U MADE ME SMILE (episode 1)

A lavish banglow show on that name writtern in bold letters MAHESHWARI MANSION.
Lets enter in house .a mid 50 women is doing aarti and a mid 30 lady and mid 50 man is standing behind her.afer arti she given prasad to them..and mid 30 lady went to a room wer a mid 30 man is sleeping she went near him and wake up

Lady: Dev wake up
Dev:5 min rads .yes they are our sweet couple radev.
Rad: wake up dev .after so mant attempt he gt up and went to wash room  to freshn up..then rad went to a room were a man mid 20 was  sleeping ..she went near him wake up him.
Rad: sanky wake up dear. Yes its our hero sanskar.
San sat on bed and told.

San: gud mrng bhabi
Rad: gud mrng ..go get ready i will ur brkfast ..after telling this she enter another room ..which is messy and all and a boy mid 20 and a small boy  was sleeping  ..she went near them and shout
Rad: lucky ,rohan wake up.
Roluk: 5 mins mom.radhika took jug frm table and pour water on them ..both woke up with jerk.
Rad: what is this ..see room how messy u made.
Rolak: mom let it be na

Rad : get up and the room.if not then u ll see worst of me .
Rolak:mom take a chill pill.
Rad:lucky u have to go office dad is waiting and u lil devil school time ..both saw the time and rush to wash room …radhika came down .and made bf and kept on dinning table all came and have bf and went to respective work.

A big office on which written karma groups ..a black car came and stood front of door ..a man mid 20 came out ..he is wearing yellow tshirt blue denim deans and a black coat  with black glasses..he is looking hot and handsome ..he os non other than our hero sanskar ..he enter office all staff greeted him ..he simply nod head ..one of the employ.
Lady1:hey look at him hw hot

Lady2:yes .bt he dnt like girls
Lady1:dnt worry  i ll make him fall .
Lady2:u ll nt ..while gng in cabun thia all heard by sanskar ..who turn to that employes with anger blood shot eyes ..lady gulp in fear ..he turn and enter the cabin ..opend the drawer took photo and went near window ..stood thier carreising that photo.
San:where are u ..i missing u ..i dnt knw y u left me ..bt still my heart beats for u only ..come soon  i cant leave withour plz ..i love u  shona..he kissed that pic and a lone tear escape from his eyes..he was deep thought brken by knock on door ..

San:come in
Man:sir london party  confirmed meeting next week.
San:jhon i need evry details of tht party.
Jhon(PA): ok sir … i ll take leave ..he left and sankar sat on chair and busy in wrk…

Precape:swara intro.

sry for small epi ..i ll write next time large ..nw im busy bcz of exam so i ll nt write regular .

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