak and I didn’t even noticed so bad of me…sryy di

    U started giving shocks to us again so I am also ready to receive them…so update nxt part soon di

    And also pls pray for my exams…

    • Rabia



      Dont worry dear i read it its enough amd dont worry i am not going any where without completing it Nd u just concentrate on your exams my story will always be here but yout exams are more imp soo all the best dearr 😚😚😚😚😚

    • Rabia



      Thankuuu soo much hemenshiii and sorry dear little bit bzy from monday i will surely comment on your stories 😚😚😚😚

  2. SHAN


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    Ha ha s di…. I know so u dont have to ask or say dr…. 😜And about the episode its awesome di… Very very nice…. Again u came up with a suspense ff…. Amazing di…. 😍

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