Why u left me?- TPK ff Epi 2

here next part of my epi 2
Zain enters into bihaan cabin and looks at him

he is sitting on chair and working on the files.
zain claps and said:”wow mr. Adarsh pandey What a fantabulous job u done?
i think u r very happy today as u r A sadist who lover to give pain to others.”
bihaan stands up with full arrogant behaviour and said:”stop mr. Zain and behave nicely I m ur boss.

zain:”Oh sorry i forgot That u r a mindless guy also As u forgot that u R not boss of this company , the pandey company is owned by BALWINDER PANDEY and u r his son Ok and I have a partnership with ur dad so don’t try to act smart in front of me”.
bihaan holds his collar .
bihaan:” how dare u to talk to me like this. And Sorry Mr.zain i think u have short term memory as u forgot i breaks all my relation with that guy and now I bought this company, its mine now.
if u come here to talk nuisance than sorry i have many works so plz leave OTHERWISE…”
zain push him and said:”What? Ha what? Will u do same with me
will u behave same with u behave with others and just kick me out from ur life and shows ur mastership LISTEN ADARSH PANDEY U CAN BE A SUCCEESFULL MAN but never be a GOOD HUMAN BEING AS U r ANIMAL”
Bihaan is silent ar he just hearing is words
zain continue:” u don’t know how many peoples are in pain bcoz of u U just act sweet U wasn’t too sweet U R A SELFISH UNDERSTAND SELFISH GUY THE SUCCESSFULL BUSINESSMAN BIHAAN/ADARSH PANDEY….
He is continuosly yelling at him like a hurt man whom is very hurt bcoz of him.
he is not only hurt but worried for his friend who change so much.

“STOP!! MR. Zain u have no right to speak with my friend like this. keep away.”
they heard a voice and its voice of a angry red face girl
the girl moves towards zain
she is wearing a sleevless top and a jeans pant
she is loves stylish things and modern dresses bt as bihaan loves simplicity so she wears those clothes by which bihaan didnt get angry as she wants him in her life.

zain continuously looking at her
his hearts beats
he put hand on his heart and muttered:”control heart devta if aliya would listen she will punish u to beats for some other girl. HAYE SO BEAUTIFUL.

the girl comes to zain and her face is burning like a furnace and she is very much angry on zain to insulting her frnd.
zain heart again skip

the girl:”so Mr. Zain How dare u to talk to my bihaan like this?”
ZAIN:”no Shadz u r misguiding Me i m just telling him to be calm and didnt show anger on others.”
yes she is shraddha PA OF BIHAAN AND HIS BESTIE

shraddha:”don’t dare again Mr. Zain otherwise..”
zain:”stop this talk shadz just tell me have u eaten a dove soap in ur breakfast why r u glowing so much today?”
shraddha:”What nonsense? Zain am i m looking a fool who eats a soap in breakfast.”
bihaan laughs watching there mischief.
zain:”Who said u r fool u r a ful(flower)”

shraddha:”ok ok zain fine i m the biggest fool who talk to u fine Na. Now leave this And tell me about today project.”
zain didnt listen to her and spins her around.
shraddha:”stop this drama Leave me plz.”
zain began to sing a song
kya khoob lgti ho badi sundar dikhti ho.

aliya comes and see zain- shraddha together.
she fumes and go.

bihaan sees aliya and said:”zain beta Aliya had saw u with shadz now go and talk to her otherwise my sis will not leave u.”
zain becomes tensed and goes behind aliya.
ON the way

aliya:”he will never change i think he get bored with me. HE NEVER LOVES ME.”
she began to cries.
zain comes and said:”sorry aloo dear but its not my fault shadz told me to spin her.
seriously its not my fault.”
aliya:”dont lie i know u r lying.”
aliya is angry and zain is trying to confront her
bt she didn’t

zain gets an idea and he began to sing a song
RUK JA OH DIL DEEWANE puchu to main jara.”

he dances and try to confront her.
aliya loves his activity but shows her anger.
aliya’s anger vanishes and she hugs him .
saying I love u 2.

epi ends
sorry for late
sorry for No thahaan scene
its a suspense

precap: thapki meets someone and she is hell shocked
she slaps him
zain divorced aliya.
bihaan meets bini

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