u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia epilogue

guys i dont know u remember this ff or not because i started it as ff but ended as ss due to time…i posted this story one month before and here im giving u the epilogue…



8 yrs have been passed now niharika swasan is 8 yrs old… very sweet and intelligent girl… loves her parents and her brother alott.. oo u don’t know about her brothers don’t worry I will tell u…

Ansh 6.5 yrs old arjun and arohi son…

Nihaal 3 yrs old swasan son… both the brother r very naughty and irritated their di a lot.. but in the meantime loves her a lot

Scene starts from:-

In the hall one lady and 2 children one is niharika and one is ansh running around the hall.. and while nihaal is sitting on the sofa…

But not lady running behind children in actual children running behind her to make her drink the glass of milk.. 😉

Niharika: mummaaaa (yes the lady is swara).. plzz stop naaa u always doo like this papa told me to make u drink milk every day because doctor ordered u…and u daily runs and make me also run behind u… r u a child.. mother runs behind their children here im the first daughter who is running behind her mummaa…

Swara with a pout: not only daughter her spoon brother is also running behind.. mee niharikaaa I told u I just hate milk and u daily make me drink milk this is not fair…she said with a sad pout..

Niharika: please na mumma look naaa u r not drinking for your self in fact u r drinking for our new brother and sister naa soo please drink this milk pleaseeeeeeeeee she said with a puppy face…

Swara is 3 months pregnant.. and sanky put the duty of niharika to make swara drink

Swara melts on seeing her daughters face and said: okay give me..

Niharika and ansh becomes happy and runs towards swara…

Swara finished the glass and both niharika and ansh kissed her on her cheeks.. while nihal is bzy in eating chocolate..

Swara: okay I drank now u all go to school u r getting latee..

Niharika: okay mammaa

Ansh: okay bari maa..

Nihal finished her choco and runs towards swara and he kissed her and runs with his bro and sis..

Swara smiles on seeing her children…and later goes to her room for waking up sanky…

Sanky is sleeping by facing his back and grabbing the pillow under his stomach.. his face is hidden in other pillow..

Swara smiles and goes towards him and sits on his back 😉

Sanky sleep broke and he said in sleepy voice..

Sanky: swara u r becoming heavy..

Swara become shocked and fumes in anger and she sat down in more proper way fully on his back..

Swara: mr sanskar gerawal u r the reason behind my weight gain… said while gritting her teeth..

Sanky giggles and turns now swara is under him on the bed but sanky didn’t put weight on her stomach…

Sanky with sleepy and husky voice : then I will love to bear your this weight once in a year and winks..

Swara becomes cherry red on listening this and smacked his arm…

Sanky: oouuchh swara why u beat me??

Swara: u shameless fellow.. due to u I have to drink milk everyday with the hands or your bodyguard daughter and u r expecting more…

Sanky grins widely: soo what it is good for your health naaa…

Swara: then why who is the reason behind this drinks the milk…

Sanky smiles sheepishly and said: hehehehe okay okay sorry.. but swara u r physically weak naa that’s why doctor said for the milk otherwise I will not give u daily..

Swara while making faces: ya yaa I know huhh…

Sanky pecks her lips and got up and also make her stand…

Swara: okay u go and get ready I will make your breakfast..

Sanky: okay jaan..

Swara while making breakfast.. received arohi’s call..

Swara: hello arohi how r u??

Arohi: im fine di how r u and how r the children??

Swara: me fine and children r also fine when u r coming??

Arohi: dii me and arjun will come after 2 days…

Swara: okay then take care and give my wishes to arjun also..

Arohi : okay di…

Arjun and arohi have gone for some office work while ram goes early to office..

Sanky came down and ate breakfast and bids bye to swara..

Swara is not going to office because doctor said that she is physically weak and work stress may leads to miscarriage also soo sanky prohibited her from coming to office…

Swara is sitting in the hall watching tv when she heard a doorbell…she goes and opened the door but before she see something someone sprayed on her and make her unconscious…

Sanky was in his office when he received a call from is watchman..

Sanky: helloo..

Watchman with great difficulty because he was shot: si..iii..r.r.r.. maammm…theeey..yy… ttoo…oookk.. maam.. by saying this he died..

Sanky froze on his chair he calls on landline num but nobody picked he called on swara’s cell but no answer.. he runs towards ram’s cabin…

Sanky: dad daddd…

Ram becomes worried on listening sanky calling him dad because sanky never called him dad in office..

Ram: what happened sanky??

Sanky: dad watchman called mee by listening his voice I got to know that something happens he told me that someone took swara..

Ram: wwhhhaatt?? But who??

Sanky: that I don’t know dad but we have to go.. swara is already very weak.. Physically…

Ram: let’s go but before that track the location of swara through the code in her ring..

(swara is wearing a ring which is gifted by sanky to her on the birth of nihaal which is having a tracker soo that tracking down the location will be easy)

Sanky track swara’s location and found the location in some old factory…

Sanky and ram ordered there team and sanky also called arjun and arohi…

Sanky with team and ram reached their arjun also reached their while arohi is with children at home..

Sanky peeps inside and there he found swara unconscious tied on pillar with rope.. he fumed more in anger after seeing the rope tightly tied on her stomach…

Sanky and team barged in.. and there they found one of the sanky’s enemy whose son got arrested by sanky on raping and killing one girl.. soo they kidnapped swara for taking revenge..

Sanky breaks his hand on torturing his life… while arjun make swara gain conscious…

Swara opened her eyes but screams in pain due to the tight rope…

Sanky becomes worried and they took her to hospital..

Doctor: mr sanskar I already told u that mrs gerawal is very weak… but thankfully baby is face but now next 6 month there will be only bed rest no house work not even a little one.. or else during delivery time it will be very difficult to save both of them..

Sanky assures doctor that he will take care of all this..

And next 6 month sanky even didn’t allowed swwara to pick a single ppr.. he becomes her shadow.. because he don’t want to lose any of them..its true that swara is her first priority but being a father he also loves his unborn child…

Everybody at home including children took great care of swara and finally after 6 months swara without any problem gave birth to a cute little doll… and they put her name as
Swaranshi sanskar gerawal….

The end….


    • Rabia



      thankuu sooo much dear 🙂 and i have given the link above i always mention the link of previous epi in every next epi u can find them easily 🙂

  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Haa dii mujhe yeh yaad hain. In fact,mein iski summary bhi de sakti hu,haa*childish expression.. Loved it.. Sankyyyy, control dude control..You are already father of three children..Yaar meri doll pe bhi rehem karo.. So impatient you are*pulling your cheeks..

    Diiiiiiii..It’s amazing.. Children are so sweet and caring😘😘..Uff last mein bhi jhatka,kuch nehi ho sakta😋.. Keep writing like this..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  2. Amore


    |Registered Member

    Rabia even on the epilogue u have give us a mini heart attack??? At least epilogue could be without any shock (humph!).

    Oh I forgot RABIA=SHOCK FOR SURE how could she miss it???


  3. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Aww…so cute. Hahha…if given chance u will make a volley ball team of swasan kids…..now plz don’t start thinking that its not a bad idea

  4. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Ohooooo !!!! wohhoooo !!!! wahhhaaaa !!! puuu puuuu puuuuuu.. !!! jadu teri nazar ,khusbu tera badan.. tu haa kar ya na karr … hu ha kar ya naa kar.. tu hai meri SWARA… tu hai meri SWARA… !!! *bang my head on wall.. !!!! .
    new team of KABBADIII… from INDIA … coach is RABIA DII.. !!!
    waa Congo dii,,, SwaSan.. love it.. !!! *kiss My Pikachu.. !!!
    Thnk u.. 😶

    • Rabia



      hahahahaha and the caption is kaku… who will defeat the opponent team by only saying her talkss that they will run aways by giving us the trophy 😉 hehehehhee thankuu sooo muchhh :*

  5. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Rabu dii..
    It is amazing..
    It was my second fav creation of yours.. Because first one was pink little kitten wala ts.. If possible give a shocking and funny epilogue of that ts too..
    Btw you are the first writer who gives shocks even on epilogues!!
    Love you dii..
    Take care..

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