u light up my life – a twinj ff (epi 11)

Hiii guys ty soo much for commenting and u know now i can post the epi from my phone finalllyyy actually before that i was having tab but in that i can only comment and use to read the ffs dont know what was the problem soo i used to post epis from my sis’s or my mom’s phone vyt finallyy i got my phone soo now enough of my talking lets strts the epi
Recap- kunj to msg tw…tw accepts the frndship….kunj asks no….. tw says why soo early…kunj says no. Toh mai leke rhunga..
Now the epi strts with

Taneja mansion
Leela and tw r talking leela- tw today there is a bussiness party at our home ur father got a great success in hus project that’s why ok? Tw- ok soo now only i have to leave for shopping leela- i knew it ok go but come fast byee tw- byee

In evening
The taneja mansion was decorated beautifully and the guests strted coming then only manohar comes with usha. Leela and rt welcones them and asks where is their son? Manohar- he is just coming leela- ok. Aftr sometimes our hero enters and was wearing a black coat with white shirt and black pant looking extremly hot he goes and greets leela and rt. Then only tw comes wearing a white coloured gown looking extremly beautiful kunj gets mesmerised seeing her l. She comes and greets manohar and usha. They all get busy meeting their frnds and bussiness partners twinj was standing there kunj- hiii tw- hii kunj- looking nyc tw- thanx. Tw lets me see the arrangements just coming kunj- yeah sure tw leaves and come out and sees. Two children playing and above them the maids were cooking food with the help of coal and little but was falling down tw gets tensed and says- oh god this kids if something will happen to them then? And souts- hey move from there but the kids were not listening
Screen freezes

Precap- tw comes on the top of the kids and covers them then only the hot coal was about to fall on tw then……..

Hello hope u all liked today’s epi do comment and i will surely try to post soon byee love u all….

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  1. Presha

    Just loved it

  2. Too gud
    Precap seems interesting

  3. nice good epi
    post soon

  4. Simiyy

    It was really cute
    Precap is scary but i think Kunj will save her
    Post soon

  5. Fatimaa.

    It was awesome..
    Loved it so much..

  6. SidMin23

    Nice hero will save her do post asap

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice interesting

  8. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb
    N I think kunj saves twinkle
    Bcoz yeh scene tho aur pyaar ho gaya mai bhi that ba

  9. nice try writing a longer one

  10. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂
    Post soon the precap is amazing 🙂

  11. Hey manu
    That just fab …loved it to the core
    It was just amazing awesome
    Precap sounds scary…
    Post soon dear
    Love u

    Loads of love

  12. Baby

    hey manu……♥
    amazing episode………♥
    loved it ……♥
    too cute…..♥too adorable twinkle looked……♥
    n kunj too hot……♥ woowwaaa…….amazing……♥
    lods of love……….♥♥♥♥♥

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