u all made us like this (swasan ff) by known or unknown :P Character Sketch + Promo

Surprise guysss… now u all must be thinking what type of surprise is this when u even didn’t know my name… but guys im not new 😛 I just posted with a different id… soo now u all have to guess that who I am… and if any one of u guessed my name.. I promise I will give the first epi on Sunday if u all liked the idea… and also reveal my identity in the next epi and I know its difficult for u all to guess me soo I will give u the hint in the end 😉

Character Sketch:-

Shekhar Gadodia : biggest drug mafia of the country….

Sharmishtha Gadodia: running the business of girls kidnapping…

Ragini gadodia/meheashwari : daughter of shemish and wife of laksh meheswari.. right hand of sharmishtha….

Laksh Meheswari : don of the city….

Dp and Ap also the business partners of Sehmish but died in car accident…

Niharika Gadodia : younger daughter of Shemish Journalist by profession… don’t know the real face of her family…

Aditya Meheswari : younger son of Laksh died ( how it will reveal later)

Sanskar Garewal : ACP of special Squad andddd ( it will reveal later)

Swara Sanskar Garawal : wife of sanskar senior inspector under Sanskar…. Have a past ( it will reveal later)

Arjun Kapoor : right hand of sanskar and supports swara…


A couple taking rounds around the fire… when suddenly groom take out the gun and points towards the girl standing in front of the couple….

Scene 2:-

Girl is pleading to let her goo.. but in front of her few ppl were standing… nobody listened to her and one girl from the group stabbed her badly and other women pushed her from the cliff…

Scene 3:-

U have to wake up for me for both of us… we will together take revenge from those… who destroyed first my life than yours…

Soo guys how was the promo?? U liked it or not??

And now the time for hint and the hint isssss fainting 😛

If any of u guessed my name the then I promise I will reply u all with my original name id.. and next epi will also be from that one… and also I will answer all your questions if ay of u want to ask…

If u can’t guessed my name then I will reveal my name in the end of this ff 😛 soo choice is yours and I want good response… 😉


    • Rabia


      |Registered Member

      Hahahahaha vyshuu luv u dear andd i will confirm your guess for the scenes in coming episs and dont worry i will also tell the reason behind my yesterdats post 😆😆😆

  1. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Rabia di is this you
    I think this is u par subah to apne bola u are busy but now posting
    Whatever i am happy u re back

    • Rabia


      |Registered Member

      Hahahahaha yes simin its mee with different id just want to do a prank and all your answer i will give u in the next update and now only your answer of one question actually i dont have any one who can click my full pic soo thats why but dont worry when ever i will meet my frnd i surely say to her to click my full pic 😆😆

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Wow, it’s interesting dear….plz continue dear…. I have no idea about you😉😉.
    Take care

    • Rabia


      |Registered Member

      Dont worry dear i will continue and give your question’s answer in next epi 😊😊😊 and ya im the writer i just switch my id soo dont be confuse 😊😊

  3. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Wow its different….. Full of criminals one side…. And our couples as police in other side….. And i think niharika is swara…..

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