Hello everyone ….I am a huge fan of these fan fictions ….n m a new writer who tried to write a short story…not as good as other writers…They r just awesome. …but tried a bit to share my idea with u all…hope so u like it…so let’s get started. …

I was sitting on the bed …my hand wrapped around my legs wearing that heavy bridal attire …The place was new to me ,of course it was not my house my husband’ s house whom I barely n hardly know except his name…..Right now only my mother words are flashing in front of me “when a girl is married she needs to first think of her in laws n especially her husband …sacrifice or compromise whatever she does it has to first satisfy her husband n if she fails to do it she is not worth calling a women”….These things were pondering my mind…my heart was beating fast….rather being happy for starting a new life I was nervous n hell scared…”will I be able to complete my duty”…my thoughts were disturbed by d sound of footsteps. …I lifted my head it was heavy coz of d heavy dupatta on my head..

I saw my husband entering d room, closing the door n bolting it….He den turned towards me I immediately removed my gaze from him…I didn’t make eye contact. …He came towards me…I started shivering. ..He sat beside me n in a very calm voice said “swara u sleep here I ll sleep on the couch…u be comfortable” I was shocked at his these words…again my mom’s words flashed my mind saying” “If ur husband refuses to sleep with u at ur first night than its a shame on ur character….” I was scared at his words….is he has a doubt on my character. ..does he know that I m not Virgin….oh god what he ll think of me….All the negative thoughts were in my mind….then suddenly he held my hand. ..I was startled. …”r u ok swara? Y u look so scared?
Huh?….n….nothing..I somehow managed to utter those words
He just smiled at me …I had no expression may be not in a state of responding to any of his actions. ..

He then continued ” u know..We barely know about each other ya except our names n family. ..He laughed in a mocking tune…u r swara n me sanskar …n it also includes the surname maheshwari …bt what else …nothing. ..so swara I want to give some time to this relation let us know each other well…Our likes n dislikes…den only we both will be comfortable to take our relation to the next step…so for now we can be friends right..so friends? …I was just glaring at him not uttering a single letter…trying to recapitulate whatever he said n just nodded in yes..
So cool ….from now we shall be friends n I must say I m happy to get a friend like u…ok den good night n take rest
He took d pillow n blanket n went to d couch n slept…I said good night bt in a very low voice not audible. …I took the blanket n slept on my left side …I tear escaped from my eyes with a smile on my face..

I was never so happy as I m today…at least at my house Where I cannot even imagine my father talking to my mom in such a calm voice. …I have always seen him scolding my mom n rattling over her…
At least one thing I came to know that my husband knows how to be calm n I was happy knowing this fact only

After 1 week we shifted to sanskar’s apartment in Delhi from his parents house in kolkata. ….I was some where happy as I was going away from my parents. …no girl will feel the same n even oppose me for my this feeling of grief. ..bt ya I cannot deny n my conscious was happy inside…my parents came to see off me I was though feeling sad as I had spent 24 years of my life with them…They gave me all d necessities…..” u r now someone else’s responsibility. …maintain ur dignity n respect don’t embarrass us…u r a girl remember that n girls r meant to listen others. Was the last few lines my mother said to me before see off..n my father didn’t even bothered to say anything. ..I nodded in a yes and took their blessings…my mother had tears I hugged her …” thank you n I love u ma” I then went towards my father n said “buy papa n take care”….He nodded in a yes n blessed me..

I than hugged n took blessings from my in laws n bid them good buy
I reached Delhi. ..sanskar’s apartment sorry our house was beautiful. ..swara u can decorate the house as per ur wish…whatever u need just tell me ok…ok I said n smiled.
It was good to know that my choice also matters to him.
The next day we went shopping n I came to know that Mr. Sanskar maheshwari was so childish n cute…His excitement while watching a superman n spiderman T- shirts n in a enthusiastic n excited tone telling me that he had his wardrobe filled with his favourite super heroes…I just smiled at his this childish behaviour n adored it…looking at me seeing him he stopped n felt embarrassed. ..y did u stop continue? U look soo cute….

I realised what I just said n bit my tongue…He looked at me with a loving smile I felt shy n to end the awkwardness I asked him to bring water for me….Phewwww!! I sighed….It was a good feeling to give orders to a man n he very obediently following it….my father would never do that n my mom would never dare to ask him to do something either ….Once we went at our aunt’s house for a puja. ..my mom is asthmatic so she was feeling suffocated because of d smoke from d havan so she asked dad to bring her pump which was inside her bag…my father gave such a disgusting look as if my mom asked for his kidney…eventually I had to give d pump…After returning home my father gave a warning to my mother to never give him orders for anything I am not ur slave.
My mother as usual nodded yes

I was thinking n sanskar came with d water bottle…I took it with deep thoughts. ..I asked him “u r not angry on me na for asking u to bring water for me”
Huh? What r u saying swara …u r my wife n m ur husband. ..u can oder me anything coz it’s my responsibility to full fill all ur wishes…is u being my wife Can Take care of me so I can’t even do this for u…
I sighed in relieve…n smiled at him lovingly
Thank you I said….no sorry no thank you in friendship Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari
I blushed …He noticed it and said “I love when u blush”
It’s being now 1 month to our marriage. …I was cleaning the cupboard n found a bracelet…It was given by my ex…He betrayed me as I was just a thing for him to which he just used n threw…my trust on men never came from d day he betrayed me n of course seeing my father it vanished….dat day I cried a lot I cannot even tell my mother about otherwise she would have killed me knowing the fact I m not pure as per her definition. …so I gave example of my friend…n d reply was it’s the girls fault…she should have taken care of her character. …she even said that not to meet her anymore as she is not a pure girl now
I thought that would they have dis owned me hearing the truth…I was scared n kept my mouth shut…
Swara swara…come here na…Sanskar calling woke me up from my thoughts
I was bit tensed as he was doing his work n was not in a good mood
Ye…yes. I said nervously

Swara…He said it bit loud n I clutched my hands into my dupatta….bt to my utter surprise he said ” swara see na I m very confused with this deal…suggest me some tips na
I was shock hearing this I remember once my mother tried to help my father in his work…she gave a small tip which was truly a nice n logical tip…bt d very next moment I heard a loud Loud noise came of a glass breaking. ..n a hard slap bashed on my mother’s face by my father….never dare to suggest me anything ur work is in the kitchen. …my mother weeping took d pieces of broken cup n went to kitchen. ……….u ..u r asking ME for a suggestion?!!! So what…I m asking ur opinion…u r my wife if I ll not ask u then whom ll I ask…I looked at him and took the file I read it …After 5 min of constant reading. ..I looked at him…He was looking at me with a hopeful eyes…I gave him few suggestions n even said my idea…He listened patiently. ..than he made me sit I was still talking n he nodded at my views ….I didn’t realise but I was talking to him for 20 minutes. ..At last I ended…He was gazing me in shock…I was bit tense…have I said too much…is he angry I thought. …He stood up so as I…He didn’t say anything he came close to me I closed my eyes in fear…He hugged me tightly I opened my eyes in reflex. …He lifted me ….”thanku thank u thank u soon much swara…He was really happy n excited….u solved my problem. ..Thanks a lot…He put me down..n gave a tight kiss on my cheeks in excitement. ..I felt goose bumps around my body….oh oh. ..sry. ..sry…I am really happy dats y…its ok I said..I smiled at him he was blushing
N ya u only said no sorry n no thank you. ..

Oh ya a sry. ..I mean vo…vo…
Hearing this I laughed n seeing me he also laughed. …I don’t know but after many months I was laughing whole heartedly. …I touched my cheeks n felt his kiss…I felt butterflies in my stomach. ………
I was always in fear of full filling my duty and responsibility as a women a my mother always said it to me
But today I m feeling Dat it’s not only the duty of women but also a duty of Man. ..All is needed is trust. ..n I trust my husband. ..my sanskar
Days passed me n sanskar became very close to each other ….Our best spot of talking is our balcony at night with two cup of black coffee made by me…He loves d coffee made by me…n I love to make it for him
I started falling for him n I knew even he loved me…bt I never confessed…..my mother word still occupies my mind haunting me every day…dat if a girl lost her purity before marriage den she is not a women to be addressed in a society she is considered as character less”
I m not pure. ..what if he hates me…I know he is not like others but what should I do with my fear m not able to overcome it I cannot loose him…Sanskar kept his head on my lap..took my hand n kissed it…u r an angel to my life… I caressed his head…I felt immense happy hearing d word angel…m I really a angel…my mom n dad always considered me a burden I suppose. ..my father was not happy at my birth he wanted a son…doctor said ma cannot conceive due to complications. ..dad blamed mom for this also…All my life I have heard those taunts being a girl…at my uncle’s force they educated me at least

Now this man addresses me an angel…m I really an angel…thinking dat I slept
After few days …same spot our balcony. ..I went to make Coffee but he stopped me…today I want to drink with my wife he said
He bought a bottle of wine ..He offered me a glass…first I hesitated but he told me to take it through his eyes….We sat n I took a sip it tasted good ….We were doing our regular talks..as time passed then effect of wine also started. ..We both felt bit dizzy but were in our senses
…what u want to become swara he asked. …Indeed a serious question. .I didn’t say anything just looking at him
He laughed a bit…I mean what u desire to become swara
He had intensity in his voice…I replied…I..I want to become a…..writer sanskar
He had tears in his eyes ….what happen? I asked concerned. …u know I myself wanted to become a writer but dad didn’t allow me…I had to leave my dream for my family. …He held my hand I went close to him..today .I am so happy swara hearing ur dream…..I want to fulfill ur dream swara….promise me promise me that u ll become. A writer…not only for yourself but also for me….to become a writer was my dream…but today I have seen a new dream …to see u as a writer. …I want to make it reality for u swara…because I ..I love u swara…I have always been …bt feared about ur feeling but today I have no fear no ….I was numb at his words tears were coming out of my eyes constantly. …I never saw a man’s love…He loved me lovingly. ….I stood up n ran to my room…He must be shock at my this action. …I lied on d bed , took a pillow n cried vigorously. …All the Incidents were coming to my mind….I never trusted on man…This man made me live my life again. …treated me like a princess ….He made me realise that it’s a blessing to be a girl…….I saw a man’s shadow at the door..I looked at him ..stood up ran towards him n hugged him tightly…I looked at him …I could clearly see the intensity of love he had for me…I kissed his lip…I gave a small peck at first…I lifted my head to see him he was shock…I kissed hi back this time harder…He soon reciprocated. …I caressed his hair and he my waist. …We had a passionate kiss for long..He lifted me n put me on the bed…I hope u r in ur senses n not under the effect of wine

I laughed …I was never so active n in my senses before…He smiled at me caressing my hair I hugged him….I love u!!! I whispered in his ears…He kissed my cheeks my neck…He bit me I moaned ….at every kiss he was giving me I can feel his love for me…at every step I was going into the deeper meaning of love….So are u ready?….He said….wait I want to tell u something. …..I …I m not Virgin!!…He looked at me seriously at first…dat look was killing me but later he laughed…u scared me swara I thought u gonna say u have HIV AIDS…..I felt satisfied. ..d one thing which was bothering me from d very first. Day of my marriage is finished now….I m lucky to have you sanskar….n we consummated.
I made love with my husband after 3 and a half months of our marriage n I felt complete
More Than that I was happy dat my mother was wrong…its not d girl who is impure but the thinking of people which is impure n today it does not matter to me because my husband is with me …..n I love him immensely
I woke up in his embrace…He gave a peck on my lips…love u angel. …I hugged n we kissed each other passionately. ……We were in a new journey together. ..n for me it was a new birth….

Thank you…I have shared a small piece of my thinking
….n thus in every marriage both the partners should complete each other since its the union of two souls…
…..There are many girls like swara who think like her what she used to think…There r many parents like swara parents who have such a ill thinking. …she was lucky to have a guy like sanskar. …but not all are lucky. .who have to bear the torture of ” so called society n it’s thinking”

I am not a great writer but just tried a bit to express share my feelings
I apologise for any mistake. ….

Credit to: Mitti

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    1. Thanks neha for d lovely comment….n ya d orthodox society have literally become pests especially for girls….We talk about women empowerment but because of few people’s thinking n there so called #SAMAJ girls r being treated as victims. …d society needs people who has a thinking like d character sanskar in my ff

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