U killed the beast inside me – Twinj OS

A big nd lavish office is showed with name plate of ” Sarna Empire” ..
A man is seen shouting …let’s check who is he nd why he is shouting?
M-” How dare she ? She alleged me …me Manohar Sarna for accepting bribe nd that too in front of whole public with media present over their …I won’t leave her ”
A dashing nd handsome guy enters the cabin nd speaks..
G-” Dad calm down …I know u did nothing wrong ; that girl is saying lie just to malign ur image . I’m sure she is send by ur rivals ..don’t worry I’m here ; she has to pay for it”
M-” I know Kunj when u r here I don’t have to take tension …U just make sure that she won’t stay alive for long time or else I will be completely ruined ”
The guy is revealed to be kunj…
K-” Sure dad …that girl won’t last long . She herself don’t know with whom she is miffed with . What is the name of that cheap girl …..Yes Ms.Twinkle Taneja ..
Get ready miss to face the worst of ur life ..I swear to make her life hell to so much extent that she will be sad on her birth” ..
Kunj calls someone nd speaks something which is muted…

A dark room is shown with a girl sitting on chair ; her hands nd legs r tied with rope nd her lips is sealed with a tape..
A man enters the room nd goes near her . He throws water on her face nd starts to laugh devilishly ..nd removes the tape from her lips.
Girl-” Who r u ? Why u bought me here …leave me plzzz I need to go . I beg u leave me “..nd she Cry’s ..
Person -” Leave nd that to u ..not at all . U r now in my cage miss Taneja . U r in Kunj’s den from where u can’t escape. U made a fake footage to embarrass my dad .Just coz of u his reputation is ruined nd for that mistake u will have to pay ” ..
The girl is Twinkle where as the boy is kunj..
T -” U kidnapped me bcoz I showed the real face of ur father . Ur father is a cheater ; corrupted person nd ….”
She was about to speak when kunj slapped her hard..
K-” Don’t u dare to speak another word against him . U will stay here only for next some days ; I will torture u so much ..to that much extent that u will only beg me to kill u …just wait nd watch out ..u gonna face the worst side of mine ”

Days passed on …Almost 2 weeks …Kunj used to torture her daily by slapping her nd speaking bad to her …
K-” Just 3 days more …after that u will be killed nd then u can rest in peace in heaven” …
T-” If u wanted to kill me u would have done this before only . U would have not kept me alive for so many days . I know u torture me everyday but somewhere their is some pain u r suffering with which made u turned to devil … Tell me what is it that is killing u . I know u r a good human ”
K-” Shut up!!!!!! I’m not a good one ..I’m very bad ; if u want to live u last days peacefully u better stay away from my life ” …he is having tears in his eyes ..
He leaves ..
He reaches his home .
M-” Kunj kill that girl very soon ..Just bcoz of her we r on verge of getting destroyed . Shareholders nd stakeholders r battling against us …” ..He kneeled down nd started to cry hard …
Seeing him Kunj was not able to control him nd proceeds to meet Twinkle ..

He banged the door nd enters her room nd locked the closet …He moves near her ..
T-” What happen kunj ? Why r u so angry …It seems u r drunk …u r drunk kunj why ?”
Kunj in his full anger moved close to her nd throws the alcohol bottle on floor nd speaks -” Just bcoz of u my dad cried . I won’t leave u today ”
He started to kiss her neck ; her back ..
T -” Kunj what r u doing . U can’t force u on my .Leave me ; stop it kunj ” …she cries
She was trying hard to get her free out of his clutches but it was in vain ..
Kunj in anger smashed his lips on her ….that kiss was full of anger ; frustration ..
But finally Twinkle pushed him nd he falls on ground ..
She brokes down nd cried -” U blo*dy cheapster ; u jerk …I thought u r different from ur father ; u r a nice human but u proved me wrong . U showed today that blood is always the same ..U r worst than u r father . U forced urself upon me instead of this u must have killed me ..U think I’m wrong go nd get an answer from him then u will realize who is wrong ..I hate u …” ..she started to rub her lips hardly nd sobbed badly …
Seeing her kunj felt bad …he tried to talk her but she jerked him away .

Kunj’s comes back to his house nd he heard his dad talking to someone ..
M-” Don’t take tension kunj is on my side . He thinks that I’m innocent but he is so silly he don’t know that girl is right …I took bribery . I did the best thing of my life by adopting him nd making him inhumane ” ..
Listening this kunj was shocked ; he understood the deceive done with him nd Twinkle’s words were running in his mind ..
K-” She was right …I did a big mistake . I need to apologize from her ”
He reaches to Twinkle nd told her the whole thing nd cried bitterly …
T-” Kunj Sshhh ! It’s OK . I know u didn’t do that it was ur anger which forced u ..I forgive u ”
K-” U always say that I’m hiding some pain . ..u were right I’m hiding the pain of death of my parents .. After them Manohar Sarna adopted me nd I considered his happiness over mine but he used me as puppet …..Now I will make him pay for his follies”

After some days he nd Twinkle gathered more proof against him nd got him arrested ..
T-” Kunj thanks for helping me …now I need to go back …bye”.
K-” Twinkle don’t go …stay back plzzz . U taught me how to live . U killed the monster in me . U made me to relive my life . Don’t leave my hand forever bcoz I don’t want to skip again in dark life …U hold my hand from darkness to happiness ..I LOVE U …..I LOVE U …I promise I will make up my deeds nd will work hard to make u proud on me …” ..he kneeled down nd cried ….
But later he felt a soft touch on his lips …yes Twinkle lips were kissing his lips …
After sometime they broked the kiss …
T-” I LOVE U TOO KUNJ ….I will never leave ur hand in any situation. …”

After 2 yrs…
Kunj nd Twinkle is shown to be married/ blessed with a baby doll named Soha …

He is shown receiving the Entrepreneur Award of the yrr …..He dedicated the award to Twinkle nd her daughter…


Hello guys….this is my first time I’m writing Os …tell me whether it’s good or bad …
I will not reveal myself …u all have to guess . Ok let me give u hint …” I’m a ff writer cum a reader cum a commentor..My comments make most of writers to blush ….guess …..

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  1. Ria

    Sayeeda? The OS was good. I liked it. But, is that you Sayeeda? Please reply.. I’m eager to know.

    1. Sayeeda

      Wowww….Ria…darling u guessed me right…
      Thank u for liking my os…

      1. Ria

        I wrote one more OS. It’s called ‘What is true love all about’. Do read it if you get time.

  2. Shatakshi

    I m damn sure this is u
    I can catch up ur writing skills as u use many different words….
    N before u could say anything…. I understood that its u…n when u said that ur comments makes us blush then it was confirmed….
    I know I m blabbering so much…aur aggar koi aur hua to mere popat??
    But I m sure
    N btw the os was so beautifully written…
    Loved it????

    1. Sayeeda

      Don’t worry tumhara popat nai hua…..u guessed it right….
      wah wah sab mujhe kitna jante hai ….seriously u all loves me so much…

  3. Oh….loved it …damn good and I to think….r u sayeeda…plz reveal fast…I m dying to know?
    Again lovely os

    1. Sayeeda

      Thnxx ….Dreamer ..u guessed it Right dear…. love u…

  4. Oh m sure nahi nahi damn sursure it’s mah didu….Sayeeda diii……..
    Btw loved it yaar osmmmmmmmmmmm plz tell me m I correct r wrong …..
    Luv u for such a amazing OS do write more……..??????????

    1. Sayeeda

      Yes Zikra….it’s ur di…only…u guessed it right…. love u

  5. Mitali

    I’m damn sure that its Sayeeda di. U r the only one making us blush. But please reveal it fast. And yes the os was spectacular. Fab n fantastic and what not. It was worth

    1. Sayeeda

      Yes Mitali …u guessed it right…
      Dear I’m Happy to see ur comment after long time….love u..

      1. Mitali

        Love u too

  6. Saby

    Omg wat a OS….. Its outstanding?? whoever it is….. Loved it.. Vese I loved the realisation part very much….. Keep it up…. And reveal ur identity soon……. I m very much curious to know who u r????

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Saby it’s ur reader Sayeeda only….I’m happy that u liked it…
      Happy to see ur comment….hope for same support for my ff too…

      1. Saby

        sure sayeeda… my support is with all uh TU writers…. bcoz uh lil princesses are only my inspiration for writing….. love uh dear

  7. Kruti

    Superb os jst luved it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much dear…

  8. I hope so u r Sayeeda…btw Awesome os…just perfect

    1. Sayeeda

      Yes ….Lama u r right it’s ur Sayeeda only…. thanks for liking it…

  9. fantastic sayoo…I guess it’s sayoo bcoz your comment always make me blush..sis amazing work how your doing this Masha Allah

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Afa…I’m glad that u liked it….
      Dear I read ur comment on my ff …ur words r very supportive to me…love u more nd more

  10. Shanaya Gulati

    This 1 was sooooo damn romantic yrrr… Really mah most fav. Scenes me s ho gya hai ye…
    This made me too emotional for a momnt..

    Thanku for ur post yaar… Keep writting..
    N make it even more romantic??????

  11. Sayeeda… Ik this is sayeeda it has to be sayeeda …
    This was amazingggggg!!! ??❤❤❤

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    this was amazing sayeeda….keep writing such mind blowing os…

  13. omg sayeeda yr amazing jst luvd ur ff osm

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