u light up my life- a twinj ff (epi 16)

Hey guys again sryyy i am late this time also shoollyy tysm for commenting in my previous epi and in my ts i will post the second part also soon soo before strting here is a recap
Ku comes to take earphone and feels tw’s presence but didnt see her nxt day at sangeet finally twinj sees eo riya gets an idea and tells twinj for a dance..now the epi strts with
This is how sangeet ceremony comes to an end

Nxt scene
Tw and riya were sitting and talking riya thinks- kunj really loves tw and tw is my frnd she will surely tell me if sje has sone feelings for kunj i should help kunj and ask her and says-tw i wanted to ask something tw-ya say r-tw kunj is a very nyc bro but before that he is a very nyc person tw-ya he is really veey sweet r-tw i want to ask do u have feelings for kunj? Do u love him? Tw gets shocked listening this and says-whatt? Riya kunj is a nyc guy but that doesnt mean that i love him he is like my frnd i dont wvwn like him and ur u saying love r-u dont like him i know whatever u r saying is not the truth tw-no riya i dont have any feelings for kunj i dont love him r- but he loves u (it echoes) tw gets shocked and says-whatt kunj loves me how can he i treated him as a frnd.and he i thought he is a nyc guy but i was wrong i hate him and i am going i going very far from kunj. Kunj wake ups and shouts -noooo tw dont go (yes guys u r right it was kunj’s dream) ku-thank god it was my dream i have to talk to riya about it and goes to riya’s room and knocks riya-come in Kunj comes in and tells riya about his dream k- riya i dont want this to happen in real i cant loose her i really love her r-dont worry kunj i know that tw treats u as her frnd and she has no feelings for u kunj-thanx ok now bye gn. R-gn.

Today was mehendi celebration
Riya was wearing light blue lehenga and was looking pretty and tw was wearing a pink coloured suit and was looking veryy beautiful kunj was not able to take off his eyes from her tw was sitting and some girls were applying mehendi on her hand and tw was smiling and laughing and kunj was seeing her from a distance and was smiling and says to himself- i love her tw u r soo cute tumhari issi innocence pe mai marta hu aur har ek din mujhe ek ehesaas hota hai that i love u and waiting for the day when u will also feel the same for me tw’s mehendi was finished and her phone rings with much difficulties she picks up the call and was talking and her hairs were also coming in front of her face kunj sees this and goes towards her and says-let me help u and holds the phone tw smilies and says-thanx and kunj removes her hairs from her face tw cuts the call and was looking tensed kunj-what happened?

Tw- vo actually it was maa’s call she said that they have searched one boy for me ku-boy? what u will do of a boy? Tw-kunj r u alright? What r u saying? Ofcourse for my marriage ku-whatt? That means u will marry him tw-what r u saying kunj no at all ku-why do u love someone? Tw- if the reason was that then i would have Told u ku- tw u wilk not marry him na? If he will says that he has strted liking u then also?? Tw-i dont know anything kunj if ma and papa likes him how i can refuse now have to go riya is calling me..will talk later ku-ok ku thinks-oh god what is this god u know na i love her then why u r doing this? Plz god u will help me na? Babaji is that means that i will not get my love…babaji i cant live without her i will die
Screen freezes on kunj’s tensed face

Precap- kunj was in mandir and was praying god i will die without her i really love her u only make us meet na..u only make me fall for her na…now u will only make us together then only tw comes beside him

Hey guys did u like it? Was it good? Do tell me by ur comments and i was soo glad to see the comments in the previous epi plz keep supporting me like this byee love u all….

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  1. Presha

    Just loved it…
    Too good..
    Post soon..
    Love u…

  2. Purvi128

    Ohhh Manu… that was too awesome..
    Kunj’s scary dream.. uff ???
    A boy for Twinkle ????
    Waiting for the next..
    Post soon
    Lots of love❤?

  3. Sohi

    Amazing episode
    Kunjs dream was very thrilling
    And a boy for twinkle, I think it’s kunj only
    Do continue and post soon

  4. awesome ff
    too good
    please do continue
    and please post the next episode as soon as

  5. SidMin23

    Damn it was just kunj dream ?
    Their is biy for twinkle I how it turn out to be kunj

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

  7. Twinj

    Ohhh god u just really suprised me….but thank god it was a dream….
    n what was that a boy…seriously a boy for Twinkle…hope it’s kunj…name is not revealed na…precap was a blast…hope twinkle comes to know about kunj’s feeling….post asap

  8. Superb ????

  9. Baby

    ohh my god mahi……♥
    amazing,……. 🙂
    loved it too cute……♥
    hahhaa like srsly it was a dream was soooo scared…… 🙂
    loved it…..♥
    missed u…..♥
    post nxt asap dear…..♥
    lods of love…….♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Ramya

    Amazing Manu superb hope everything will be fine

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