u light up my life- a twinj ff (epi 15)

Hii guys tysm for commenting and sry for not posting from soo many days really sry soo here is a recap
Tw and kunj talk and kunj tell that he is going for her cousin’s wedding aftr that mahi comes and tells tw that they r going for riya who is their childhood frnd’s marriage and coincidencely both come to riya’s marriage but didnt see eo
Now the epi strts with

Tw and riya were sitting in riya’s room and were talking then only some one knocks r- coming and opens the door half and says-kunj u what happened any prob? Ku- actually want ur earphones r-yeah come tw listens kunj’s voice and says- i have listened this then tw gets phone call and turns other side and says- hello maa and says- hello hello and. When goes to the balcony for network then only kunj enters in the room. Kunj feels something strange riya gives him earphones and says- take it but kunj was thinking something r- kunj what happened? Ku- no. Nothing and says- dont know what’s happening why i am feeling tw’s presence here and goes fron there then only tw comes and says- what happened? Who knocked the door R- nothing my bro came actually he wanted earphones that’s why tw- oo ok gn riya its getting late i should leave now r-ok gn. Tw leaves when she was going she was singing humsafar song and was passing by kunj’s room ku listens her voice and says-tw and goes to check then only tw goes inside her room and kunj sees no one and says- kunjj u have gone mad tujhe har jagah tw dikhai de rhi h so jaa and goes to Sleep

Nxt day
Riya’s sangeet
Kunj was standing wearing red shirt and white jeans and was talking to riya wha was looking pretty in pink lehenga then only tw and mahi comes mahi was wearing oranhe suit and was looking very beautiful and tw who was wearing blue lehenga and was looking veryyyy pretty kunj sees him and gets shocked and says-tw…no no kunj u have not met her from 2 days that’s why u r seeing her everywhere how tw can come here. Tw ses kunj and and says- kunj how kunj is here he said that he is going yo her cousin’s wedding..wait wait oh god that means riya is kunj’s sister tw comes towards riya and kunj and says- hii kunj kunj gets shocked and says to himself- aree baap re mere sapne kabse sach hone lage and says-tw u here how? Riya- hey what’s happening? Do u both know eo? Tw-yeh we knoe eo veryy well right kunj? Ku-yeah riya-how ku- aree di we r frnds riya-wow that’s nyc tw says- i will just come actually i have forgotten my phone riya-yeah sure tw goes. Kunj- diii u know tw? Riya-yeah she is my childhood frnd ku- u know i told u na that i love someone riya-yeah ku- dii that girl is tw riya gets shocked and says- whatt that means u love tw wow she is a nyc girl i am veryy happy for u ku- yeah she is the best girl in the world but di u have to help me riya- ofcourse i can do this much for my bhai amd bhabhi ku smiles listening this tw comes there ku goes to tw and says- wah miss amritsar looking beautiful today tw-i always look beautiful mr sarna u have noticed Today ku- oh really tw-yes riya sees both of them and says- both r looking soo nyc together i should do something and thinks r- idea and goes to the person who is hosting and says something and comes and stand with twinj. Hoster- soo guys now its a time for couple dance and everybody have to participate riya goes to kartik ( her fionce) and pulls twinj also they dance beautifully on song jeena jeena from badlapur and everyone claps

Precap riya thinks- i should do something for kunj and says- tw do u have feelings for kunj? Do u love him? Tw gets shocked listening this


Hiii guys did u like it?? Was it good? Do tell me by ur comments ty sooo much for reading and i will try to post nxt epi soon i know u will say that everytime i say like this but will pakka try byee love u all

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous

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    Very lovely episode
    Ria is soo sweet
    Hehe kunjs confusion was good
    Do continue and post soon

  3. SidMin23

    Nice kunj seen twinkle everywhere was nice thought hope she will help twinj to come close.

  4. Ramya

    Manu awesome one just loved it
    N bechara kunj he is thinking dat he is seeing twinkle everywhere
    Cute one

  5. Presha

    Loved it.

  6. awesome amazing nice twist

  7. Nice episode

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    ohhhhhh god amazing……
    loved it……..♥

  14. Awesome… Mindblowing…. Post nxt asao… Luv u ….

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    Fabulous epi….
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