Why u left me?- TPK ff Intro


Hi friends. Anu here managed to post this new ff finally. Here is the intro

thapki (jigyasa singh) divorcee live with her daughter bini
harshali malhotra bini daughter of thapki and a naughty girl HATES THE GUY WHO HER MOM PAIN
Always make her mother run behind her.
Bihan/adarsh:[manish goplani] a rude business man
never talk sweet to anyone
hide his marriage reality from others
and have lost faith in god and love

shradha: bihan PA

zain: bihan friend and knows his reason of being rude and knows all secret of him
flirty guy bt loves his wife always teases her and have a lovely bond with bihan bt sometime he too act rude

aliya: zain wife
and want that everything fine in his bro life means bihan life
a caring wife bt fears as his hubby has flirty nature

Will post the first epi as soon as I free.

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  1. Winnifred

    Hi you wrote another ff before this one can you Pls continue with that ff if you have time I liked it a lot it was mysterious, exciting and over all interesting. I also love this one too don’t stop writing, please.

  2. Vinlora

    Good start anu….all the best. .. ? update soon ?


    Hi anu…welcome back to new ff…plss upload ur that ff I really like that episode…. 😉

  4. hey guys this article was submit by my frnd as i told her to do this for me and my other ff our destiny, Coincidence of life will submit by me when i will be free and so plz like this and support it.

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