DO U LOVE ME? Twinj OS(By Ayu)


DO U LOVE ME? Twinj OS(By Ayu)

Yaar i got some time so i thought why not write an os? I had such an amazing response to the last one!
If anyone missed that, here’s the link to it:
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So guys! Ready for a bit of shaky-shaky of booties? Get ready!!!

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

‘WHY DONT U JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! Do u always have to poke ur nose in my stuff??
JUST LET ME BREATHE! I am fed up of ur blo*dy husband-possessiveness shit! Go get a life!!!’

N she slammed the door hard on his face before taking the car…

She went to Lovers Point and put a mat on the ground. She had worn a baby pink gown with golden stilettos which she had removed and had a star bracelet on her wrist. Her hairs were open and were fluttering in the air. She sat down.

She is revealed to be Twinkle…

T-Nice! Last move successful! Abhi bas dekhna hai ki mera buddhu Sarna kya karta hai…..
NOO!! Siyappa! If he doesnt know where i am then how will he be able to find me?? FRIENDSBOOK! Right!!

*status update: hanging out at Lover’s Point*

T-Mean Twinkle ya good Twinkle? Hmm….Mr Sadu Sarna! U made me yearn sooo much for this! I really want to make u thrive for this now!!

*latest post: guess whom i have as company…some great spirit?cheers guys?*

Now i’ll turn the timer on..let’s see Mr Sarna! Ur faster in arriving here or faster in confessing ur love…

N she smirked….
She stared at the sky n she could recall all of the incidents that had happened!!!


A room is shown, well decked up as a bride….A huge round bed in the middle on the wall was written:
‘Kunj weds Twinkle’

The room was groomed with roses, garlands, scented candles and a romantic and sensual background. In the middle of the bed was a girl, with heavy jewelry and lehenga, waiting for her husband.

Finally her wait came to an end…a handsome guy wearing a light beige and red sherwani entered the room and bolted the lock. He approached the bride…n took off her veil. Before anything could be said or done, the guy said:

G-i am really sorry Twinkle but i cannot do this…i know u may have lots of expectations from me but i am afraid that i will not be able to fully live up to your expectations…i will shoulder the maximum responsibilities as a husband but please do not expect much from me cuz in the end u’ll remain heartbroken.


With these words, he took his pillow n dozed off on the couch.
It took the whole night for Twinkle to be able to seep in his words…she was distraught and sad…the most important night of her life had given her the biggest shock….however she somehow convinced herself to live with it….

T-i will wait for u Kunj…even if it takes me the whole life….


Time passed…seconds,minutes, hours, days, months and finally, it had been a year ever since they got bound by the sacred bond of mariage….

They were still incomplete…but they became confidentes to each other. In the day they were friends….in the night, they were complete strangers.
They excelled in each n every duty except that of being husband-wife.

It was their first mariage anniversary. That day, bebe offered them a dinner and a night at a five-star hotel in Mumbai…
They were reluctant to go there but finally lost to bebe.

It was a silent evening. Twinkle was somewhat bored and disappointed with Kunj so she ordered some drinks…tequila shots!
Kunj tried to stop her but she had already gulped 3 down…

T-what? What r u looking at? U know?? Ur the most boring and insensitive perso…naahhh…husband on EARTH!!!
No smile, no talks…actually no! Ur simply toooo swami types!
(She is drunk guys)

N this….she stared at the tequila shots on the table…

‘This’ she said taking one in her hands…
‘Ur afraid of this…everyday home office home….thats it…..’

Suddenly Kunj took one n gulped it down. Twinkle’s eyes popped open!!

T-well done my boy! Wait! Even i will join u! To 1 year of meaningless shaadi! Cheers!

N this went on till practically 3 am. The waiter took them to their room…

T-haww! No couch! Mr sadu Sarna! Where will u sleep? On the floor??? No!!!! Pati…patni dharm stuff….we will share the bed! This side urs n this one mine….

She said pointing to the left side of the bed….

Kunj was just glaring at her and then said
K-no! Ur Twinki oof Twinkle oof Siyappa Queen! U should be there! Near the stars! Go!

(Note:both of them are inebriated)

T-haww!! No! What do u fear? Dont worry…ur safe with me! I wont rape u……

K-but i can….soo go in the sky! Dont forget to wave at me from there! I will tell everyone that my friend is Twinki…the one on the star!

N he gave a bright smile….

T-rape? N U? Ur Mr ‘only talks no action’
U will never be able to do anything!

N she was going to change her dress when Kunj grabbed her by the waist and

Twinkle was shocked…


K-Kunj Sarna can do anything! Get that? N…

Twinkle smashed her lips against his…kunj reciprocated after a while…..their hands were exploring each other….

Twinkle was caressing his hairs while he was running his hands under her dress….

They broke apart after 10 minutes…n fell on the bed!

They shared an intense eyelock and…..
(U know the rest…if not…i cannot help it….sorry?)

❤️The Next Morning❤️

Twinj were disturbed by the sun rays. They woke up and were shocked by the state of the room and the way they were sleeping….

They were naked…with the blanket covering them…their clothes were haggardly scattered on the floor…and they were in a hugging posture…

Kunj was about to say something when Twinkle snatched the blanket and went to the washroom. She tried hard to recall what had happened but only snippets of memory were coming to her mind. She was blushing badly and was all smiling thinking about their previous night together.
She got out after freshing up n found Kunj staring at her.

She was about to say something when Kunj said:
‘I am so sorry for last night. I know i shouldn’t have…i am really guilty for that…please forgive me for this mistake…’

Each n every word pierced Twinkle’s heart. Her eyes had teared up…that was enough for her…

T-really kunj? That was a mistake? Ur right! It was a big damn mistake!!!
(Now she was literally screaming)
But not bigger that this relationship! U know what? I am no longer interested in trying to rekindle this dead relationship again! Now i am going to live life on my own terms n mind u Mr Sarna! U have no freaking right to interfere in my life!

She stormed out of the room banging the door….leaving a shocked Kunj behind…

❤️end of flashback❤️

T-i had decided to get his mind on track since that day! N i am going to be successful…she smiled…

❤️Flashback no 2❤️

Ever since that day Twinkle stayed away from Kunj. They used to stay in different houses…yes..Twinkle had moved out….

T-i have to teach u a lesson Mr Husband! Now just wait n watch!

Twinkle started to behave suspiciously…she used to throw parties every week, inviting unknown people. Kunj would gate crash her parties n it always ended with Kunj thrashing guys out n fighting with Twinkle. Twinkle would shoo him away and carry on with the parties.

It was all her plan…it had been going on since 2 months now.
It was the limit for Kunj.

This time Twinkle acted to be drunk and she had an intimate dance with a guy on the song
Tu issaq mera from hate story 3.

Twinkle was literally stripping off her clothes. This time Kunj punched the guy so hard that he ended up in a pool of blood. Everyone was worried about the situation but Twinkle was happy about it. Kunj dragged Twinkle from there and confronted her.

They indulged in a fierce verbal fight.


T-ohh just give me a break! I need fun in my life! I cant be like u…i need a partner…for life….not a namesake one! But a genuine one!!!
She replied casually…




T-‘WHY DONT U JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!! Do u always have to poke ur nose in my stuff?!!!
JUST LET ME BREATHE! I am fed up of ur blo*dy husband-possessiveness shit! Go get a life!!!’

❤️end of flashback no 2❤️

Twinkle was lost in these fbs when a strong muscular arm caught hold of her and spinned her towards him. Twinkle smirked and looked at the timer….

T-30 minutes…not bad Mr Sarna! Ur good!

K-WHAT THE f**k TWINKLE? What are u upto now?


K-twinkle u!!

T-wait! Dont start with ur lengthy parts again! Get to the point!!! Why r u sooo affected?! Ur not supposed to be!! Do you love me? Do you hate me? Open up! U know the best part about it? I wont be able to recall annnyyything about this…so tell me!
(She stressed her words)

K-ur disgusting me! Ur this drunk that u cannot even pronounce things well! I had started to fall for u but ur just not worth it!

N he threw her on the mat.

She smirked(being drunk) n said…
T-why? I am not good enough for u huh?

She held his collar…

T-ur the one who did not want this relationship! So i set u free…ur now totally free!

K-no! Just because i had loved the one whom i had slept with! Not the one who is cheating on me by heating the bed of…..



She was about to go when kunj pulled her. She ended on his chest with a jerk. Her tears were shining in the moonlight n she tried hard to avoid eye contact with Kunj.

K-hey! U know u should not leave ur personal stuffs lying around…especially ur personal diary..

He said handing her a brown diary. Twinkle kept staring at him…kunj gave a slight smile…

T-so u knew everything??

K-from the start!

T-then why did u not say anything?

K-had i said that before…how would i be able to see this bold avatar of urs?
He stroke his nose to hers…

T-wait a min! So all this while u were fooling me…

K-kind of…

T-hawww! I hate you!
N she tapped his chest…kunj held her hands and looked straight in her eyes…

K-hey i am sorry! I know i shouldnt have said it was mistake…when i read ur diary i understood how much u loved me n how much i do….

Twinkle looked at him.

K-i love u! I really do…to the end of infinity!!!

Twinkle blushed…

T-i love u too kunj!

N they hugged tightly…

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinj were lying beside each other on the mat, looking at the sky with their hand interwined with each other…



K-what are we doing?

T-nothing…just staring at the sky..




T-still nothing Kunj…


T-(being frustrated)

But the only thing that followed was an intimate night on the sand….

❤️___________the end____________❤️

Sooo guys!! How did u find it? I thought that i will not be able to post anything for nearly a month…so why not a last one? I will try to post in between but i am not sure about anything..
That was for all of u.

Dont forget to drop ur precious comments. That will be my support system during the exams…i will read them n be happy….will miss u gurls..i will post an epi of my ff this week end…watch out for that….

Gonna miss u guys!

Love u all❤️

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  5. Awesome os.. n twinkles plan was amazing.. and wow kunj knew abt twinkle’s plan.. niceyyy.. but gonna miss u n ur ff badly.. n u dialogues too.. best of luck for your exams ???

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      Aww thank u Yashvee..i am little helpless due to exams…reallysorry dear…thank u for ur wishes n lovely comments?

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    Your last os was posted on 21 September so next should be on 7 or 9 October
    Now coming to the os it was amazing awesome fabulous mindblowing superb loved each n every part of it but more I loved was fb parts start working on next os eagerly waiting for it I know exams are there but still try
    love you dear ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ice cream for u

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      Thannkkk u sooo much dear!! That means a lot!!! Even i am very sad cuz i will not be able to post anything for u guys but i’ll surely post another epi before my exams! Love you❤️❤️❤️

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