u light up my life – a twinj ff (epi 10)

hiii guys sry for not posting and ty sooo much for commenting but i am getting very less comments?its ok o understand many r having exams. anyways here is a recap of the previous Epi. tw and kunj talks in cafe then humsafar plays tw keep on talking while kunj is lost in her then kunj sit on his knees tw think thay mahi is right and kunj likes her but kunj asks for frndship tw was about to fall when kunj holds her and says that lines which he said her before tw gets shocked listening that and thinks kunj is the only person who saved her life before also. kuNj and tw goes from there
and now the Epi strts with

tw is sitting in her bedroom and thinks oh god what is happening with me kuNj is that person who said me that words and remembers that lines babaji give me a sign na what u r doing always kunj saves my life he saves me from all the problems kunj is really a nice guy

nxt scene
uv is sitting and doing something in his phone and smiling. kuNj sees him and says- uv meri jaan what u r dOing and why u r smiling sooo much can i know the reason uv sees him with doubt and says- merii jaan kuch toh gadbad h tell me what happened kunj- nai mere bhai nothing u have listened that song na aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya h and smiles brightly uv- i think ur intentions r not good tell me clearly kunj- thank god now i dont have to do acting uv listen u know mahi’s surname? ofcourse u know silly me so cqn u tell me her surname i have forgotten uv- but why u need kunj- ofho u will not do this much for ur bhai dekhli teri dosti uv- ok ok i wil tell mahi singh kunj- tyyyy sooo muchh and opens his phone and send a frnd request to tw. tw sees it and accepts kunj gets happy and shouts yess yess yess uv- bhaii what happened u have win Olympics or what? kunj- nothing i just passed a level uv- oh god this boy twinj chats in fb

kunj- heyy
tw- hii
kunj- u didnt ans my ques yet
tw- which ques i dont know?
kunj- achaaa jii ok then once again i will sit on my knees
tw- no no no need i knowkunj- then tell
tw- what?
kunj- i think i have to say will u be my frnd?
tw- frnds vo toh hum hai hi
ku- r u serious
tw- why aren’t we
ku- no no ofcourse

kunj shouts and says- uv uv uv uv uv i am soooo happyyyy ( vas itni si instrumental plays)
uv- what happened?
kunj- finally tw said that we r frnds
uv- woww Congo that’s great
ku- yess
uv- now i am going to sleep gn
ku- gn

kuNj then chats with tw
ku- hey as we r frnds now soo
tw- soo?
ku- can i get ur no.
tw- and what if i will not give
ku- aree why u will not give i think now oNly i said that we r frnds
tw- chill mr kunj sarna chill we have became frnds few min ago and i dont trust anyone soo easily
ku- no toh mai leke rahunga
tw- ok i am waiting byee
ku- byee
screen splits into 2 parts both tw and kunj smiling

precap- how will kunj gets tw no

helloo guys did u liked it? i know it was short but plz co-operate ty for reading and plz those who comment keep commenting and those who r not plz comment bye love u all??

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  1. Sohi

    Fabulous episode
    Liked kunjs excitement for her friendship
    Do continue
    Plz don’t be sad Coz of less comments

  2. Ramya

    Awesome Manu cute

  3. Presha

    Loved it…

  4. awesome lovely epi

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    AMAZING fabulous fantastic

  6. awesome .loved it.?

  7. SidMin

    Aww loved the episode … so sweet …
    Love you post soon ❤

  8. Manu episode was tooo gud
    Loved it

  9. Mia12

    Hey Many,
    Sry 4 not cmnting… My net pblm plzz don be upset,,☺☺ well I really love ur ff❤?❤?❤ it was amazing yet beautiful.????.. I love ur dialogue also which u give between UV and kunj,??… it’s sooo much fuuny love it,??.. plzzz post next…☺☺

  10. Baby

    aww……..manu soooo vry cute loved it……..♥
    lods of love….♥

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