Why u left me?- TPK ff Epi 1


Hi. This is epi 1.

epi start with bini running and thapki try to caught
they Will argue
as bini didnt want to bath and thapki want to make her clean bt she said she loves dirty clothes and dust
she call her mamma chudail who always shout on her.
thapki holds her ears and say :” now see what this chudail will do? Ha ha ha now bini g this chudail will take u to bathroom and put shower on u apply shampoo and soap and than clean u”
bini(makes sad face):” its not gud mamma u r behaving like bad mamma.”
thapki:”if my beautiful bini will behave nicely than mamma will also. Now be a good girl come with me”
bini:”its dadagiri Mamma bad mamma no no bini will not …”
she runs again thapki follow her.
thapki:” stop bini see i m tired now”
she sits down.
bini saw her and feels bad and goes to her and holds her hand:” ok mamma I lose this time but I will not apply soap on my eyes. Ok’
thapki:”good girl lets go”
she takes her and recall something.

an office is shown
ppl r working there A guy shown talking on mobile
guy:” ok my love soon i will back hows u ”
suddenly someone snatch his mobile and throw it on ground.
everyone is stunned.
his face is shown.
he is bihaan/adarsh.
bihaan:”its my office not a park where r u talking and enjoying.. Now u love to talk na come to my cabin right now i will make u free from here.’
the guy begged him but he refuses
and goes angrily to the cabin.
at bihan cabin.
bihaan:”so mr. Kashyap u r resigning and soon we will got a nice guy than u.”
guy:” sorry sir plz give me last chance i will prove myself”
bihaan:” i think u have hearing problem u r resigning now. SO PLZ GET LOST OTHERWISE ..”
the guy wipes his tears and leaves.

zain scold bihaan of his behaviour
shraddha shouts on zain.
zain flirts with shraddha
aliya saw it and gets angry.
zain- aliya romantic scene
bihan cried WHY U LEFT me

about my others ff
its will take time and please understand my problem

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  4. I like it and wait for your next part of all episode.

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