U me & our love story (RagLak) Episode 1


Hey guys kavya here with first episode of u me & our love story (RagLak)..!
Episode 1

We see a person getting down from the car..! the media gathers around the person and starts clicking photos as soon as she gets down.! Everyone eyes fell on her…! the guards protect her and she enters the stage..! the speaker says a huge round of applause the most beautiful and talented business woman Ragini gupta…! her face is revealed…! she is wearing a black strapless dress with white earrings pink lipstick and eyelash with white heels…! everyone claps for her..! the speaker continues today she is going to be awarded by the most successful business man in asia sanskar kapoor…! sanskar climbs the stage and goes towards Ragini…and gives her a trophy..! everyone claps for her…!
Ragini: this award is dedicated to all without your support and love today I would not be here…! thank u all..!
She left from there and go to her house…!

She goes to a room and keeps the trophy there…! her eyes fell on a pic it was her and a boy’s pics..! the boy is revealed to be laksh ….! she says to his pic why laksh why did you do this to your ladoo the one whom u claimed to love the most than your life just because of your one mistake now we are separated…! why laksh didn’t u thought about your ladoo before doing this one mistake…! this one mistake changed our whole life u me & our love story everything got changed in few seconds…!

@ India:
Laksh remembers the moments he spent with his ladoo…! Their cute fights their gol gappe competitions…adventures….bike racing and their pure love for each other..! a smile appears on his face….!

We see two cars…from one car a girl gets down and another car boy gets down…! they were raglak they see each other and turn their faces and left in opposite directions….they reach to their class…..as soon as laksh enters two three eggs fall on his head….everyone starts laughing on him Ragini suppresses her laugh but soon bursts out laughing…..! Laksh gets damn angry seeing her laughing he stamps his foot and left from there to wash his head….!
Bell rings…it was lunch period when Ragini enters the canteen with her friends..laksh was also there at same time …. he counts 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 dhamaka soon Ragini steps on a banana peel and falls down on the floor with a thud…and her head hits the table….all things become a mess….! Everyone starts laughing on her and laksh was laughing like hell holding his stomach..! Ragini gets damn angry and stamps his foot he shouts ouch in pain and Ragini smirks laksh gets damn angry they both left from there angrily…!

Precap: – flashback continues….! Ragini to come to India (In present)

Stay tuned guys and thnxxx for your motivating comments…! Love u all take care guys keep reading and commenting…!

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Wooow..nice start dear..

    Loved it….

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxx sree…!

  2. flash back is awesome

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxx nikky yup so sweet of u…!

  3. Akshata

    awesome, loved raglak’s fight

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx akshata…!

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ragz_teju…!

  4. Fats

    Wonderful update Kavya. I loved the flashback, RagLak were so funny and cute with the pranks they’d do on one another ?. Can’t wait to read the next part.

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxx fats???…! will upload next part soon

  5. Awesome episode dear…hehhehe loved dere fight??? waitng for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blessed dear????

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxx fairy???…! will upload next part soon

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxx lisa??….!

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxx lovely????….!

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxx sindhura??….!

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxx j???….!

  6. Cute and adorable fight of raglak.
    One of the best start .

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxx ashnoor??….!

  7. Chooooti the flashback was superb and fuuny yaar. Love it.
    Update soon really want to see more competition between raglak.
    Haha…….. Haha……
    You made me laugh choti. Update soon. ???????

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxx anjali di glad i made you laugh will update soon…!

  8. Superb episode and loved Raglak fight

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxx ammu dear??…!

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxx tani???..!

  9. Rafeee


    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxx rafeee dear???…!

  10. Joyful Jessica

    so nice Kavya di .post nxt part soon

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jessica how many yrs are u of???….!

  11. Flashback was amazing…

    1. Kavya24

      thncxxxxxxx lucky???..!

  12. fb s awesome

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxx saranya????….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Superb

    1. Kavya24

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx arjuna????….!

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