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Farewell treat 😉 must read 😛 because its my order 😉

Thankuu guys for your comments… and from now there will be no Rabia Munawar here who will emotionally black mail u by saying that there will be noo next update if u didn’t comment because this is the final and last epi… soo u comment or not its all your wish… I can’t do anything if u don’t want to comment… yaa yaa I know this is just a dramatic line but what can I doo I have spent 6 months here soo its natural to become little emotional and I met very sweet ppl here… I know I will be back after 4 monthss but there is a lot of time in it… so bear this last lecture… and I wanted to make this story in the form of FF butt im having a very short period of time….. soo this will be the last epi of this FF cum SS…. And sorry Goldie u commented for the first time… but im giving u the last epi… because it’s becoming more stressful for me in tnsn.. and I don’t want to leave this story in the middle for u ppl… because I know everyone will having the curiosity to read the end… soo im giving u the final epi…. but there is another rabia is here whoo will entertain uu and rabia don’t think u will become bari (elder) rabia because here im bari (elder) rabia and u r choti (younger) rabiaa butt ya for just 4 months u will be a single rabia(hehehehehehe)… At least the one who read my previous stories comment on this because this is the last story from my side… and im not reading any new story because I will ask from u all when I will be back… soo save the links for meee 😛



Swasan is all set to take revenge from all…..

There first target is to destroy sumi and ragini’s business….

They snd arjun… as an agent who wants to buy girls…..

Arjun then record all the things happening there and after 1 week… there is a raid by special squad….. in which sumi and ragini got arrested for doing the business of girl’s selling….

After 2 days…. Lucky is being arrested by another team of special squad team when he is going to enjoy with one victim girl who is in actual the member of swasan’s team….

And on the same day shekhar is being arrested by swasan…when sanky came in the get up drug dealer… from abroad….

And swara finds all the proof of boys kidnapping….

(I don’t want to drag there arresting scenes because main story will start from now)

So let’s start from sumi and ragini…. Both are sitting in a cell…. Swara came with full attitude and sit infront of them…

Swara : soo mis sharmishtha Gadodia how r u feeling here?? From your big mansion to this small cell…

Sumi : u can’t bind us here for a longer period of time…

Swara smirking: now your whole life will spent here…

Ragini : never…

Swara laughs : lets see…..and she goes out.. while sumi and raginii looks on….

Swara came to sanky’s cabin…

Sanky : did u meet them??

Swara : yess but after being in jail they are not having 1% shame or guilt in their eyes…

Sanky : same with laksh and shekhar…

Arjun came on the same time…..

Arjun : sanky now what?? We are having proof for all off them soo what u both want to do??

Swara: to make them taste hell…

Sanky while smirking soo what r we waiting for let’s go….

Trio goes towards them…

Swara with arohi arjun’s fiancé who is also in special squad to sumi and ragini’s cell…. While sanky with arjun to shekhar and laksh’s cell….

Guys now all scene go side by side in both the cells…. Soo I’ll write one line for sumi and ragini’s cell and one line for shekhar laksh’s cell..

Swasan come inside their respective cell with their respective partner…..

Swara grabs sumi by her hair while arohi grab ragini….

Bothh give them tight slapsss many times…. On which they screams…..

Sanky and arjun give punches to shekhar and laksh….

Swara and arohi…. After slapping pulls the nails of surag(sumi+ragini) hands bothh cried in pain.. shoutsss but little did they know that its just the beginning..

Sanky,arjun also pulls their nails…..

All 4 crying and screaming in pain… blood is dripping from the corner of their faces….

The pain from which swasan goes its time for the payback….

Sanky arjun drag shekhar and laksh to ice room and lay then down on a big slab of ice… and beat them with hunter…

Swara,arohi… put towel on surag mouths and torture them by throwing water in their mouths…

Boys give shocks too shekhar and laksh….

Girls burn the body of surag from many place with a hot iron rod…..

But they can’t scream this time because they tied their mouths…..they only mourn on this torture….

They gave cuts on their bodies with blade.. put salt on their wounds…

(Okay guys now enough of this torture 😉 and I gave them this type of treatment because they deserve this its not only the matter of swasan its also the matter of those small boys which they kidnapped and killed just filling and smuggling drugs in their bodies…. It’s the matter of all those girls which are raped by shekhar and laksh and later supplied for the prostitution business)

All four shemish,raglak were screaming in pain and begging for death…. But there death were also not going soo easy….

All 4 were dragged to a ground…. Where infront of them swasan standing with arjun.arohi and ram….

Swara smirking : what r u feeling now???

Ragini: plz kill us

Sanky : not so easily bhabii jiii

All four: bhabiiii???

Swara : yess bhabiiii y dear diii

All become more shocked whattt diiiii????

Sanky : yess mee myself aditya meheswari aka sanskar ram gerawal…

Swara : and meee niharika gadodia aka swara sanskar gerawal….

Shekar: we killed u bothh then how u will be alive??

Swara : because God wants to u all to be punished that’s why they saved uss…

Sumi : plzz forgive uss betaaa

Sanky: we may be forgave u all but what about those ppl whom u destroyed just for your greediness??

All four feels guilty but now this will be having noo meaning….

Swasan : u all made us like thiss soo now bear

Swasan with arjun arohi…. Shoot together all four butt…

First legs, then arms,,, then stomach…. All four were screaminggg and finally on forehead….

Like this the evil fails in front of the truth….

Ram create their death in encounter…. Nobody questioned them because ram is the senior most officer and also due to their death now the city is safe and sound….. with no fear…..

7 months have been passed….

Swasan fulfill their revenge….swara totally forgot about the past… arjun and arohi got married….

Sooo it’s a night time….1 am at night…

One man is sleeping peacefully when suddenly he woke up because when he turned to other side of bed and put hand he didn’t find anyone their…

He woke up and saw in the whole room after switching on the light…. He gave a confused expression but later he reminds something and goes outside the room immediately….
He is walking outside the house….the scene in front of him is the same scene which he thought…

4 ppl were standing at the gate… 2 men and 2 women

1 among the 2 women is sitting on a seat while other 3 are standing around her… and in front of them there is a pani puri stall….

And the three who are standing making the sitting one to eat pani puri one by one….

The man who came from inside coughs fakelyy….

All four turns towards him… the sitting woman gave him a tight smile while having a pani puri in her mouth… and all three gave him a sheepish smilee

Man walk toward them and poke woman mouth from both sides…

Man : how many time swara I told u not to disturb dad, arjun and arohi for your late night cravings… (yes the sitting woman is swara and the man is sanky)

Swara gave him a puppy smile while ram,arjun and arohi start scolding sanky…

Ram : how dare u to say like that sanky…

Arohi : how dare u bhaii

Arjun : how dare u bhaii…

Ram : swara is my daughter and whenever she wants she can say anything to us..

Arohi : yess she is my dii soo she have a right to order us

Arjun : yess she is my bhabi and soon to be a mother of my niece/nephew soo she is having a right on uss to say or order anything…

Swara is 5 months pregnant…

Sanky : okay okay sorry sorrryyyyyy

Trio : huhhhh

Sanky looks towards them and then to swara who is bzy in eating pani puri…

Sanky : hahahahhaa look for whom u r fighting is bzy like there is nothing happening around …

All laugh on seeing swara who is bzyy as if this is the only imp work in the whole world….

Like thiss swara’s delivery month has come…

All four pampering her alott and bearing her tanturmss happily…. Without any frown because swara not disturb too much only a little… soo no one is having any complain with her…

Swasan is sitting in their room.. sanky is sitting by facing his back to bed crown while swara is sitting in his lap by facing her back to his chest….

Sanky intertwined his hands with swara’s hand…

Swara head is on his shoulder… she is sitting comfortably by closing her eyes…

Sanky kissed her head from above…

Sanky : swara everything is sought out… arjun arohi living a happy life.. we are together and just waiting for our child… dad is enjoying there life and waiting for his grandchild…

Swara : yes sanky everything by God grace is now on it’s the right path… u know sometimes I thought its just a dream which will break any time… but noo its not the dream it’s a reality..

Sanky : yes my jannn by saying this he kissed her again….

Both are sitting silently by closing their eyes… when suddenly swara starte feel uneasy…

Sanky feels her movement and opens his eyes… he saw swara is pressing he lips due to pain..

Sanky cups her face: swara shonaa what happened??

Swara :saaa..nn…kkyyy aahhhhh she screamed loudly…

Sanky : oo God.. and he shouts arjunnn,,,,,arohi,,,dadddd

All come and they take swara to hospital…

After 3 hrs… doctor came and hand over cute little princess to sanskar….

All go towards swara’s room… and both swasan bless their daughter…

Whole familyyy agreed on the name of niharika given by sanskar… because she is just like her mom… who lost her real identity… and now new niharika born to fill the blank of niharika’s original identity… sanky wants to give niharika all her rights and love which her mom didn’t get…. Sooo if not mom then now her daughter rule the world in the form of new niharika 😉

The End….

Okay guys soo finally the last update from my side for u all….. u have to lose something for achieving something in life…. Soo now its my time to kill my heart for the upcoming goal… and for this I have to goo from here… but I will mis u all… 6 months have been passed and I didn’t realized but I got many frnds .and don’t worry I will be back but not soo soon…. Its little latee jusstt 4 monthss… but im ordering u all again to save links of your stories for mee and if u read any other new and interesting story other than yours soo save it also because after coming my first question will surely be this and if u not gave me naa than i will not give any ff or ts :P… and yaa don’t try to copy my ideas 😛 im leaving jaasoos (detective) here 😛 heheheheh just kidding but seriously im gonna mis u all.. and Saturday or Sunday will be my last day here… soo please naa at least comment max on my this last update :* luv u all and thankuuu sooo much for bearing mee these many months  (dont become much emotional im a very senti girl :P)

Allah Hafiz…..


  1. Deeksha

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    Haan… Awesome dear…. Really gonna miss you….!!!!!! Anyway all the best for your future…. We are gonna welcome u back only if you are successful….!!!!!! Beware….!!!!! Wink ***……. Lots of love dear…. 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Kakali

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    Finally m saying Diii,, i just Hate u for those emotional talks.. i really can’t bear all this…
    m in clz now,, reading n weeping like anything… huhhh !!! my frndzz r in just beyond d shock level…
    but they’ll not understand na my state of mind…
    will badly miss u Diii… badly badly v.badly….
    one of fav member is going for 4 mouths from TU family.. it’s sooooooooooo hard to believe… 4 months…omgggg!!!
    huhh! i’ll write d whole pravachannnnnn… dun care u like it or not…haaa!!

    n dun worry for u only m gonna update my next part tomorrow for sure… still i m sitting in common room n writing it… coz i have 45 minute off time… haaaaaa!!!

    i don’t hate u,,, wooo anger mei likh diya.. u know naaa… love u..

    • Rabia


      Kakalii how daree u to make me cry thank God i put kajal only when im going outside what will happen if im having it nowww 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
      And i likeeeee your prawachan urf bhaasahn alotttt after coming back u hace to write double okayyyy 😙😙😙😙 and i know u dont hate meee 😆😆😆 thats why i alsoo luv u dearrr 🤗🤗🤗🤗 keep your stories save or make a mummy of them i will take it from u otherwisw i know the other ways to bring out the stories from u 😆😗😆😙😙😙😍😍

      • Kakali

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        Waaaaaaaaaa !!!! Aisa bhi bhala koy bolta hai, haaah!!! i also apply Kajal,, but thnk God today i couldn’t,, u know na i have bandages in my hand… sooo didn’t apply… it’s about my Eyes naa,,, if i loose control n oh God i cant even imagine…
        huaaah!!! i’ll surely treasure them for u..
        n nooooo mummy… coz i’ll also b leaving this site soon… sooo i’ll also come back in April also… huhuhuu!!! Same Same…
        u won’t believe now m sitting in canteen,, excusing myself saying m not feeling well for yesterday’s accident… hahahahha..
        n writing for today’s part… huuahh haaa haaaa !!!! it’s sooo amezing feeling… haaaaa !!!

        don’t worry i’ll write pura ka pura mahabharat yaha tak ki Quran bhi likhungi… wait it till April…

        omggg abhi bhi kam likha hai kya maine,,, m such a talkative… :(:(:(:(:(

      • Rabia


        what happened to your hands??? kiya kalakari dekhaii hay?? tabuaa kakalii i just hope your clg and your home will be in peace due to yourr these antics 😉
        okay then i will welcome u when u comeback 😉

        and yaa u r very talkaltivee just like a butter scotch chali jayee chali jayeeee
        (its a toffeee and in its ad they says always chalti jaye chalti jaye because the lady in that ad was very talkative that’s why atlast her son give scotch tape to his father to put it on his mother’s mouth 😀 )

      • Kakali

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        Haahhahhha!!! Mai aur kalakariii !!!! Desh ko kangal karna hai kya??
        wooo it was just a small accident with my Scooty….

        waaah!!! ev1 is in peace except me… as d bandage is damn irritating…
        infect my frnd feed my today… hauhuhuuu!!!

        waaa butter scotch!!! my 5th fav flavour of ice cream… *watery mouth.. ;-*

      • Rabia


        hayeee scooty u know here nobody allow girls to ride scooty warma mom always said that if it will be a trend here na for girls to ride scooty than i will definitely lay dn…
        butt yahan agr chalain gay naa tou dus bhai peechay chornay aian gay 😀

        take care of your fingers otherwise who will read and write your exams 😉

      • Kakali

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        Waaaa!! Waha par aisa bhi hoota hai,,, it’s so adventures… haaaa !!!
        yeah m taking care of myself… warna agar exam mai 80% se uppar nahi mila
        . toh mom ghar se bahar phenk denge…waise bhi wo mujhe gussa hai in dinnooo…

      • Rabia


        jaaa kakali jaaa jee lay apini zindagi aur apni mom ko khush kr day 😉 my blessing are with u 😉 hehehehehe
        yahan per bara kuch hota hay 😉 anay per fursaaaatttt say btau ge 😛 😉

      • Kakali

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        Haaaa we will back in a same month naaaa,,, sooo tab fursat se sunenge apni apni dastanne…. wobhi popcorn ke sath… “Zindagi ko dhire dhire dashti hai yeh kwahise,, assun ko pitte pitte dasti hai yeh kwahise,, uljhi huyi kashmakash mai ummar kat jati hai”<—-?? huaahh haa haaaa !!!!!
        haa haa jiii hi rahi huu apni zindegi…wobhi zindegi channel ke sath… 😉

  3. Anniya

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    You make me emotional…, sry for not cmnting on your stories. I was little busy that’s why I don’t able to cmnt.
    Not only this part but whole story is superb.
    I will definitely going to miss your stories..

    • Rabia


      hawwwwww only my stories not me :'( hehehehe just kidding… and i thought to gave u all some rest from my suspense and shocks 😉 i will be backk and thankuu sooo much dear 🙂

      • Anniya

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        No, I will definitely going to miss you. And my fav work too, you know what . whenever you used to update any ts my first work was copy the link and inform my frnds. I used to give them your story links like me they are also silent readers. They really love ypur ts lady don and pink kitten( sry i dont remember full name) Well if you remember sometimes I used to cmnt on your stories. So,I am not fully silent reader. Comeback soon

      • Rabia


        thankuuu sooo much dearrr and thankuuuu soo much to your frnds also say my thankuu to them 🙂 and i will come donttt worry 😉 and actually im poor in remembering names 😉

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    Awesome di…. I expected some more epsiodes didnt think u will finish this much soon….. Amazing ff di….

    • Rabia


      Shann if i will concentrate only on ny stories thn who will be there to disturb u on your stories now im stress free from here atleast that i gave u all the complete workk 🙈🙈🙈

  5. Rosey

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    First of all the episode was awesom and I’m literly suprised as I didn’t expect so soon last update but I’m happy that u didn’t leave it incomplete
    And about your leaving I will miss you so much and socially your suspence stories you are really a good writer but I also know that oppertunities are only get sometimes
    I will pray for you to get success in your work and it is the matter of 4 months so I know you will be back so I’m not sad….
    I’m happy that you are getting what you want so All the very best for your opertuniyy
    May You Got Success In Every Field Of Your Life whthere it is Work Or Health

    • Rabia


      Thankuuuuuu sooooo much roseyyy and InshaAllah i will be back with hapoy face and happy mindd 😉😉😉 actually i wants to spend last days while disturbing u all on your stories thats why i packed my stuff earlier 😆😆😆😆😆😙😙😙😙

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    amazing….. chappyy 🙂 🙂

    keep writing…… dear 😉

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    Hawwwwww what is this rabia han where are you going han and han you always will be the bari no matter what ok your place can never be take…
    I will miss your ff ss ts plzzz where are you going han what happened…
    But awesome epi loved it from starting till end i will miss you yaar😘😘😘😘😘

    • Rabia


      Thankuuu soooo much rabiaa and i will reveal the whole story after coming back soo till then remember me in your prayer plzzz 🤗🤗🤗 because seriously i need them the mosstt and dont worryy just 4 months and after that i will be back with all my suspense and shocksss 😙😙😙 InshaAllah 😆😆

  8. Shizuka

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    Epi was awesome i didn’t read ur previous parts but now i read all ur episodes of this short ff. I will miss u a lot i know i don’t comment and read rgularly ur ffs but please don’t feel bad and my best wishes will always with u. Just do ur best di in achieving ur goal . Love u . Take care. Bye-bye. Miss u and ur ffs.

    • Rabia


      thankuuu sooo much goldiee im obliged that u like it and comment on it.. and when i started this story i never thought that i will end it like this because its a FF butt sudden Challenge came soo i have to make it very short… because 4 months is a very big time to come and continue the same story.. everyone may lost interest or forgot… thats why i ended it.. i will be backk with new concept… and i really wants to read your TS last part plzzz upload within this week plzzzzzz (puppy eyes) and thankuu once again 🙂

  9. xavia

    It wz amazing dear …..dey deserved dat torture…if i w’d b at ua place i w’d hv tortured dm more…hihihi….loved it dear …..ALL THE BEST ….n vl miss uh……

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Your order is my command di😉😉…your farewell treat is fabulous…loved it…Thank God, abb mein blackmailing se bach jaaungi…
    .Hehe, just kidding di😉😉..I love your blackmailing nature…..I will miss you…All the best for your challenge once again…rock it….
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  11. Aliya123

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    i hate u fr this much of emotional talks ..,…,..why u r going dont go na i knw its important bt okk go bt came back soon api agar aap feb ya mar mein nahi aaye na toh dekh lena mein apke ghar aakar apki class lene wali huin fir so come back……..

  12. Nive..

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    awesome Rabia… nice ending… ☺☺ always our prayers with u dr… all the best.. do come back with bang after break…☺☺

    • Rabia


      Thankuuu sooo muxh dear and i will and will give u all new twisty and suspense story 😆😆😗 thankuuu once again 😍😍

  13. Vyshu10

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    awesome ep…..nice and happy….reverse of the condition i m in.

    Ab mein kya boloon? Kaha se shuru karun? My tears are not stopping….i kind of got habituated to ur stories….i keep thinking now what twist rabia will add? how she will make us faint in the ep?…..I m gonna miss my fainting, shocking, rocking, lava, mountain drama queen so much. We ll keep in touch in fb.

    All the best….wish u success.

  14. Simin

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    Awwwww my di i will miss u soooo much
    I also didnt realised in 3 months i read so many stories and made sooo many friends
    Take care of yourself fulfill your goal and come back soon
    I wish mai pakistan aakar aapse mil paati
    Koi nai allah ne chaha to inshallah zaroor mai aapse aur saare friends jo tu pe hai unse milungi
    Kash di life aasan hoti just watch tv read ffs
    Make friends enjoy and chill out
    Par kya kare parents aur aapne future ke liye sacrifices karne padhte hai
    Alright love u loads

    • Rabia


      thankuuuu sooo much dearr luv u :* dil say 😉 and yaa u r rightt we make soo many frnds but here which i made r trully lovely and sweetest frnds ever… and dont worry duniyaa gol hayy kiya pta kahe bhi mil jaye 😉 whoo knowss…
      and yaaa u r right u have to kill your heart for fulfilling and gaining something…. because it will be beneficial for your future lifee.. i wishh u also got a chancee and will win that chance also… because life is just unpredictable 🙂

    • Rabia


      thankuuu sooo much dear and sorrrryyyyy i know u said to me for scary os i tried to think any idea but didnt get it i promise whenever i will be back i will surely give os on your favorite topis 😉

  15. Manasvi

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    It was superb dii..
    The punishment was just perfect for those people..
    If I would have been there, then after giving those punishment and killing them, i would have gave them a new life and then killed them again…
    And I m surely going to miss you a lot dii.. Plz come as soon as possible..
    May God give you all the happiness in tje world and you achieve your goal….
    May God bless you…
    I am really going to miss you a loooooooooooooooot..

    • Rabia


      thankuuu sooo much manasvii and dear i didnt gave them any punishment through jail or court because what they will give them just a jail for some yrs…
      these culprits will never get punishment which they actually deserve…
      u know here in Pak we have a case around 10 to 15 yrs before i dont know the exact yr u know what that man did he kidnaps the kid and put them in acid… he killed around 100 or more children… and what he got in return just a punishment to be in jail :/ and we dont know how he died i think he did suicide huhh i wishh he also killed brutally like poor children 🙁

      and i will miss u tooo and i will surely comee and give u all a biggggg story 😉

  16. Mirna

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    He he he rabs ur late comer is here :P. what to do my project is eating my head for the past 2 weeks. Will miss ur ffs and OS. Espcially ur twists. Twist queen plz be backkkkkkkk as soon as possible. Be positive and always keep smilingggggggggg 🙂

    • Rabia


      Thankuuuu soooooo much mirnaaaa 😙😙😙😙 andd i will bee backk fkr nottt and all the bestt to youuu for your projectt 😁😁😁😁😍😍

  17. Mahjabeen

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    Ahhhh u r emotional blackmailing dear..huhhh made me cry…goo m nt gonna miss u (jkng😜😜).u knw ur words just touched my heart…i wll surely miss u.. ur writng skills ur nature it all ws soo different nd i just loved dat…m just nt blvng dat i will nt cmnt further in ur ff coz u r gng nd it wl b last till u cum bck..take cr of urself nicely…come bck soon…lots of luv to u😘😘😍😘😍😍

    Cmng to eli it ws rlly awesome..nd da torture ws rlly to b gvn to dem coz thy deserve dat…loved it dear😊😊


    • Rabia


      Hehehehe thankuuu sooo muchhh dearr i alsoo really gonna miss u all the lonnngggg longggg comment which u all gaveee always make me smile and make my dayyy and always gave the ideas of writing the next chaptersss thankuu sooo muchh luv u alll 😍😍😍😗 😙😙😙😙😙 InshaAllah i will come with a neww stories 😆😆😆 Allah Hafiz dear 😙😙😙

    • Rabia


      Yesss kaks dear tomorrow and then saturday and may be sunday but friday and sat ill be full available swaye jb soo rahe hn ge tb nhe hn ge 😆😆😆😆

      • Kakali

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        Haa haa samajh gayi maiii ,,, be online.okkk !!! agar waqt pei reply nehi mila mujhe yaha par phir dekh lena mujhe acchi ladni chirag lekar dhudne se bhi nehi milega… *munching almond tapping my nose…

      • Rabia


        Hahahahaha okayyy maaatayyy donttttt worrryyyy i will always be onlinee infactt laptop onn he rakhuu geee 😆😆😆 and im going to munch almond downstairs😂😂😂

  18. saheli

    I am going to miss you…come back soon…nice episode…punishment part was the best as they deserved it…tc..

  19. Anniya

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    Hii rabia di, I have a question. Hope you will answer me. Will you be online tmrw on telly? Why I am asking you I will tell you tmrw or itself. Plzz rply me fast

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