Why did u leave me (Edkv)- epi 3


Story continues:
Sumo sees d prsn: u,…. Here
prsn smiles nd hugs Sumo: yeah…… Me here
Sumo brks d hug: ‘acting as if shocked’ d grt Raunak Trivedi came to my… I mean ‘MY’ house
Raunak: I am not Rau Tri bt only Raunu fr u, understood
Sumo: ok ok baba Raunu, is it fine?
Rau: yeah, better.
S: only better, y???
Rau: yeah, u dont even remember me, u didnt even welcome me nd ur maid says go to China still u ask me y better?
S: who maid…
Rau points towards Marie
Sumo laughs hard nd says are sh…
Bfr S could say anything Mar inturrupts: hey u, hw dare u call me maid, i will cut u into pieces…
Rau: u Ms.Maid, dont raise ur voice infront of me, I am frnd of ur madam…
M: shut up u fool, monkey, donkey….. Suman u hve such a FOOL frnd…

Rau says bfr S: hw shameless r u to call ur master by name, dont u hv fear… Sumo hw do u bear such illmannared prsn!
Again Mar inturrepts: oye y r u talking to Suman, if u have guts then talk to me… Suman y dont u say something!!!!!
‘Dis time S didnt utter any word cs she knew de will nt let hr talk so she enjoys d fight btwn d dog nd d cat trying to hide her laughter’
Rau: den u dont hv guts cs u r d 1 who is talking to Sumo
M: shut up, I have a mouth nd I will speak
Rau: dat doesnt mean u cn talk any rubbish…
M: nd wat r u doing, hah!
Rau: I am just teaching u manners, u dont even know hw to talk to ur master!!!
M: nd wat abt u, u make any1 anything huh!!!:[email protected]
Rau: wen did i make any1 anything…. Ohh I understood, u r talking abt Sumo, she is my frnd nd i will call hr anything: Sumo, momo, pehelwan, terhi. jo mera man kare
M: wah wah kya dimag payahe… Huh!
Rau: nw u came on line, u spoke smething ri8 nw
M: ha nw u also think u have a gadhe ka dimag
Rau: wen did I say…??!!!

M: Just nw, u agreed with wat I said
Rau: wat do u mean, u were talking abt gadhe ka dimaag
M: yeah Mr.donkey
Rau: shut up u Ms.MAID
M: dont u dare call me dat Mr.DONKEY
Rau: I will call u dat only: Ms.MAID Ms.MAID Ms.MAID
de continue d wrd fight
Suddenly S laughed so hard dat MaNak got shocked nd looked at hr
MaNak together: wat!!!!!!:[email protected]
screen frezzes on Sumo’s laughing face nd MaNak’s angry/shocked face

Precap:Surprise (hint: romance, comedy, emotions ka tarka)

I know it is too short bt nxt prt is surprise so dis prt hd to end here. I cant arrange d prt so it will take time nd my exams r coming pls pray fr me
SORRY TO MY MARO DI, my acnt got hacked so i deactiveted d acnt so cant talk with u bt ur nt uploading nxt prt vry bad!!!
Hah toh lst time evry1 guessed it wrong mst of u said it is Shr or Push bt it ws a new entry, so I am giving u all another ques wat does d precap mean? Dis time u could easily ansr bcs todays epi described many thing.
pls dis do cmnt nd silent rdrs too (I dont think any1 is silent rdr here bt still doing a formality)
luv u all, bye take care, Shraman dreams (jo ki ajkal mujhe a raha he) – Neeti, Leeti (late+Neeti)

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  1. Niharikamalhotra

    @Neeti..first n foremost.. All the very best dear..for yr coming xms…it was short but u presented it very beautifully..I really loved yr way of fight BT two guys…n write nxt asap..
    Love u
    Do yr best in xms..
    I’ll pray for uuu?

  2. All the best yaar…
    For ur exams…
    And it was amazing…
    Amazing isiliye kaha..kyonki..
    Kisi key saath directly argue karna girls k liye buttery work hai..?????
    Par..yoon..dho logon ki…argue..co bhi yesi wali…dhono logon ki taraf ki dialogues..soch kar likney ki..its a hard work tmriggt..it seems to be too..???
    Thanks for thus part??

  3. its wonderful
    do well

  4. Ariana

    Hey Neeti!!! How r u sweetie? It’s been so long! Study hard honey Ik u’ll rock. The epi was short but the precap is killing me so no complaints. Only hoping to get the surprise asap. Pls pls pls post soon dear. Romance!! That word is enough to give me goosebumps.
    Loads of love nd blessings
    warm wishes for ur exams
    pls comback soon
    i miss u
    take care

  5. This episode was really nice. Liked it a lot.
    Precap is quite interesting.. can’t wait to read more. Post soon. Take care ?

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