U are my knight in a shining armor (KKB) -Two shots


Hey AbhiGya lovers..I’m here with an TS -Two shots.

Purab : come on Pragya u r fuming at me from the time u entered the office wht the wrong I had done Is I induced ACP Pragya’s anger,in a taunting tone.
Pragya : Purab..u know wht happened last night I’m just on mad at them who r all talking to me I don’t know how to control my anger.
Purab : so u r blurting all the anger on ur poor friend not fair.After all I’m an ACP as like give some respect else how ur junior cops ll respect me..pitty on me na.
Pragya : fine Mr.ACP Purab Sir,fumes in anger.
Purab : u know one person is gonna join our team today and the person is from Bandra control room.
Pragya : Yeah..Ur commissioner sir told me her name is Alia ryt.
Here Alia comes.
Alia : Seems to b talk on me,asked with a smile.
Purab : So u r Alia from Bandra control panel ryt.
Alia : Ofcourse u Purab ryt and this is Pragya I had collected some information abt this station before joining here,giggled.
Pragya : So..that’s cool n great nice to see u and pleasure to have work with u.
Alia : same here..and btw u both r in same cabin don’t u have separate cabin.
Purab : Actually v r cursing commissioner sir..so v ll usually meet here to scold him without his knowledge n laughs.
Alia : oh..seems to b ur commissioner sir is so rude on ACPs not fair.
Purab : Not so n smiles..*noticed Pragya who is still upset*come on just smile its good For ur health n it ll reduce ur stress too.
Alia : Pragya u seemed to b anger on someone.

Purab : Hey..Prags..wht abt Kaaran Mehta’s encounter last night u were on mission on Karan’s case na..U had worked alot..u even spied them without their knowledge and almost u encountered all his goons but did they know that u r behind their encounter operation..if they know they ll sure Come to revenge u na.
Pragya : No..they don’t know that I was behind their encounter operation but if I encountered that Karan then there is a chance..they might know me.
Purab : Wait..wait..wht u told u if u encountered..wht it means u missed him last night..oh no u failed in ur operation so that’s y u r upset ryt.
Pragya : *bangs her fist* No..i didn’t fail a man made me to fail I was close to my victory but this bull shit procedure and rights didn’t let me to taste my victory.Purab u know na I was keenly on Karan Mehta’s case I thought if I done this I ll b satisfied..u know how it means to me but I Can’t do that anymore..shit..
Purab : Wht happened..u r not the person who miss the person on encounter I know u r very well planned abt it and moreover no one know abt this operation except u n me..then how it failed so weird.
Alia : Wow…u r the one behind Karan Mehta’s encounter wow..I’m so proud to work with u..i read an article how Karan Mehta’s goons r encountered but i really didn’t expect that would b u..When I read article I came to know the encounter is well planned I hope the person ll encounter Karan Mehta too..but how u failed.
Purab : Ya there is no chance of missing the mission in that Plan I can’t get anything tell me how it happened.
Pragya : Its all because of ur commissioner Mr.Abhishek Mehra..damn it.
Purab : because of commissioner?what u r saying?
Pragya : Ya Purab..I was almost close to Karan Mehta in Gandhi part last night he was dealing with a bookie on bringing the weapons via sea way..i marked him n spotted the gun n set to fire on him from the distance of 30mt..if I shot him no one could know who did this but he ll b dead..when I about to shot him I Just received a voice on my wireless it was our commissioner..He just told me drop the operation n asked me to get back to the office ryt now I argued him but no use Afterall he is higher authority na no use of it he just ordered me to come back by dropping the mission.
Alia : What??? Insane…how could he do like that I Heard all commissioners ll encourage their ACPs to do such job but he is..shit..I think he wanna get credit for all this operation so only at last he pulled u off., fumes in anger.
Purab : Come on Pragya if its not today u gonna do it tmrw..whts the big deal but I don’t know how commissioner sir came to know abt this operation.
Alia : I had heard every gangster ll have an informer on our side..why can’t be its our commissioner sir I think he is a double-edged.
Purab : I can’t think so.. don’t wry sure u ll end this operation on some other day.
Pragya : no Purab u very well know how I worked hard for this..this operation is my dream..I failed in that..the damn system made me fail..wish I should never have higher officer like him.
Purab : Come on Pragya..i hope u ll do it..take a chill pill let’s forget that n smiles.
Pragya : U r ryt..I ll do it on one day I just Missed yesterday but im still on his case I ll do it.
Purab : That’s my girl cumon now cheer up.
Pragya : *Smiles*

Peon Pragya Ma’am commissioner sir is calling u..he asked u to come soon.
Pragya stood n wears her cap with a pride n walks towards Commissioner’s room.
Pragya : May I come in sir?
Abhi : Ya..*sat in chair with Pride uniform with a well muscled body*
Pragya : Sir,u called me.
Abhi : *Gave her an envelope*read it.
Pragya : *looks confused n took that envelope n reads it got a shock*sir..sir..whts this..,with a huge hesitation n disbelief.
Abhi : Fine.. don’t u understand English ACP Pragya..
Pragya : Sir,Im out of..I can’t believe this..
Abhi : Yes..u r out of Karan Mehta’s operation..got ur answer ryt go back to ur seat.
Pragya : Sir,u can’t do this..I was the one who processing the Operation from the beginning how can u throw out me like this.
Abhi : *he got up from chair n sat over table by keeping a leg on chair opposite to him with high attitude*Well,ACP Pragya..Do u have any proof that u r doing this operation from the beginning.
Pragya : N..no..b..but..
Abhi : So its clear you are out now got it.
Pragya : How could u do this..It’s my dream to get successful on tht operation sir please give me a chance Karan Mehta’s the last n main person is still alive.
Abhi : Fine,I ll give u a choice..*took the letter back from her hand n kept on table*So my choice is I want to be in this work or u want Karan Mehta’s operation..decide it urself..If u chose Karan Mehta’s operation u ll b dismissed if u don’t want that operation just then..u r clever enough u can decide ryt.
Pragya : *glares him n took the letter from table*
Abhi : Fine.. now u itself decided that u r out the operation u may go now,said with a grin.
Pragya : U r just a..
Abhi : Pragya…,*shouts*Im ur higher officer I’m ordering u to drop the operation u got ur letter now go back to ur work.
Pragya : *makes a salute with a full rage of anger n left the cabin*
Purab : *who heard all this got into Abhi’s cabin after Pragya left*Abhi cumon yaar.. don’t be so rude on her.

Abhi : Oh..Purab..u r teaching me how to behave..
Purab : Excuse me..I’m talking to my frnd Abhi not to the commissioner..y u r rude on her..u know..how she worked..
Abhi : *cuts him*oh my dear frnd..u r here to side ur frnd..ACP Pragya.
Purab : Abhi it seems u had a fight with ur wife in home That’s y u showing all the anger on us..
Abhi : *thinks he was right* Haa..we r fighting still from yesterday she didn’t spoke with me from yesterday..so I was lil bit depressed.
Purab : This is not fair I can’t show ur personal anger on her like this..I should deal with ur wife not to the officers .
Abhi : well,U r taking classes for me..ACP Purab..u r on duty now if I again saw u wasting time like this I ll suspend u then u have to join ur frnd Pragya in crying.
Purab : *salutes* sorry sir..n get back to his work.
While going to his cabin he saw Pragya was sitting in anger Purab gets in.
Purab : leave it Prags..v r just government employees should agree higher officials words no other go.
Alia : But Purab..how could he do this..
Pragya : *still in anger didn’t utter a word*
Abhi while going out noticed them n gets into Pragya’s cabin.
Abhi : So..u all have time to chit chats..if u all wanna do chit chats u should never joined in this job.
Purab : Sir..Woh..
Alia : *she can’t take him anymore* Excuse me Mr.Abhishek Mehra so called commissioner sir..v r equally qualified to u..We r ACPs learn to give respect.
Abhi : Oh..do wanna see my way of respect fine then..I’m giving no off nights this week u have to go rounds on night.
Alia : *thinks what how the hell..shit can’t do anything against him*Okay sir,saluted n left for rounds.
It was almost night..
Abhi : Purab Pragya u May leave now I too gonna home.
Purab and Pragya nods n abt to leave.
Abhi : ACP Pragya take all the case files on Karan Mehta n come to my home.
Pragya : Sir Now??
Abhi : Yeah..our duty got over only in office but v r cops v never have any timings well u know that.
Pragya : *how tactically he grabbed my operation to him god y made me ACP u could made me as commissioner* Okay sir..
Abhi was abt to leave station Alia comes in.
Abhi : U r here..U should be in rounds this time na*by seeing his watch*
Alia : *kadoos y should I transferred here shit*actually I left my home key.
Abhi : I don’t know how u became an ACP*saying this he left in his cab*
Alia : *came to cabin n shouts*wht he is thinking of himself Ahhh,..u ppl r ready to leave bit I have night duty oh..my god..
Pragya : Who said even I have duty I should explain Karan Mehta’s case details to the commissioner sir.
Alia : I said na he was trying to take all the applause that’s y he removed u out of the case.
Pragya : Anyhow I wanna leave now else he ll again burst on us*by picking her files she left in her cab*
In Abhi’s, home….

Pragya : Sir,May I come in.
Abhi : *from his room*Yeah..I’m here come *in a casuals*
Pragya : Well,sir..u would have asked me in office itself after all I’m not in operation anymore then whts the use of discussing abt it here is ur files n kept on table *Whr Abhi was sitting on it with a attitude n pride of victory**Pragya fumes in anger by seeing his taunting smile*
Abhi : Well,I wanna hear all those details from ur mouth can u pls explain*took the file n gave to her without taking her eyes from her still with a smile*
Pragya : *bits lip in anger n took the file from his hand n starts to explain.
Abhi : *smiles at her while explaining*and he is not even listing her.
Pragya : Sir,are u listening*asked with anger*
Abhi : Ofcourse..u proceed.*his eyes were roaming over her top two buttons of her shirt*
Pragya : *noticed his gaze on her*Sir,i had explained everything further u may refer this *kept file on table with an anger*
Abhi : *firmly caught her hand n pulls her close to him n makes her to stand in between his legs by holding her in waist*
Pragya : *protested n tried to pushed him as his grip was tight she couldn’t even move*
Abhi : *Just enjoying her protest n gave her a witty smile n next second he pressed his lips onto her.
Pragya still on protest but she couldn’t move a bit his kiss was growing so rough she too started to respond to his kiss by running her finger over his hair meanwhile Abhi’s hands found the buttons of her shirts n he removed it n placed it on a table with dignity without breaking his raw kiss leaving her in her inner tee and shorts.His tounge starts to tease hers as in response Pragya too responded him by parting her lips his hands were roaming all over her exposed arms he dug his hand over her waist n squeezed her waist Pragya just came back to reality n pushed him n backs off n fumes in anger n abt to leave the room.Abhi holds her hand n drags him to his side n pulls into a hug n placed a warm kiss on her neck.Pragya melted into him.Abhi slowly took her to the bed n placed her on bed.Pragya looks at his passionately also with anger.Abhi removed his tee n tied her hand back to her as he do with his criminals n started to kiss her lips passionately but more soft without hurting her.Pragya didn’t expect this from him n abt to relive her hand from his knot but it was tough enough like him.Abhi broke the kiss by leaving her desperate n looks at her.Finally,She spoke with him after 24hrs of strike..
Pragya : U can’t do this to me Abhi..open my knot..
Abhi : So sorry Mrs.Abhi I can’t do that if I opened u..u ll show ir attitude again,said with a naughty smile
Pragya : Abhi I ll kill u for this..do u think I ll talk to if u did like tis.
Abhi : ya..

started to kiss her inch by inch from forehead to lips she caught her ear lobe in his teeth which gave her sensation to touch him.Pragya said in a husky tone,Pls open my hand Abhi..i Can’t take it anymore.Abhi made a witty smile n travelled to her south that’s it Pragya chanted ,Abhi…Abhi…her moans were highly encouraging him.. finally he opened her hand n she could roam her hands ll over his bare back n dugs her nail in his back with the pleasure he was giving her they both worshiped each other.. finally Abhi landed besides her by covering their naked body with warm devut.
Abhi : *kisses her forehead n lips softly* love u Fuggi..
Pragya : Hate u.. don’t talk with me.
Abhi : Cumon just now u was my fuggi now u again became ACP Pragya..not fair.
Pragya :* turns towards him by hugging like a teddy n placed her head over his chest*
Abhi : *pulls very close to him by squeezing her waist*
Pragya : Ouchh!!! *Slaps on his chest*
Abhi : *squeezed her waist again n smiles*how dare u that u didn’t talk with me from last night …u very well know how I’m excited to celebrate our wedding anniversary night u spoiled it by running behind that Karan Mehta.
Pragya : *sat up by covering herself in devut* Don’t tell me that back off me to celebrate our anniversary night..I know what u r upto.
Abhi : *sat with him by wrapping his hands over his waist* So u know na..I won’t put u in any trouble..U r my everything I can’t lose u..
Pragya : *facing him* but it was my duty.
Abhi : Don’t say it’s ur duty.. it’s ur revenge on ur father Karan Mehta for ruining ur mom n sister’s life..
Pragya : Well ya..coz of money he killed my mother and Bulbul when i was 17..U very well know from the moment I sculpted my self to encounter him by becoming a high profiled officer..
Abhi : I know that very well..i know u past 5 years from our training..
Pragya : Then y did u back off me Abhi..pls give me the order to do it..i failed in my dream..
Abhi : No u r not failed.. Cumon if u did this then all the gangsters ll know u r behind this operation I never wanna my fuggi to land in such a problem.*pressed his lips on her forehead*
Pragya : Abhi u was my inspiration but u r saying me to back off from the work by fear..i didn’t expect this from u.
Abhi : Fuggi.. justice ll never fail..if u didn’t did this someone ll do this..
Pragya : But its my..
Abhi : *cuts her hugs her tight* I won’t let anything happen to my fuggi..u want justice to ur mom n Bulbul yes..that’s y I didn’t stopped u when u encountered all the men of Karan Mehta..u thought I didn’t know anything but I know ur every movement..but I can’t put u in risk anymore..
Pragya : *eyes filled with tears* sorry Abhi I was so stubborn on it..i can’t take this I could understand wht u r feeling..but..
Abhi : Fuggi u r my happiness u r my friend u r my love u r my life i Cant live without u..I ll die If something happened with u.
Pragya : *keeps her hand on mouth* sorry Abhi..I won’t leave u..i won’t think abt the mission anymore n hugs him tight.
Abhi : Love you..n kisses her..
Pragya : *smiles* Abhi..u know onething..i wanna tell u onething.
Abhi : Fuggi..no I wanna tell u onething..but anyhow ladies first.
Pragya : No u say first.
Abhi : No first u..
Pragya : No..baby it’s u,said seductively.
Abhi : ACP Pragya..Tell me Wht u wanna say,in a stern cop voice.
Pragya : Oh Cumon Abhi..u probably won’t sleep with ACP Pragya..I’m ur wife..stop talking abt ur ACP…
Abhi : *pulls her cheeks*so jealous fine u know how ACP Pragya looks hot on uniform.
Pragya : *blushes* beats him with pillow..come on tell me wht u was abt to say.
Abhi : Ladies first meri jaan..
Pragya : Okay here me properly.
Abhi : No i changed my mood I’m first.
Pragya : Abhi..stop being a child.
Abhi : I’m ur child na., asked with a pout.
Pragya : Ofcourse meri bacchu…*pulls his cheek*
Abhi Pragya on chorus “Karan Mehta is no more”
Pragya : *shocked Abhi too saying the same*
Abhi : *shocked Pragya too saying the same*
Abhi’s phone rang he attended it was Purab
Purab : Karan Mehta is no more
Abhi Pragya looks each other.

To be contiued…..

Credit to: Pagal Aurat

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