u light up my life- a twinj ff (epi 19)

Hiiiiiii guysssss sry sry sry and a veryyyy bif SRY maarna mt plzz i know i am very late this time actually schl is strted soo that work and was/is veryyy busy but thoguht to write the epi as 2 days holidays r there and a big thanx to all who supported me and told me that everything will be good in my lyf now the things r much better sooo guys excited for kunj’s confession?

Lets strt frst here is is precap of epi 18
A boy for tw is uv….uv and mahi’s marriage gets fixed…tw calls kunj and praks him that he has said yes to the boy… kunj to break down and cuts the call…tw gets tensed

The epi strts with
Tw-mahi kunj didnt listened to me hey i was just saying for fun what happend to him? Mahi-uffo tw what was the need to say him that u have said yess. Tw-sry na yr now tell what should i do? Should i go at his home? Mahi-go tw-but i think i am over reacting he will be fine till evening mahi-of then dont go tw-but if he is seriously upset then? Mahi(gets irritated)-offo tw why r u sooi confused and also making me confused gooo yrr just check him once tw-ok chill down i am going and will tell someone to bring cold water for u so that ur mind gets cool mahi-tw youuuuuu tw leaves from there

At sarna mansion
Tw comes there and asks usha abt kunj she says kunj is in his room tw goes there the room was locked tw-kunjj kunjjj just open the door ku-tw just go from here and leave me alone tw-kunjjj plzz open the door kunj(shouts)- twinkleeee i said gooo i dont wanna talk to evryone Tw strted crying and says-kunj..plz.pl..z ope..n the door i…i..i was just kidding…let me explain kunj listens this and opens the door tw sees him his eyes was fully red and the tears dried up tw comes inside and sees the room. Its was all messed up kunj-tw what u want to say? Tw-ku..nj i am sry my intention was not to hurt u i..i didnt said yes to anyone actually it was uv and tells him the whole incident and says sry kunj kunj sees him and says(by raising voice)-really tw u said in fun u dont even felt one time that what will happen to me u didnt thoguht for me for my feelings one time tw-sry kunj i didnt thought that it will affect u soo mucj kunj- oh reallt and why u thought ehat do u think that i dont care haa? Tw u dont wven know what i was feeling it felt like the whole world has ended i felt like my heartbeat stopped i felt like there is no reason for me to live tw-but why kunj tumhe kyu fark padta h why u care? Ku- fark padta h tw it affects me a lot becuz I LOVE U (sajna ve plays) tw get shocked kunj relaises whqt he said and says in a calm voice-yess tw i love u i love u soo much from the frst day i saw u at temple from ur frst sight i was crazy about u and kneel downs and says – mai tumse bohot pyar krta hu tw and holds her hand pehele tumhari chahat hui fir tumhari aadat fir tumhari lat lagi aut ab tumhari zarrorat h chahat hoti toh khud ko rok leti aadat hoti toh badal dete lat hoti toh chodh dete lekin zarrorat ho issliye zaroori ho tw removes her hand and
Says-kunj i am sry but…

Precap- mahi and uv miarriage functions…kunj and tw closeness

Sooo guys did u like it was the confession ok?plz drop ut comments below and keep supporting and today i request the silent readers also to comment plzz so bye love u all….

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  1. Awsm…luvd it… Shocking too like kunj confess his love… Excited for nxt … Post soon…
    Byeee luv u…

  2. Sohi

    Fabulous episode

  3. Nice episode. ..
    Plz post soon.

  4. Farwah fathima

    Very very nice
    Do continue
    N b regular plzzzzzzzz
    Waiting for ur next epi
    Post asap

  5. SidMin23

    Love this episode and waiting for twinj moment

  6. Presha

    Loved it

  7. amazing episode
    post soon

  8. Amazing. …
    Kunj k dialogues. ..
    Superb. ..

  9. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi luv kunj confession

  10. Fatimaa.

    Amazing loved it to core..
    Especially the last lines…
    They were the star of epi..
    Post soon.
    Love ya ?

  11. Awesome
    Excited for next

  12. Ramya

    Awesome manu

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Fabulous fantastic

  14. Yrrr it was soooo awesome…the confesion was amazing..????????
    Post soon
    Love u?

  15. Baby

    OMG !!!
    ♥ mahi d last dialouges chahat aadat lat zarurat beautiful ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u ♥
    srsly plss do post asap ♥
    n m sry m late ♥

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