U are my knight in a shining armor (KKB) -Two shots (2)


Hey AbhiGya lovers..I’m back..with second and last part of my two shots
Purab : Abhi.. Karan Mehta is no more..come to the spot now.
Abhi : Yeah..i ll b thr in 20 mins.
Purab : Ask Pragya to come with u.
Abhi : No,we can manage..I ll b thr.
*Call ended*
Pragya : So,Wait I ll dress up n come with u..I shoted him*said casually*
Abhi : So u done..fine u stay here we ll manage.
Pragya : No.. Abhi I wanna come.
Abhi : Fuggi.. stay here u r not at all involved in this case ryt.. just stay here.
Pragya : Okay but take care come soon.*by wearing his shirt*
Abhi : Sure,*leaves to washroom*
He dressed up (not in uniform) n came out

Pragya : r u sure I don’t wanna come.
Abhi : *pressed his lips on forehead*yeah..I ll b okay stay safe.
Pragya : *kissed him on cheek*Come soon
Abhi : Lock the door.
Pragya : Okay baba *she stood near the door still his car disappeared back to bed n dozed off*
It was around early morning,Pragya’s alarm rang,She opened her eyes n could feel strong arms around her waist she turned n saw her hubby sleeping like a kid,actually he is a kid for her..he may rough by appearance but he is kind at heart..
Abhi : *disturbed by her alarm*Fuggi.. switch off ur alarm
Pragya : *Offs the alarm* when u came.
Abhi : Just now.*in a sleep*
Pragya : *carres his hair placed a kiss on forehead n leaves from thr*
It was 9 in morning,
Abhi : *opened his eyes n shouts*fuggi…fuggi..
His attention got into the note on headboard”Baby,Gotta go early have important work sorry,meet u in office,Good morning”
Abhi : *reads that*Oh..no Phir sae..she left early fuggi I miss u badly that ACP Pragya is dominating more thats y u r leaving me soon..*goes to get ready*
It was 12PM in noon
Abhi : *came to office gets into his cabin*
In Pragya’s cabin,

Pragya : *Reading Karan Mehta’s autopsy report*Hey…Alia..hi..
Alia : *just came in*HI..Pragya..*sad tone*
Pragya : Seems to b sad
Alia : well,u know yesterday I was in rounds I found Karan Mehta dead in his car..with two bullet shots one in left side of his head and another in right neck..well wait I ll b back..and one more thing today karvachauth na so I’m in fast..i think today gonna b long day.
Pragya : U too keeping fast.
Alia : Wht that means u too..I’m married not an eligible bachelor like u.
Pragya : *gave a smile*

Alia : Wait I ll b back.
Pragya : *nods* n thinks,I shot him in right neck but how the shot came on left head..fine should read the report n says he was dead on 7PM but I shot him on 7:15 PM..then he dead coz of the left bullet who did this..then she remembered Abhi saying Karan Mehta was no more..she smiled n says so u had done this..
Purab : *hugs Pragya*u done it baby..
Pragya : wht i had done
Purab : come on stop lying me..I know u r the person.
Pragya : hey no..
Purab : wait I ll b back wanna go for important work.
Pragya :* nods*
It was 2 PM.
In Abhi’s cabin..
Abhi : *thinks fuggi I know u was very happy that u fullfilled ur aim ambition and all..I’m here to just fulfill ur dreams as well Abhishek Mehra won’t let justice to fail..u have done it Abhi..u gave biggest gift of her life n praised himself.*
Peon comes to Purab n Alia told Commissioner sir is calling u both.
Purab : Ab Kya.. morning itself he gonna eat Our brain
Alia : Dekho Purab I can’t go night duty today coz I was on fast.n for your kind information it’s afternoon now
Purab : Who cares ur Fast.
Alia : Ofcourse my husband.
Purab : Fine come let’s go.

Alia n Purab entered his cabin.

Purab : Sir,u had called me.
Abhi : yeah..I thought to give a press meet whts ur opinion.
Alia : Press meet? For what for snatching other’s hard work n wanna show that as urs.
Abhi : ACP Alia get out *said in a force anger*
Alia : Fine *left the room*
Purab : Abhi..come on she doesn’t know anything.
Pragya : May I come in sir.
Abhi hears her voice..

Abhi : Ya.
Purab : Okay I’m leaving,said in a teasing tone.
Abhi : Mr.Purab khanna..,in a stern voice.
Purab : Sorry sir.
Pragya : *smiles at Purab teasingly*
Abhi : ACP Pragya u came here to smile at ur frnd?
Pragya : No,sir I just came to give this.*forwards an envelope*
Abhi : *got that from her hand reads it shocked*whts this.
Pragya : My relieving letter sir.
Purab : What? Pragya had gone mad or Wht.
Pragya : Purab relax..Btw sir I’m resigning from my duty.
Abhi : Why?U decided this Suddenly.
Pragya : It’s personal anyways I hope u ll pass my resignation letter to authorities.
Abhi : Okay..then ur wish..but its a great loss for our department.
Pragya : Ya..i know but thr r many ppl to replace my position sure they may perform better than
me..but my husband won’t get any replacement for me in his life..

Abhi : *made a small smile noticed by Pragya alone*Okay fine..ur wish..
Purab : Pragya wht abt ur dream?
Pragya : Well,Purab Im lucky coz I have my Husband to consider my dream as his n he is fulfilling it then whts thr to worry..*eyes Abhi*
Abhi : *smiles by heart thinking so fuggi know that I encountered Karan that’s fine..if Purab was not here aww I ll give a tight hug to my fuggi..she loves me unconditionally*Fine.. Anyways it’s ur decision all the best for ur future.
Pragya : Well,Thank u .. actually I’m organizing a small get together so shall I invite my colleagues from here..I hope u ll give them today evening off.
Abhi : Ofcourse..wht not..
Pragya : Thank u sir *saying this she left*
Purab : *follows her* have u gone mad..Kya husband husband did Abhi want u to quit this.

Pragya : Not at all n he won’t say that..it’s my decision come on..relax.
Alia : Wht happened?
Pragya : I resigned..
Alia : what?
Pragya : U heard ryt..i quited
Alia : Why..
Pragya : For some personal reasons.
Alia : Anyhow all the best*hugs her*
Pragya : thank u.
Peon comes thr n asks Purab sir I had brought ur lunch in commissioner Sir’s room shall i bring here..
Purab : Yeah.. Pragya let’s have lunch together.
Pragya : No Purab..*said to the peon to keep Purab sir’s food in sir’ s table as she was in fast*
Peon nods n went.
Pragya : Puarb Alia..u both should come to my home I had arranged a small get together only for us.
Alia : Pragya I was on fast.
Pragya : No problem take ur husband with u..u can end ur Fast in my home.
Alia nods

Purab went to have lunch.
Abhi : Purab ..fuggi kaha hai..
Purab : She gone to home..have ur lunch
Abhi : it’s okay I’m not hungry.* Thinks,. left without informing me*
It was eveng,Abhi came home..Pragya was in room getting ready.
Pragya : Haa.. commissioner sir..go n get ready soon..Today karvachauth.
Abhi : *ogled her*Fuggi..Love u nothing more than that.
Pragya : I know that.. first go n get ready.
Abhi : Eyy!! fuggi..how seriously I’m talking u r on ur point.
Pragya : Okay baba ..i know u had fullfilled all my dreams today..i have no point on working on that position anymore that’s y I quited don’t over imagine I quited the job for u okay,said with a smile.
Abhi : *smiles* I ll b back in 10 mins.

Alia along with her hubby n Purab came..
Abhi was helping Pragya in preparation.
Alia : Purab..this kadoos..wht he is doing here.
Purab : Helping his wife.
Alia : Wife??
Purab : ya.. Pragya Abhishek Mehra.
Alia : Unbelievable y u ppl didn’t say me anything.
Purab : we thought u know that
Alia : Insane ppl..
Abhi n Pragya welcomed them.
It was time to end the fast..moon has appeared..
Pragya doing Pooja to Abhi.
Abhi : *gave her water* y u doing this fast and all..u r straining urself.
Pragya : *gave a sip of water to Abhi* Well,U can protect me all the time..u won’t let me in risk..and even u r ready to risk ur life..why can’t I protect u by my prayers.
Abhi : *smiles*wait..wait..u made me to drink water y.
Pragya : Coz I know u had done fast for me.
Abhi : No one could escape from ACP Pragya’s eyes.*winks*
Pragya : No more ACP..Aap ki fuggi..*blushes*
Abhi hugs her..
Party ended..

Next morning,Abhi was sleeping.
Pragya : Abhi…Utiye..it’s getting late come on..u have to go for duty na..
Abhi : Soney do na fuggi..5 minutes.
Pragya : 5 minutes??u r saying this for past half an hour come on commissioner sir,wake up.
Abhi : *lazy yawn got up n sat on bed*Good morning wifey..
Pragya : *forwards the coffee mug*Drink soon n bath soon..let’s have breakfast together I’m gonna take bath..*she left the room*
Abhi : *thinks was it dream I had only seen all this in my dream fuggi waking me up n giving bed coffee wow..Abhi lucky man u r n leaves to fresh up..*
Abhi came bath from bath..

Pragya : *she was standing infront of mirror wearing a drape yellow single pleated saree..with a wet hair..she turned to Abhi*
Abhi : *could see kumkum in her forehead in wet hair that sticks well.. indicating she gonna be with this kumkum for years n years and mangalsutra around her neck drives Abhi crazy as angel had came from heaven*
Pragya : Why u r staring me.
Abhi : Acchi..lagri ho..*winks*
Pragya : Accha..now get ready soon.
Abhi got ready Pragya was buttoning his shirt with a smile.
Pragya : U have to loss some weight shirt is too tight
Abhi : it’s muscled body fuggi not fat like u have here n pats her tummy..

Pragya : Ouchh!! Accha..Tk..*smiles* buttoned his shirt and kisses his chest.
Abhi : Hey.. Morning itself u was in great mood..
Pragya : Shut up*blushes*
Abhi : Meri sharmili..how cute today u r *kisses her forehead*
Pragya : *Smiles*oky now u r getting late..leave now.
Abhi : yeah..I’m happy today I got my wife..Pragya Abhishek Mehra from ACP Pragya.. but i can’t be with u all the time..it’s bothering me.
Pragya : Flirtyyy…
Abhi : No it’s not..U ll b safe here na..I won’t be with u all time
Pragya : Nothing ll happen…when my knight is always in my life..

Abhi : knight who was that..
Pragya : U r my knight in a shining armor *hugs each other*


Hope u all love it.. Happy reading..

By Pagal Aurat….

Credit to: Pagal Aurat

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